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Offer your child the right environment for psychological and physical development

L'Enfant Roi has 12 crèches and 1 school, in Strassen, Bertrange, Mersch, Kirchberg, Cloche d'Or, Mamer, Senningerberg and recently Howald.

Montessori pedagogy at the heart of the Enfant Roi profession

The pedagogical concept developed in our Montessori daycare centers is based on the principles discovered and enunciated by Maria Montessori. Children's autonomy, daily happiness, personal development and freedom are all important to us.

We believe that every child has the potential to develop, and that adults are there to help this potential blossom. It's essential to offer children the opportunity to develop their different sensibilities to the full, in a setting that's adapted to their psychological and physical needs, respecting their own rhythm and individual characteristics, while awakening them to social life.

Our Montessori worlds for children's development

Housed in top-quality premises, we have developed high-quality, caring environments adapted to children's ages. The little ones evolve through individualized paths.

Le Nido welcomes babies from 2 to 24 months at l'Enfant Roi

It combines modernity and respect for the child, in line with our pedagogy. Floor cots and weaning tables encourage the autonomy of very young children. We are attentive to the needs and life rhythms of the babies entrusted to our care. A team of dedicated professionals takes care of them, respecting their habits and needs.

La Communauté Enfantine for children aged 2 to 3

La Communauté Enfantine offers children aged 2 to 3 the opportunity to develop in a child-friendly environment. The Montessori environment encourages the development and learning of children of this age. The educational team, made up of qualified educators, graduate educators and nursery school teachers, apply themselves with dedication and enthusiasm.

La Maison des Enfants welcomes 3 to 4 year-olds to l'Enfant Roi

The Maison des Enfants offers an educational program in line with that of the Maria Montessori Nursery School in Strassen. It offers children aged 3 to 4 the chance to deepen their knowledge and prepare for entry into pre-school. Children are introduced to geometry, numbering and writing. They are also introduced to painting, music, geography, zoology and botany. Notions such as respect for the environment, politeness towards adults and other children, self-respect and self-esteem are also taught.

Educators, nursery teachers and pedagogues in French, Luxembourgish or English, make up the pedagogical team of this group, preparing the child in a calm and serene way for his entry into his future school.

Healthy, controlled food in our Montessori daycare centers

Because eating well is essential for harmonious growth, we attach great importance to ensuring that children's dietary intake is in line with medical recommendations. All products on our menus are healthy, fresh, local and in season. All dishes are homemade by our Brigade and checked by our health department, to ensure a balanced, healthy diet.

Your child's health is precious to L'Enfant Roi

In each of our nurseries, we have a nurse who provides the necessary care for the children: administering medication, dealing with allergies, managing emergencies, monitoring weight curves... They are also in charge of setting up individualized reception protocols within the nursery and ensuring that they are respected.

The nursing team is led by our Health Service Manager, a pediatric nurse by profession. She is also at your disposal, either by telephone, e-mail or at a parenting appointment, to discuss your questions about nutrition, sleep, health and any other subject you may wish to raise.

The entire health department meets regularly to discuss medical news and adapt our protocols.

Hygiene, a central and well-mastered subject in our Montessori nurseries

Hygiene in day nurseries is a key issue. In our structures, thanks to appropriate measures including precise cleaning plans for the premises and maintenance teams trained in HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) standards, we avoid most problems, particularly those linked to contamination.

Air quality is also monitored by analyzers installed in each structure. Thanks to this system, we are able to quickly correct any problems that may arise from indoor air pollution.

Our pedagogical and technical teams are supervised and trained in this area, which must be beyond reproach. What's more, using Montessori teaching methods, and in particular personal care exercises, we teach children about personal hygiene (washing hands, teeth, face, blowing the nose, not sneezing into another child's face...).

Ongoing training in Montessori pedagogy, the driving force behind our teams

We provide training in Montessori pedagogy for all our employees. The training team includes pedagogues, educators, psychologists, pediatric nurses and social workers. All these complementary skills form part of a dynamic, harmonious group focused on the child and his or her development. The training courses on offer are varied and practical, ranging from cultural and artistic awakening to psychomotricity, the Snoezelen approach (inclusivity) and multilingualism and educational posture.

The personalized welcome and support program

Parents have a privileged place in the nursery. They are invited to meetings with the pedagogical team, to conferences on pedagogy and, if they wish, to discussions with the nursery nurse.

Exclusive to Luxembourg, our monitoring and support program offers children the chance to develop in an environment entirely designed to meet their needs, as well as those of their parents. More than just a crèche, L'Enfant Roi enables you to follow your child's progress on a daily basis, and offers personalized parenting support, thanks to the "L'Enfant Roi App" and our internal monitoring process.

Are you looking for a place for your child? We still have availability in our facilities, so please don't hesitate to contact us.

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