Administrative procedures

All the information you need to complete your administrative formalities in Luxembourg.

Administrative procedures for expats in Luxembourg

Administrative procedures

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Administrative procedures for expats in Luxembourg

Are you planning to move to Luxembourg and would like to know what administrative formalities you need to complete? Are you working in Luxembourg and...

Divorce and separation in Luxembourg

How does a divorce work in Luxembourg? What do you need to know if you want to start divorce proceedings or are...

Moving to Luxembourg

Ready to move to Luxembourg? Although the process of moving to Luxembourg may seem daunting, it's actually quite...

PACS Civil partnership in Luxembourg

The civil partnership or PACS has existed in Luxembourg since 2004. It gives civil partners rights similar to those...

Registering the birth of your baby in Luxembourg

All births on Luxembourg soil must be declared to the commune where the child was born.

Having a pet in Luxembourg: administrative formalities

Do you live in Luxembourg and want to adopt a dog or cat? Are you planning to move to Luxembourg soon?

Voting rights and elections in Luxembourg

In Luxembourg, voting in elections is both a right and an obligation for citizens. Here you'll find all...

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