Neudorf / Weimershof, strategically located districts

Quartier Neudorf Weimershof Luxembourg

Located in the northeast of Luxembourg City, the Neudorf/Weimershof district is one of the 24 districts of Luxembourg City. It occupies a strategic position close to the Cents and Clausen districts, and the Kirchberg business district.

Population of Neudorf/Weimershof

Neudorf/ WeimershofLuxembourg City
Number of inhabitants on January 1, 20236.760132.778
Number of different nationalities117167
% foreigners in total population76,04%70,8%
Source: City of Luxembourg

With over 76% foreigners, the Neudorf/Weimershof district has the highest proportion of foreigners in Luxembourg, after the Gare sector.

The French community is the largest foreign community, followed by the Portuguese.

The atmosphere of the Neudorf and Weimershof districts

The Neudorf part of Luxembourg is a district that is seldom visited, apart from by its residents. Its very elongated layout, in the hollow of a deep valley, offers little opportunity for real neighborhood life. The Neudorf district is above all a gateway to the city of Luxembourg. It stretches between the Clausen district and theFindel airport area.

The Neudorf district dates back to the end of the 18th century, when residents were expropriated to build the fortress. The district developed mainly in the second half of the 19th century with the construction of the Funck-Schamberger brewery, which operated until 1982. Here you can find single-family homes dating from 1880 and 1930-50, as well as more recent buildings.

Today, the old houses are gradually being demolished to make way for modern buildings. The site of the former Henri Funck brewery has now been transformed into shops and housing.

The Weimershof section is located higher up on the Kirchberg Plateau. It's a more residential area, with larger, newer homes. Property prices here are also higher than in the more popular Neudorf district.

Neudorf / Weimershof amenities

Economic activities and convenience stores

This complex of two districts is distinguished by its proximity to the city center. It adjoins the lively Clausen district and the typical Pfaffenthal district in the lower part of Neudorf, as well as the Kirchberg business district in the upper part of Weimershof.

The district has lost its economic appeal, with the departure ofmajor companies previously based in Neudorf. Italy's Ferrero moved to the immediate vicinity of Findel airport. Deloitte relocated to the newer Cloche d'Or district in Gasperich.

There are a few shops in the middle of the long Rue de Neudorf and a gas station. The Scandinavian shop welcomes fans of Nordic products at the top of Rue de Neudorf, on the way to Findel.

Transport and buses

Bus routes No. 7, 9, 16, 20, 25 and CN1 serve this district from 43 stops.

Two Veloh! stations for more sustainable mobility are available to local residents.

A major project involves the construction of a suspension bridge over the valley between the Kirchberg plateau and the Cents district. This magnificent 200-metre-long bridge will start at Rue des Bleuets in Weimershof, enabling pedestrians and cyclists to quickly reach the other side of the city. An elevator will link the bridge to the Neudorf district. The bridge is scheduled for completion by 2025.

The Kirchberg Hospitals and Clinique Bohler are within easy reach by car.

Schools and school centers

In the Neudorf district, there is a Luxembourg basic school, a municipal crèche and a private crèche

The Sainte Sophie private school , which is both a French and a Luxembourg school, is located in the Weimershof district.

Leisure activities

The neighborhood offers a wide range of leisure facilities. There's a BMX track, playgrounds, a pétanque court, a cultural center, the Henri Funk stadium and a multi-sports field.

A theater school is located next to the Scandinavian Shop at the top of Rue de Neudorf.

Living in the Neudorf-Weimershof area

Neudorf-Weimershof has 2 quite different atmospheres, the upper and lower parts.

Neudorf appears more popular, with many apartment buildings. It's a busy place, not very conducive to family walks. The historic houses of Neudorf are gradually being renovated and transformed to accommodate a new, younger population.

Quieter, Weimershof is more upscale, with single-family homes. Both parts are residential neighborhoods, but unfortunately with few shops.

To find out more about Luxembourg City, visit our Where to live in Luxembourg City page.

Price per m2 for saleRental price per m2
11,637 euros31.00 euros
Down 4.36% year-on-yearUp 19.60% year-on-year
Luxembourg City comparison: 12,056 euros/m2 Center region comparison: 30.53 euros/m2
Source Immotop - October 2023

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