Going out and having fun with your children

Family fun with children in Luxembourg

Do you live in Luxembourg and want to get your children out into the fresh air? If you're looking for a family activity that's out of the ordinary, or want to spend a relaxing day with the family, there are plenty of parks, playgrounds and leisure parks in Luxembourg.

Here you'll find information on playgrounds and play areas, as well as amusement parks and other playgrounds available to children and parents in Luxembourg.

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Children's playgrounds in Luxembourg

In Luxembourg's communes, you'll find all sorts of play areas for children, known as "Spillplatz".

Specially designed with slides, swings, sandboxes and chicken cages, these playgrounds will delight your children. Originally designed for children, these squares can also be an opportunity to meet other parents.

Ask around in your local community - there's sure to be a playground nearby!

You can also visit the www.spillplaz.lu website, which features an interactive map of Luxembourg's playgrounds.

Want to get your kids involved in nature conservation? Take part in the Grouss Botz!

Family fun in Luxembourg's municipal parks

Luxembourg City has a number of municipal parks, all of which stand out for their design. These are magnificent green spaces with fabulous play areas. These parks offer incredible places to relax, whether for exercise, a stroll or simply to unwind. You can enjoy them as a family, with the kids, with friends or on your own. Try them all and choose your favorite!

16 hectares of greenery in the Cloche d'Or district of Gasperich

The new Parc municipal de Gasperich completes the development of the new Cloche d'Or district. It is located in the Gasperich district, in the immediate vicinity of the Cloche d'Or.

It offers an ideal green setting, with lawns, ponds and pathways. You can go there to play sports or simply relax with your family, thanks to the many play facilities and paths. In particular, there's a huge children's playground.

A brasserie with a total capacity of over 150 covers awaits visitors, either indoors or on the terrace. Work will be completed in 2024.

The English Garden, children's playground in Luxembourg-Gasperich

The Jardin Anglais in the former part of Luxembourg-Gasperich offers a lovely farm-themed play area for the little ones. Children can play for hours and parents can relax and chat with other parents in the neighborhood.

Family walks and fun in the Pétrusse valley

The Pétrusse valley lies beneath the Adolphe bridge in Luxembourg City. It separates the Ville-Haute from the Plateau Bourbon. It can be reached via the stairs or the Saint Esprit elevator.

The Pétrusse valley has been transformed into a large park for the enjoyment of its inhabitants. The entire area is structured around the Pétrusse stream. The stream originates in Mamer, Luxembourg, and is a tributary of the Alzette in the Grund district of Luxembourg City. The whole area is currently being redeveloped as a large nature park.

Parcs de la Pétrusse: family walks

The lush green parks of the Pétrusse in the Grund district offer some very pleasant and easy walks and bike rides.

The Vallée de la Pétrusse is a meeting place for the whole family. The area is ideal for jogging, accompanied by children on bikes. In summer, you'll appreciate the peacefulness and coolness of the trails.

Pétrusse Express tourist train, the ideal family outing

The Pétrusse express is easily recognizable with its apple-green color. It's the tourist train that takes you on a tour of Luxembourg City, particularly the lower town. The tour lasts about an hour and tells you all about Luxembourg City's historic past.

This little tour is an ideal way for the whole family to explore the lower part of the city without having to worry about the height difference! The tour departs every 30 minutes from Montée de Clausen, near the Casemates du Bock.

Pétrusse Valley facilities for young and old alike

On the Grund side, enjoy mini-golf, a miniature train for the little ones, anopen-air fitness area and a skate park . On the Hollerich side, a public basketball court is at your disposal.

There's also a huge park for skateboarding.

The Vallée de la Pétrusse is also the setting for the Broschtkriibslaf against breast cancer and the famous Duck Race . For the more sporty, you can also discover this green space by running the DKV Urban Trail.

Parc Municipal Edouard André for pirate games and family fun

Designed by landscape architect Edouard André in the 1870s, Luxembourg City's superb municipal park offers a fabulous green space. It's ideal for relaxation and well-being in the heart of the Ville-Haute.

