Aktioun Grouss Botz, nurturing nature

  • 01/Mar/2025
  • Luxembourg
Nature conservation Luxembourg Aktioun Grouss Botz
Nature conservation Luxembourg Aktioun Grouss Botz

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Nature conservation in Luxembourg is everyone's business. Every spring, the inhabitants of Luxembourg's villages get together for a major nature clean-up.

Aktioun Grouss Botz, clean up your village

Every municipality in Luxembourg organizes its "Aktioun Grouss Botz" between March and April each year. This responsible action encourages residents to take care of their environment by cleaning up the streets, paths and, more generally, our natural environment to make the country cleaner.

Every resident is invited to take part in the "Grouss Botz" or big clean-up. Armed with rubbish bags and gloves, families stroll along public roads, country lanes and forests to collect greasy paper, cans, cigarette butts, etc. In short, a village-wide spring clean.

The "Grouss Botz" is also an opportunity to meet and socialize with other residents of your community, while taking part inan eco-responsible activity in favor of nature.

Afterwards, the commune usually provides lunch for those brave enough to brave the weather, which is not always pleasant in Luxembourg's early spring. But how satisfying it all turned out!

Contact your local council to find out how you can get involved.

Preserve nature

The Grouss Botz is an opportunity for everyone to help preserve our natural environment in a collective effort.

It's also a great way for our children to learn how to protect our planet. A great activity for the whole family!

Visit cleansomethingfornothing.com/ for a list of local authorities taking part in this environmental initiative. You'll also find all the information you need to take an active part all year round in making our planet cleaner.

It's a good idea to clean up when the trees are still in leaf. However, be careful not to disturb birds and animals during the nesting or breeding season.

Let's all take care of our planet and Luxembourg's wonderful nature!

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  • 01/03/2025



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