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Luxembourg has a well-developed bus network. As with all public transport in Luxembourg, bus use is free of charge. 

General information about buses in Luxembourg

Bus services are convenient and punctual

In Luxembourg, it's easy to get from one end of the country to the other by city bus or regional coach. Thanks to GPS-enabled buses, the app and website display actual timetables and expected journey times.

On the whole, buses are fairly punctual, barring traffic problems.

Luxembourg buses free of charge

Regular, punctual, free and easy to use, buses in Luxembourg are a means of transport in their own right.

In fact, Luxembourg is a forerunner when it comes to free public transport, which has been free since March 1, 2020. An announcement that has had a worldwide echo! With the exception of 1st class (for trains) and foreign trains, you can travel unlimited free of charge on the entire Luxembourg public transport network.

This free travel does not apply to 1st class trains and cross-border transport.

Luxembourg City Bus

For city trips, we recommend Luxembourg City buses or Eurobus. Passengers can get on and off at all stops.

Eurobus are regional buses that support the city's bus service between the main railway station and the Kirchberg district. On Luxembourg City territory, Eurobus buses operate in the same way as city buses. They are identified by their route number and the name "Eurobus" on the external display.

Luxembourg City bus routes and stops

There are many bus stops and lines in Luxembourg City, covering the whole city and beyond. There are almost 40 bus routes in the capital, including 30 regular routes and 7 night routes. 40 million people use Luxembourg City buses every year.

On our pages dedicated to the different districts of Luxembourg City, you'll find all the bus routes passing through the area where you live and work.

On the City of Luxembourg website, you will find timetables, bus stations and access points, bus routes, ticket office locations, information on season tickets, services for the elderly and the disabled, etc., as well as the City of Luxembourg bus map.

You can also download the VDL City Map app for all the information you need on buses in Luxembourg City.

Perfectly geolocated, city buses are announced in advance. 

Cityshopping bus

City Shopping Bus Luxembourg, getting around Luxembourg

Luxembourg City provides a shuttle bus service to make shopping easier: the City shopping bus. These free buses run between the Glacis parking lot and Rue Beaumont.
At weekends, the shuttle serves additional stops.

Call a bus: on-demand bus service

Call-a-bus is a door-to-door, on-demand service offered by the City of Luxembourg within its territory. The service operates from Monday to Saturday, from 9:00 am to midnight.
Call-a-bus is dedicated to residents of the City of Luxembourg, aged 70 and over. These shuttles require prior registration via a form available on the City of Luxembourg website.

Other communes also offer a free shuttle service on request for journeys within the commune or just nearby. Ask your local authority for details.

Regional buses in Luxembourg

The RGTR regional bus network offers a wide range of services. These buses link rural municipalities to regional centers, as well as to the capital, Luxembourg City.

These regional buses also link the French, Belgian and German border regions to the Luxembourg capital. All in all, around 95% of Luxembourg's localities are connected to the public transport network. Journeys are made in modern, comfortable buses.
RGTR regional buses can be identified by the line numbers indicating the destination area:

  • 1XX: North
  • 2XX: North-east (Echternach)
  • 3XX: East (Wasserbillig)
  • 4XX: Southeast (Remich)
  • 5XX: South (Thionville)
  • 6XX: South (Esch-sur-Alzette)
  • 7XX: Southwest (Pétange)
  • 8XX: West (Steinfort)
  • 9XX: Northwest (Redange).

You can find your regional bus, timetables and connections on the website.

School transport in Luxembourg

Service to Luxembourg high schools

The main campuses of Luxembourg's secondary schools, Geesseknäppchen, Sainte-Sophie and Sport Lycée, Ecole Européenne I and Limperstberg, are served by dedicated bus routes.

On the website, you'll find all the bus routes serving stops near Luxembourg secondary schools. You can also use the trip planner to find out how to get to or from any school.

Communal school transport

The communes also provide school transport to and from the basic schools in the commune.
These buses, known as "Schoulbus", serve a number of stops in the commune before and after school hours to take children to and from school.

If necessary, buses are replaced near schools by "Pedibuses " driven by a local authority employee or accompanying person. Identified with yellow vests, children and accompanying adults make their way to school in complete safety. To find out more about the service for your child, or to become an accompanying adult, contact your local commune: for Luxembourg City.

Night buses and shuttles in Luxembourg

When partying in the evening can lead night owls to drink a little too much alcohol, it's also possible to take advantage of the night buses that run on Friday and Saturday nights in Luxembourg.

City Night bus from Luxembourg City

Luxembourg City has 7 night bus routes for night owls. They are identified by the acronym CN in front of the line number.

The City Night bus is a free bus service that runs every Friday and Saturday night, from 9.30pm to 3.30am, every 15 minutes. It serves the various districts of Luxembourg City. You can consult the different bus routes on the City of Luxembourg website.

Nightbus to other communes in Luxembourg

Set up by a number of communes, night buses run between Luxembourg City and these communes at weekends and on the eve of public holidays.

Their use is free of charge, enabling users to get home after a party without having to take their personal vehicle or drive drunk.

Nightrider, on-demand night bus in Luxembourg

The "night rider" service is a night shuttle service available on request and with prior reservation. The shuttles operate between 6pm and 5am. They can be very busy, so remember to book in advance.

Find out more about public transport and other modes of travel in Luxembourg.

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