Designed as an English garden, this park is located on the city's former fortified grounds, dismantled as part of the 1867 Treaty of London. Today, this verdant setting offers shady spots to cool off in midsummer. Access is via Avenue Monterey or Avenue de la Porte Neuve.

On the Monterey side, the large, life-size wooden pirate ship is a delight for children. With its giant slide, sandboxes, swings and water games, the Municipal Park is a magical place for children. Spend a fabulous afternoon climbing, jumping, sliding and splashing. In summer, don't forget your swimsuit!

Here you'll find a small kiosk for refreshments and snacks, as well as toilets.

An immense lawn, the "Kinnekswiss" , invites you to rest and relax, or to take part in sporting activities . It regularly hosts events and festivals such as the "Kinnekswiss loves"... in summer. In winter, Kinnekswiss is home to the large ice rink used for Christmas markets.

The park is open all year round, 24 hours a day.

The park is also home to the Villa Vauban, Luxembourg City's art museum.

Parc de Merl in the Merl and Belair districts

Parc de Merl is a beautiful 5-hectare park with a pond. It lies close to the Luxembourg-Merl and Luxembourg-Belair districts. It's a favorite meeting place for moms and kids. A great family outing!

Merl park facilities

The Merl park features a large playground for young and old, with a large slide (and smaller ones) and swings. For the more active, there are ping-pong tables, a basketball court and even a zip-line. Large lawns invite you to play soccer or have a picnic.

You can cycle or rollerblade around the lake, or take a stroller along the paved path.

The park's pond is home to families of ducks, to the delight of the youngest visitors. A restaurant area is also available for lunch or a drink.

The City of Luxembourg is asking people not to throw bread at ducks. This is harmful to their health and encourages the proliferation of algae.

In the middle of the park, the "Le Pavillon du parc Belair" restaurant with its terrace overlooking the playground and pond is very pleasant, especially since it was completely renovated in 2018.

Merl Park activities

Every summer, Luxembourg City organizes "Jump for fun", a trampoline park for the whole family to enjoy! Opening hours: July 5 to September 15, 11.30 a.m. to 7.30 p.m. Please bring non-slip socks. They can also be purchased on site.

Please note: the park is open until 10pm from April 15 to September 15, and from 7.30am to 7pm the rest of the year.

Playing princesses and knights in Scheiwisschen Park

Parc Scheiwisschen is known as the "Castle Park". It is also close to the districts of Merl and Belair. 

This children's playground features a large castle. A real fairytale castle with a dungeon, knights and small farm animals in the village, it's a dream come true for all children. They'll be able to climb the castle, cross the monkey bridges, ... even at the risk of having to rescue them in narrow passages not designed for adults!

Your children can even enjoy the nearby swings. Picnic areas make it easy for the whole family to enjoy the warm weather.

Please note: there are no free public toilets, and you can't buy snacks on site.

Playing cosmonauts and space travellers in Luxembourg-Bonnevoie

The Kaltreis park in Luxembourg-Bonnevoie is a space-themed playground. You'll find a huge rocket, water games, ping-pong tables and a pétanque court for relaxing at any age.

Central Park in the Kirchberg district

The Parc Central is located in the Kirchberg district of Luxembourg. It is the main green space in this area of the Plateau. This open-air park lies between the European School I, the University and the Centre national sportif et culturel D'Coque.

Central Park facilities

The central park features a large pond made up of rainwater and runoff, as well as play areas. There's even a large open-air amphitheatre, as well as several artworks.

There's also an open-air restaurant, a sort of refreshment bar open in fine weather.

What to do in Parc Central

Parc Central offers a breath of fresh air in the center of the urban, business-oriented Plateau du Kirchberg. Take advantage of the vast spaces for relaxation, walks or sports.

Admire the artistic works of Marta Pan's Three Islands installed on the Etang. A real invitation to meditation...

You'll also find Canadian artist Michel de Broin's "Dendrite" at the center of the park's Labyrinthe de végétation. You can climb 7 metres up this gigantic yellow staircase to admire the surroundings.

Parc Central is also home to the Kirchberg arboretum and the 2 other parks, Reimerwee and Klosegroendchen.

What better way for residents or people working in the area to enjoy a lunch break than with a sandwich or snack?

