Cycling in Luxembourg and beyond

Cycling in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a beautiful country that offers great opportunities for cycling alone, with friends or with the family. You've just arrived in Luxembourg as an expat and want to discover the country? Get on your bike, we'll take you for a ride!

Straddling your bicycle, you'll discover a different side of the country, a more bucolic, nature-oriented Luxembourg. Follow the roads or signposted paths to ride through the fields ready to harvest in summer, admire the pretty colors of the forests in autumn, enjoy the fresh air in spring, ... And why not take the opportunity to stop for a picnic or a snack in Luxembourg's beautiful countryside? 

Mountain bikers can explore forests and other natural areas. Are you more of a road biker? We've got plenty of cycle paths for you to enjoy.

Cycle paths in Luxembourg

Luxembourg has numerous cycle paths both in and out of town. The national network comprises some 950 km of cycle paths, of which 600 km are currently paved. Increasingly, local authorities are formalizing roads and paths for cyclists. You can find these marked trails by following the blue road signs with a white bicycle.

How do I find cycle paths in Luxembourg?

All national cycle paths are listed on the Ponts et Chaussés website. You'll find a map of national cycle paths, with useful information for each section. You can also download the itineraries. So you don't get lost along the way!

The luxvelo. lu website also lists cycle paths in Luxembourg and further afield. You'll find plenty of ideas for cycling tours in Luxembourg, to Belgium, France or Germany. What's more, the site not only provides route information, but also an online Googlemap map and GPX routes.

The Luxembourg by cycle map is also very useful and full of information. It provides information on the characteristics of cycle paths, gradients and distances. It also lists bike rental sites.
The explanations on the map are in French, German and English. For points of sale, visit
The map also shows cycle routes along former railway lines. Invaluable information for discovering pretty spots far from home, without having to cycle hundreds of kilometers. What a pleasure! These routes are particularly suitable for family outings. The routes are often flat, and the return journey can even be made by train. So you can push the pedal a little further every time.

Pedal from station to station on CFL's cycling trails

It's also possible to cycle around Luxembourg on the various routes from station to station. The CFL rail network makes it easy to combine train and bike. Most of these routes, suitable for all levels, are part of the national network of cycle paths.

Our bike rides in Guttland

Situated in the center and west of Luxembourg, the Guttland offers a beautiful landscape. You can walk along the Attert cycle path, which runs alongside an old railroad line along the border with Belgium.

The Alzette Valley also offers a great idea for a walk, especially with children. From Luxembourg, you can follow the Alzette Valley from Grund to the commune of Hespérange.

Bike trips along the Moselle, Sûre and Our rivers

The Moselle valley and its vineyards can be explored over one or more days by bike.

The website lists the region's various cycle paths, and indicates the level of difficulty of each route. It's worth remembering that, while the Moselle river banks are flat, visits to the surrounding villages can quickly turn into sporting feats as you climb the slopes of the vineyards. Be careful before venturing out with young children. But what a beautiful view of the Moselle valley!

On these bike tours through the Moselle, Sûre and Our regions, you can spend the night in a youth hostel. Remerschen, Echternach, Vianden, Larochette and Luxembourg are charming stopovers. Youth hostels offer good comfort, and you can even take advantage of package deals.

Cycling in the Terres Rouges south of Luxembourg

In the south of Luxembourg, the Terres Rouges offer a stunning panorama, witness to Luxembourg's mining past. Mountain bikers can enjoy over 160 km of cycling on the RedRock Mountain Bike Trails.

For more information on cycling and mountain biking, visit

Ecotourism in Luxembourg with the Vëlosummer summer event

Every summer, the "Vëlosummer" encourages enthusiasts to get on their bikes and discover Luxembourg in a different way. Take to the roads closed to traffic, and follow the recommended paths and itineraries.

"Vëlosummer" is a program of 11 summer tourism circuits throughout Luxembourg. Over 500 km of trails are open to cyclists, including 120 km of roads closed to traffic for one or two weekends.

A "Move We Carry" service allows cyclists to pedal freely without luggage, transporting their luggage from one accommodation to another. In addition, Vëlosummer promotes accommodation and tourist sites where cyclists can combine the pleasures of cycling with sightseeing during charming stages.

More information on the velosummer for bicycle tourism.

Push bike outings in the Grand-Est region

Want to rack up the miles? You can also go beyond Luxembourg's borders. Discover the regions of Lorraine in France, Germany or Belgium. The lorvelo website will give you all the itineraries and useful information you need.

Don't forget, cycling is also an eco-responsible means of transport. So why not give soft mobility a try? 

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