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Expat in Luxembourg: how to prepare and make a success of your expatriation?

Planning to move to Luxembourg? Whether you’re alone or accompanied, with your family or your pet, you’ll find all the information you need on our pages to help you settle in, live and work in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Are you an expatriate in Luxembourg or about to become one? Then “Just Arrived” is for you. The Just Arrived website and guide were designed by expatriates in Luxembourg for (future) expatriates. To provide you with all the information you need to make your expatriation project a success, we update our information daily, in the light of our own experience as expats and that of other expats in Luxembourg.

So, like thousands of foreigners in Luxembourg, take a look at our sections and pages. You’ll find all the practical information you need to prepare your arrival as an expat and take your first steps in Luxembourg.

Just Arrived, a complete guide to integrating expat families in Luxembourg!

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What do you need to know about living and working in Luxembourg?

Are you thinking of moving to Luxembourg as an expat? Find out all our tips for a successful integration.

To live and integrate in Luxembourg, here are 10 important points to know about expatriation.

1 – Luxembourg is a multilingual country with many expats

Luxembourgish, French and German are spoken fluently. Knowing one of these languages will make your expatriation and integration much easier. In any case, there are many ways to learn languages.

2 – Luxembourg is prosperous and a magnet for new expats

Financial services, industry, construction and new technologies offer numerous job opportunities. Candidates for expatriation and expatriate spouses can easily find a new job here. The country welcomes new expatriates every year.

3 – Residents benefit from a high-quality healthcare system

In Luxembourg, access to healthcare is easy and of high quality. Overall, healthcare is well covered, thanks to funding from compulsory social contributions. That’s one less thing for new expatriates to have to worry about, as they can benefit from it quickly.

4 – Luxembourg’s transport network makes it easy to get around

Luxembourg’s transport system is well developed. Getting around is easy for new residents, whether within the country or to neighboring countries, by car or public transport. New expatriates will easily find their feet and be able to move around with complete peace of mind.

5 – The cost of living must be factored into the expatriation plan

All new expatriates must take into account the cost of accommodation and services. It’s important to factor this into your budget when planning your move to Luxembourg.

6 – A work culture focused on efficiency and respect

Luxembourg’s work culture is based on punctuality, efficiency and respect for schedules. To facilitate integration as a new employee, it’s also important to show discretion and respect for hierarchy at work.

7 – A host of traditions to help expats settle in

Luxembourg has a rich cultural history and is very attached to its traditions. Numerous festivals and events offer great opportunities for expats to discover Luxembourg culture and traditions. All year round, expatriate families can easily go out and take part in local events. This will make their integration into their new country all the more successful.

8 – An inclusive education system for newcomers to Luxembourg

Luxembourg’s education system is of the highest quality. It is also increasingly adapted to Luxembourg’s multicultural population and its many expatriates. Education is multilingual, with a strong emphasis on foreign languages. Newcomer students are taken care of by a special scheme to facilitate the integration of the many expatriates in Luxembourg.

9 – Before your expatriation, find out about residency and work permit requirements

If you’re planning to move to and/or work in Luxembourg, it’s important to understand the requirements for expatriation visas and work permits. Find out about the necessary administrative procedures before you arrive as an expatriate.

10 – Successful expatriation requires expatriate involvement

Luxembourg offers a wide range of social and cultural activities. Here you’ll find a wide range of restaurants serving a variety of cuisines, bars, museums, traditional events, green spaces, etc. Nevertheless, getting involved in community activities will increase your chances of meeting new people and integrating more easily into local life.

By consulting our pages, you can find out more about the specifics and details concerning each of these points to facilitate your integration and make a success of your expatriation project in Luxembourg.


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