Enjoy a drink or a game of pétanque with friends at Kyosk, the refreshment bar set up in the park. In the evening, relax with an excellent Flammenkueche and watch the sun set in bohemian-style armchairs and furnishings.

The route of theING Night Marathon, a major sporting event in Luxembourg, passes through this beautiful park.

Laval Park, Eich and Weimerskirch districts

Parc Laval is located in the Eich and Weimerskirch districts of Luxembourg. Away from the crowded playgrounds of the city center, this large park is very pleasant.

The English-style Parc Laval is located near the Alzette, at the bottom of the Côte d'Eich. Stroll through the park and you'll be able to admire magnificent century-old chestnut trees. In the part of the park deliberately left to nature, you'll be able to admire some wild orchids. Please note, however, that you are not allowed to pick them: the species is protected.

The park entrance is located near Place Dargent. Two playgrounds and a multi-sports field are available for young and old alike.

Tony Neuman Garden, Limpertsberg district

Alphonse Hollman, commissioned to create an arboretum in the grounds of the villa owned by the president of Arbed, designed the Jardin Tony Neuman in 1946. This well-kept wooded and flower-filled park boasts monumental trees such as the sequoias. 

The park also features large expanses of grass for relaxing and a playground for children. The park is located in the Limpertsberg district.

Modern sculptures, some by renowned local artists, enhance the garden and give it its own personality.

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Limpertsberg was famous for its rose gardens and fields of roses, exported all over the world and to the great courts of Europe. Today, the Circuit des Roses offered by the Luxembourg City Tourist Office takes visitors through the streets of Limpertsberg to discover its hidden treasures, including the Parc Tony Neuman.

It's a very peaceful place, with very little traffic. The main entrance is on Avenue de la Faïencerie near number 162A.

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Fruit picking with the family at Vergers de Steinsel

A little further afield, pick your own seasonal fruit in the Steinsel orchards! Every year during the picking season, the Vergers de Steinsel cooperative invites families and children to pick apples and mirabelles directly from the trees.

This outdoor activity, close to nature, is fun for the whole family. You can show your children the beauty of Luxembourg's orchards, and give them the pleasure of picking their own apples!

What's more, freshly squeezed fruit juice is offered to visitors. So don't hesitate! Take the opportunity to stock up on different varieties of apples at a reasonable price.

In season, a sign on Rue de Luxembourg in Bridel indicates the way to the orchards.

Forests and walks around Luxembourg City

Did you know that the City of Luxembourg offers some very pleasant walks and fitness trails in its communal forests, right on the edge of the city?

Luxembourg's forests are magnificent in any season. It's a great place for children to play and discover. Organize lily-of-the-valley outings on May 1st.

Bambësch forest for family relaxation

To the north of Luxembourg City, accessible via the Muhlenbach district, the large Bambësch municipal forest offers a green and relaxing space for all Luxembourg residents. 

Discover Luxembourg City at Parc Bambësch

Parc Bambësch presents the history of Luxembourg City through a variety of play installations. There's even a replica of the Three Acorns Museum. Water features and shaded areas provide cool spots in summer.

Hiking and fitness trails

Numerous hiking and nature trails are available, clearly signposted and ranging from 4.6 to 7.5 km. Departures are on bus line 21 to Rollingergrund or line 275 to Kopstal.

For the more active, there's a 2.7 km fitness trail with 18 apparatus, and a 5.5 km cross-country course. The start is near the Bambesch Leisure Center parking lot, Rue de Bridel.

The Centre Sportif Bambësch boasts a magnificent playground, tennis club and soccer pitch. Changing rooms and showers are available free of charge!

Kockelscheuer forest: walks and family sports activities

The Kockelscheuer forest is located in the south of Luxembourg, after the Gasperich and Cloche d'Or districts. To get to the Kockelscheuer forest , the main access is near the Kockelscheuer ice rink (bus line 18).

You can explore the woods on foot or even by mountain bike. The track by the pond is suitable for baby carriages. There are barbecue and picnic areas and a small playground. A 2.75 km fitness trail with 14 apparatus awaits you.

