Schueberfouer, THE funfair event!

  • 23/Aug/2024
  • Champ du Glacis, Luxembourg Limpertsberg
Schuberfouer Luxembourg, the funfair event
Schuberfouer Luxembourg, the funfair event

Event description

The Schueberfouer is THE big funfair in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. It takes place from the last week of August (St. Bartholomew's Day) to mid-September, and lasts 20 days. It's Luxembourg's most popular traditional event, with over 2 million visitors!

A new edition of the famous Schuebi!

Once again, you'll find the rides that delight us every year, such as the Ferris wheel, the Wilde Maus XXL, and the Ghost Train. New rides such as Pirates Aventures and Airwolf Sky Control will delight thrill-seekers.

As for Alpina Bahn, a regular at Munich's Oktoberfest, will it be present this year with its 1.2 km of blue rails? And what about the Transformer, Techno Power and Intoxx Störtz? There's only one way to find out... on site, of course!

For the little ones, there are more than twenty rides and amusements, including duck fishing, mini-scooters and hot-air balloons on the Ballonfahrt.

History of Schueberfouer

Luxembourg, a commercial gateway

The largest and oldest popular festival in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the Schueberfouer dates back over six centuries. It's part of the soul of Luxembourgers, and today of new residents too.

First authorized in 1340 by Jean l'Aveugle, Count of Luxembourg, the Schueberfouer was originally a trade fair on the Plateau du Saint Esprit in downtown Luxembourg. At the time, it was a market for various products, and later a livestock market.

In this way, the fair served to promote Luxembourg's economy. The country was ideally situated between Flanders and Italy, and represented a privileged trading location, as a passageway between these two major commercial players of the time.

During the Luxembourg Fair, merchants were fully protected and allowed to trade.

Foire sur le Champ du Glacis at Limpertsberg, Luxembourg

In 1610, the fair was moved to the Limpertsberg district, to take its current place on the Champ du Glacis. The "Fouer" then offered food and drink, as well as dancing, games of skill and other forms of entertainment. It was with the industrial era in the 19th century that the first attractions appeared.

Traditionally, the "Fouer" is heralded through the city streets by a parade of musicians. They perform the "Hämmelsmarsch" (sheep march) through the city streets, accompanied by sheep decorated with ribbons for the occasion. The "Lämmy" sheep is the mascot of the Schueberfouer. You can buy him on site as a plush toy, or find him on the various items sold at the fair.

The biggest funfair in the Greater Region

From its purely commercial origins, the Schueberfouer has evolved into the biggest funfair in the Greater Region . A not-to-be-missed event for all to enjoy! Every year, the Schueberfouer attracts over 2 million visitors.

There are over 260 attractions for young and old alike, including the traditional Ferris Wheel and other thrill rides and more leisurely rides. New rides are added every time. Families return year after year. The "Schuebi" is a true Luxembourg tradition.

There are also confectionery stands and stalls selling local culinary specialities for gourmets, such as the traditional Fouerfësch. This is whiting cooked in brewer's yeast, served with French fries, a cold beer or a glass of Moselle dry white wine!

Crémant producer Bernard Massard also produces a special cuvée for the Schueberfouer.

As for the Allée Scheffer, it's home to a host of second-hand goods dealers and small stalls. You'll find all kinds of objects.

Practical information for fun at Schueberfouer

A "Schueberfouer" mobile application can be downloaded from It will enable you to easily locate refreshment and snack bars, drinking water stations or toilets. You can also find out about special days and the event calendar.

To make it even more fun for you and your children, the police are giving everyone a badge. All you have to do is go to the police station at the main entrance. This will make it easier to find them if necessary.

The Schueberfouer will be accompanied by an increase in public transport services. Special shuttles are organized from the P+R parking lots and a number of towns and villages in the Lucembourg area. The Schueberfouer is also served by the streetcar, which also adapts its night-time timetable! For people with reduced mobility, a Fouer-Call-a Bus service is also available.

The Schueberfouer is open every afternoon until 1 or 2 a.m. depending on the day. Don't miss out on Luxembourg's biggest funfair - it's one of the highlights of Luxembourg life!

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  • 23/08/2024


Champ du Glacis, Luxembourg Limpertsberg

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