Gasperich, a neighborhood with an eye on the future

Quartier Gasperich Cloche d'Or Luxembourg

Located in the south of Luxembourg City, the Gasperich district is one of the 24 districts of Luxembourg City. Originally residential and dating back to the 50s and 60s, the district has taken on a totally different face in recent years.

The construction of the Ban de Gasperich and the Cloche d'Or turn it into a resolutely modern business district. Economic activity is very high. Many major companies set up their headquarters here. The district is also home to Luxembourg's largest shopping center.

Population in the Gasperich district of Luxembourg

Gasperich districtLuxembourg City
Number of inhabitants on January 1, 20239.694132.778
Number of different nationalities124167
% foreigners in total population72,3%70,8%
Source: City of Luxembourg

Due to relentless real estate development, the neighborhood has gained over 3,000 new residents since 2017, an increase of over 40% in 5 years.

The French community accounts for over 18.5% of residents. The new Cloche d'Or district plays the multicultural card.

With an average age of 38, the neighborhood is young. People in their thirties account for nearly 30% of the neighborhood's population.

Gasperich, a booming district in Luxembourg

History of the Gasperich district

In the Middle Ages, there was only one farm in the Gasperich area. It was not until the second half of the 19th century that the area began to develop, with the installation of a brickworks and the construction of low-cost housing.

Situated between the southern districts of Luxembourg, Hollerich, Gare, Bonnevoie and Cessange, the Gasperich district has undergone relentless development over the last ten years. The construction of new buildings, this time in the direction of Kockelscheuer, and the development of Luxembourg's largest park are further evidence of the district's changing face.

The Cloche d'Or project, a major asset for the Gasperich district

Originally totally residential, off-center and of little interest, Gasperich has been totally transformed by the vast Ban de Gasperich and Cloche d'Or construction project.

Gasperich is one of Luxembourg's leading districts. Today, it is a major attraction and central to Luxembourg's economic life.

The Cloche d'Or district has excellent freeway links to the Greater Region, and more and more major companies are setting up their headquarters here.

Eventually, some 37,000 employees will work in the district's businesses. Nearly 25,000 people will bring this district to life on a daily basis. Already, 3,000 pupils and students, half of whom attend the Lycée Français Vauban, come and go in this district.

Physionomy of the Gasperich district

The Gasperich district is divided into 2 distinct parts.

The old village is mostly made up of small buildings and houses from the 1950s. It is home to families (67%) with one or more children. The atmosphere is family-oriented and peaceful. A number of shops and restaurants offer a lively neighborhood atmosphere.

The new part, Ban de Gasperich and Cloche d'Or, offers a number of office and residential buildings for a mixed living environment. Major companies are also moving into the area. These include PWC since 2014, Deloitte and Alter Domus, ranked among the country's largest employers. These companies are attracting a new population with high purchasing power, prompting the constant construction of new buildings in the Cloche d'Or area.

The district is also home to the new CIGDS fire and rescue station.

Amenities in the Gasperich district

The Gasperich district has many attractions.

Schools and nurseries in Gasperich

In the former part of Gasperich, schools are run in Luxembourg. There are also two school hostels, as well as several crèches and hostels for childcare and extra-curricular activities.

Every day, theVauban French nursery, primary, middle and high schools welcome almost 2,500 pupils to modern 47,000 m2 premises opposite the Cloche d'Or shopping center.

Shops in Gasperich

Luxembourg's largest shopping center, La Cloche d'Or, has been in the area since May 2019. Bright and lively, it features a wide range of shops, including an Auchan hypermarket, cafés, offices and leisure facilities.

A number of shops and services are also located in the area.

Transport in the Gasperich district

The Gasperich district is easily connected by car to the main railway station via the Rocade Sud or the Route d'Esch. The Croix de Gasperich provides easy access to the various freeways leading to the Greater Region. The district is also served by numerous buses.

The tramway will serve the Cloche d'Or district by 2024, with a stop at the Lycée Vauban.

Leisure activities in Gasperich

Gasperich boasts a wide range of sports facilities, including the nearby Kockelscheuer complex, with tennis, bowling and golf at the CK Center.
The district also boasts the Stade Emile Bintner, a skatepark, a sports hall, 2 pétanque courts and 2 multi-sports fields.

This is also the site of the new national soccer and rugby stadium, the Stade de Luxembourg, which hosts national and international rugby and soccer matches.

Gasperich green spaces

Gasperich is home to Luxembourg's largest public park. With a total surface area of over 16 ha, it offers vast spaces for strolling and relaxation. There's a 7,000 m2 pond with a stilted promenade, 2 sports fields, a 1.85 km loop for cyclists, a renaturalized stream, ...

The Kockelscheuer forest is also nearby.

Several green parks and playgrounds are available to residents. The Bauerenhaff playground in Rue Cicignon, in the former Gasperich area, has a farm theme. Children can discover tractors and farm animals, and become farmers for an afternoon.

Living in the Gasperich district

Gasperich is a pleasant neighborhood, close to everything. Business district, young and family-friendly, Gasperich has much to seduce.

An ideal location for real estate investment until recently, new-build prices have now risen 2-fold, in line with those in Luxembourg.

Given the number of rental units and the uncertainties of construction due to Covid and the war in Ukraine, should you still invest in Gasperich or look to Cessange, a new district under development?

To find out more about Luxembourg City, visit our dedicated page.

Price per m2 for saleRental price per m2
12,017 euros33.80 euros
Up 1.14% year-on-yearUp 12.44% year-on-year
Luxembourg City comparison: 12,056 euros/m2 Center region comparison: 30.53 euros/m2
Source Immotop - October 2023

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