Are you a sporty family? Don't miss the CK Center with its bowling, tennis, badminton and paddle courts, and the golf course, ideal for training and learning.

Walks in the Hamm / Bonnevoie area

In the Hamm, Pulvermuehl and Bonnevoie areas, you'll find a number of family-friendly walks.

The 2km Godchaux Trail, a witness to Luxembourg's industrial past, takes you through the Alzette Valley from Bonnevoie to Hamm, where you'll discover the history of Luxembourg's textile industry, including the Villa Godchaux, the Atelier Schlaifmillen and the former workers' quarters of Rue Godchaux.

The Ecureuil circuit is 5.3 km long, starting near the crematorium in the Hamm district, and the Tilleul circuit is 6.9 km long, with starting points on bus routes 5 or 6 on the Bonnevoie side, bus route 15 on the Hamm side, and bus route 7 or 29 on the Pulvermühl side.

Two fitness trails of 2.9 km (18 apparatus) and 2.6 km (13 apparatus) are also on offer, the 1st on the Bonnevoie side and the 2nd in the Cents and Neudorf/Weimershof districts.

Bike rides along the Alzette Valley

The Alzette Valley follows the course of the Alzette, one of Luxembourg's 2 main rivers. It rises in France, passes through Esch-sur-Alzette in the south of the country, crosses Luxembourg City and flows into the Sûre in the north.

The Alzette Valley offers charming walks and bike rides for nature lovers.

With children, you can set off from the Grund in Luxembourg-City, rue Bisserwee, and follow the ten-kilometer bike path along the Alzette to the commune of Hesperange. Stop halfway along the route at the Millen (mill) near the small bridge. It's a very pleasant spot for a picnic.

You'll also see the sculpture of Mélusine, reinterpreted by Sege Ecker, and the Kloutschtergaart, a lovely terraced garden. See the legend of Mélusine.

For the more sporty, you can head north from Béreldange in the commune of Walferdange, and follow the Piste Cyclable 15 to Ettelbrück, a 31 km route that takes you into the Luxembourg Ardennes. You'll come across some magnificent castles, including Colmar-Berg, residence of the Grand Ducal family.

Don't want to come back by bike? No problem, you can take the train back to Luxembourg-City! You can also see our suggestions for cycling outings in the country.

Leisure and amusement parks in Luxembourg

Why not take advantage of the fine weather for outdoor activities, and visit one of Luxembourg's amusement parks? These amusement parks also offer birthday entertainment.

Climbing and thrill-seekers will be delighted by the climbing parks and go-karting.

Tree-top adventure parks for thrills and spills

Accro-park in Heiderscheid

The Acro-parc in Heiderscheid is located in the Haute-Sûre nature park. The course, accessible from the age of 3, is based on ropes and wooden structures. Climbing activities are organized in age groups of 3 to 5, 6 to 13 and over 14.

Adventure Island in Echternach

Adventure Island is located on an island in Lake Echternach. It offers a rope course up to 10 m high for children aged 11 and over (minimum 1.50 m). There's also a 70 m-long zip line, a giant swing and accelerations up to 70 km/h! Trampolines and bungee trampolines for children.

Indian Forest Adventure Park

The Indian Forest Adventure Park is located in the heart of the magnificent Parc Naturel de l'Our. Accessible by reservation, the park offers a 90-workshop accrobranch course for children aged 5 and over. The park also boasts Luxembourg's longest zip line, 375 m long, accessible from age 12! You can park your car at the Château de Vianden parking lot, a 10-minute walk from the climbing area. Take the opportunity to visit it!

Parc Le'h in Dudelange

Parc Le'h in Dudelange. 7 tree-climbing courses for all levels and ages, from the bambini course for the very young, to the 17-meter-high thrill ride for the more adventurous. One of the courses is reputed to be one of the most challenging and difficult in Europe. A good opportunity to recover from your emotions at the excellent restaurant of the same name, Parc Le'h. .

Speed races at the Mondercange karting track

ACL karting in Mondercange has an outdoor karting circuit over 800 meters long and a fleet of 40 karts for children and adults. Sessions last from 10 to 60 minutes. Children aged 8-10 can drive only on Saturday & Sunday mornings.

