Bertrange, a dynamic town with many activities

Commune de Bertrange Luxembourg

Bertrange is one of the communes in the first ring around Luxembourg City. It is very attractive, with its motorways, shopping areas and residential areas. 

Population of Bertrange in Luxembourg

Number of inhabitants on January 1, 20238.668
Number of different nationalities103
% foreigners in total population54,1%
Source Statec

 Bertrange, a community in constant development

The commune of Bertrange, or "Bartreng" in Luxembourgish, is growing steadily. It is home to a high proportion of French, Italian, Belgian, German and Portuguese residents.

It's a very pleasant place to live, right next to Luxembourg City. Its many infrastructures and attractive setting between town and country are its main assets.

The commune invests in land development projects and citizen services. Everything is done to meet the needs of its population. 

The town of Bertrange is characterized by a family atmosphere, village-like yet chic. Bertrange is among the 6 communes with the highest median salaries: Niederanven, Leudelange, Kopstal, Schuttrange, Strassen.

Dynamic community with many activities

Sports and community activities in Bertrange

Bertrange offers its residents a wide range of activities.

The Centre Nautique CNI Les Thermes offers water sports and relaxation for the whole family. Bertrange is home to a number of sports associations, including volleyball, soccer and aikido. Residents can enjoy a wide range of sports and take care of their well-being.

The little ones can enjoy over 20 play areas.

The Atert cultural and sports center can accommodate more than 1,500 spectators for events.

Numerous chess clubs, a choir, a women's club and a moms' club... help people meet and create links to help them integrate better.

The Arcamusic school also houses a concert and performance hall.

The commune of Bertrange also offers training courses for adults, particularly in foreign languages and Lëtzebuergesch.

Culture and heritage in Bertrange

Bertrange also boasts a number of noteworthy buildings.

The church, symbol of Bertrange

The original 10th-century church was completely restored in the 18th century. Its steeple has become the symbol of the town of Bertrange. Inside, the Stations of the Cross are the work of Bettina Sabbatini, a renowned contemporary artist from Luxembourg. The altarpiece is the work of sculptor Jean-Georges Scholtus, who died in the 18th century.

Bertrange is also famous for its many châteaux

Schauwenburg Castle dates back to feudal times and has been extended over the centuries. It has had a succession of owners and occupants. Today, it is used for the community's cultural activities.
The 18th-century Château de Colnet d'Huart has housed a Red Cross children's home since 1948.

Business activities in Bertrange

The town offers a highly developed economic activity. Several commercial and industrial zones, such as the Bourmicht zone, are accessible from the freeway exit.

Two large shopping centers attract not only local residents, but also those living much further afield. The Belle-Etoile Shopping Center is particularly popular with Luxembourg residents. City Concorde, with its Bram department store, also attracts shopaholics.

Furniture, audio-visual, DIY and gardening stores are all present in the area, enabling you tofurnish your home, interior and garden.

Some 15 restaurants welcome families and friends for a relaxing time.

Bertrange is home to the National Center for Archaeological Research, part of the French Ministry of Culture. It is attached to the National Museum of History and Art.

Schools and nurseries in Bertrange

Residents have access to a basic school and several crèches for the little ones.

TheEuropean School II in Mamer is also nearby and easily accessible for students following a European curriculum.

Transport in Bertrange

Bertrange is well served by public transport.

The commune is served by motorways, notably the A6 freeway and several national roads.

Living in Bertrange, property prices

If you're looking for a new home in Bertrange, take a look at real estate prices in Bertrange and surrounding areas.

Two senior establishments cater for the commune's oldest residents.

Price per m2 for saleRental price per m2
11,067euros26.05 euros
Down 0.49% year-on-yearUp 7.25% year-on-year
Center region comparison: 11,286 euros/m2 Center region comparison: 29.34 euros/m2
Source Immotop - October 2023

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