Health - Well-being

The guide to health and well-being in Luxembourg, to help you stay fit and healthy during your expatriation.

A guide to health and well-being for newcomers to Luxembourg

Health - Well-being

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Getting vaccinated in Luxembourg

In Luxembourg and elsewhere, vaccination does not always have a good reputation among the general public. Undesirable effects, dangerousness, harmful presence...

Luxembourg sick leave|

Are you an employee in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg? What are your rights and obligations in the event of illness?...

Wellness Luxembourg|Kinnekswiss Luxembourg|Wellness in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a country renowned for its high quality of life. Inhabitants are happier overall than...

Medical emergencies Luxembourg

Faced with a medical emergency? Who should you contact? Who to contact? You'll find all the advice you need here...

Consult a doctor in Luxembourg|Blood and platelet donations|Consult a general practitioner or specialist in Luxembourg

Luxembourg has a well-developed medical sector. In addition to general practitioners, many medical specialists and other professions...

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