You can also take driving lessons on a circuit where international drivers like Michael Schumacher have competed.

The club takes a winter break from early November to early March.

Park Sennesraïch in Lullange to awaken children's senses

Park Sënnesräich in Lullange to explore your 5 senses and awaken those of your children. Through simple, fun experiments, they can learn about a multitude of chemical, physical and biological phenomena. The park's many stations appeal to all the senses of young visitors, inviting them to get their hands dirty.

Park Minett in Fond-de-Gras to discover Luxembourg's mining history

The Minett Park in Fond-de-Gras is a fun way to find out more about Luxembourg's mining industry

Parc Merveilleux in Bettembourg, a must for Luxembourg families

The Parc Merveilleux in Bettembourg is THE must-see amusement park for children in Luxembourg. It has delighted generations since its creation in 1956! In fact, it's the only zoological park in the Grand Duchy . It also offers a wide range of attractions for young and old alike.

Visitors can meet over 200 species of animals from 5 continents.

In the forest, fairy-tale animations will delight little children. They'll be able to rediscover their favorite stories with Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Puss in Boots, ... .

Children can also play in a giant spider's web, find their way through the maze, climb the bird's nest, ... or simply discover the forest. In summer, there's also a water play area to cool off in.

You'll also find a miniature golf course, a miniature train to visit the park, a "pony-express", mini-cars and a restaurant. New attractions are added every year.
Please note that the Parc de Bettembourg is only open during the summer season, from March to October.

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Schueberfouer, the unmissable funfair in Luxembourg

And don't forget the famous Schueberfouer, Luxembourg's must-see funfair in August and September.

Here you'll also find ideas for keeping your children or teenagers busy during the school vacations and at weekends.

Have you thought about scouting? It's a great way to make new friends and take part in a wide range of activities and camps.

Indoor playgrounds and activities for children in Luxembourg

In case of bad weather, you can also take your children to let off steam in indoor play parks.

These indoor children's play structures are in great demand, not least to celebrate children's birthdays . So if you want to go with a group, plan ahead. Among the best-known structures, you can choose between different indoor play areas.

Parc Yoyo, the best-known indoor playground

The Yoyo indoor playground in Howald, in the commune of Hespérange, features an adventure and pirate theme with a gigantic slide. Thrills guaranteed! Catering available.

ZigZag park for the little ones

ZigZag is an indoor activity park for the little ones , located in the commune of Bertrange. It features trampolines, bouncy castles, a ball pool, climbing wall, mini soccer pitch and basketball court.

Lasergame in Howald for all teenagers

Lasergame, also in Howald, is a laser playground. You can simulate shooting in a multi-level indoor maze. Sessions are organized in groups. It's the ideal place for teenage birthday parties. We can also organize corporate events. By reservation only.

Climbing at Funny Mountain in Arlon

Funny Mountain in Arlon (Belgium) is a new concept in climbing fun for 5 to 85 year-olds, with almost 30 fun and totally safe climbing routes.

Family fun at the Butterfly Garden in Grevenmacher

The Paiperleksgaart or Butterfly Gardens in Grevenmacher is a 600 m2 greenhouse with almost forty varieties of butterfly.

Stroll through the tropical garden at 27 degrees Celsius and 80% humidity. Admire the butterflies flying around you. Learn all about the butterfly life cycle. Visitors can watch the biologist at work, hanging butterfly chrysalises, and the horticulturists busy sowing or caring for the aromatic plants offered for sale in the store.

Discover dairy products at the Vitarium by Luxlait in Roost

Discover dairy products with the Vitarium. The Vitarium is a fun and educational attraction for the whole family, offered by the LUXLAIT dairy. The Vitarium introduces young and old alike to milk and its by-products, as well as the dairy industry. Visitors follow a fun trail of 45 workshops focusing on nature, agriculture, the body, food, health, etc. Visits to the production area (by reservation only), interactive stations, 3D cinema, cooking workshops and more.

All offer on-site catering, as well as a birthday party service.

On a more cultural note, museums also offer great opportunities. Introduce your children to new perspectives. Introduce them to the arts and Luxembourg's heritage at the same time.

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