Luxembourg Gare, a popular and diverse district

Luxembourg Station district

The Gare district is one of Luxembourg City's smallest neighborhoods. It is also one of the most densely populated. It also has the highest concentration of foreign residents.

Ideal for its proximity to Luxembourg station and shops, it offers a diverse and lively environment. It also represents the worst of Luxembourg City in terms of drug trafficking, delinquency and prostitution.

Population of the Gare district in Luxembourg

Gasperich districtLuxembourg City
Number of inhabitants on January 1, 202311.895132.778
Number of different nationalities131167
% foreigners in total population84%70,8%
Source: City of Luxembourg

La Gare, Luxembourg's popular and heterogeneous district

Central and diverse, the Luxembourg station district is surrounded by the Hollerich, Grund, Bonnevoie and Centre districts.

The Gare district is one of Luxembourg City's most popular and heterogeneous neighborhoods, bustling with stores and commuters. It is one of Luxembourg's smallest and most densely populated districts. It is particularly appreciated for its high concentration of shops. 

Magnificent buildings on the Plateau Bourbon in the Gare district

Its northern part, known as the Plateau Bourbon, is separated from the heart of the capital by the Pont Adolphe. This magnificent historic bridge overlooking the Pétrusse valley was recently renovated. Not only does it allow the passage of cars and streetcars, it also offers a totally safe passageway for pedestrians and cyclists. Don't miss the magnificent view over the Ville-Haute and its cathedral.

The Plateau Bourbon area features magnificent residential buildings, including the former headquarters of the Arcelor Mittal Group. The Avenue de la Liberté, just a stone's throw from the shops, is lined with magnificent 19th-century architectural buildings.

The Pétrusse area is home to some magnificent 19th-century detached houses. Some embassies have taken up residence here. This district is also very interesting for the beauty of its residential buildings. In some streets, charming Haussmann-style apartments date back to the 19th century.

Shops and services in the Gare de Luxembourg district

Finally, the area closer to the station is home to a large number of shops and some administrative offices. The installation of the tramway and the lengthy construction work have taken their toll on the shops. Many stores have closed. Despite the redevelopment of the Place de Paris, the area is struggling to regain its dynamism. The Rue de Strasbourg is soon to be upgraded and made safer, offering more pedestrian space and greenery.

Security problems around Luxembourg station

The Gare district is also criticized for its lack of security. With the capital's main railway station at its center of gravity, it attracts a very mixed population, leading to local tensions. The issue is clearly on the agenda for the current administration, and will be debated in the upcoming municipal elections.

The "A vos côtés" service set up by Association Inter-Actions is now active in the Gare district, particularly around Rue de Strasbourg.

Amenities in Luxembourg's Gare district

La Gare is a popular neighborhood with shops, restaurants and a lively community life. It is strategically located for residents without a car.

Station district shops

The Gare district is a shopping area, especially Rue de la Gare and the Place de Paris side. Unfortunately, the tramway works have had a detrimental effect on businesses. More than twenty have closed their doors.

Nevertheless, you'll find plenty of stores selling clothes, home decor and cosmetics, as well as bakeries. Several chain stores are present in the area. This commercial diversity makes the station a neighborhood where everything is accessible in one place.

Several supermarkets and food stores are located here: Monoprix, Delhaize, a Carrefour Market and a Cactus Market.

Every Thursday, the Place de Paris plays host to the Garer Maart.

Entertainment in the Gare district

Numerous cafés and restaurants liven up the area. Be careful when you go out, as the area is not always very busy.

Nightclubs and hostess bars welcome night owls in this district;

Schools and crèches in the Gare district

Only one basic school is located in this district. Several crèches and hostels in the Gare area. However, places are at a premium due to the presence of social hostels in the area and the fact that the administration covers the costs for refugee populations.

Public transport and parking in the station area

The Gare district is one of the best served by public transport. Located, as its name suggests, in the immediate vicinity of the Luxembourg City train station, it also benefits from numerous bus stops to other parts of Luxembourg and to the Greater Region .

The tramway passes in front of the station and serves the city center and the Kirchberg district. Its extension to the Cloche d'Or is scheduled for 2024. It will reachFindel airport in 2025.

The Fort Neipperg and Fort Wedell parking lots offer two hours' free parking on weekdays and Sundays, and four hours' free parking on Saturdays to support local businesses. The parking lot next to Luxembourg's main railway station has a "Kiss and Go" parking lot for passenger drop-offs.

Living in Luxembourg's Gare district

Despite numerous efforts to make the area safer, the streets in the immediate vicinity of the station suffer from a bad reputation. Problems of prostitution, drugs and petty crime remain a handicap, especially in the evenings. A group of local residents are working to improve safety and living conditions around the station.

Rue de Strasbourg, a major thoroughfare in the Gare district, is to be redeveloped. The aim is to make the street more welcoming. Safety will also be a priority, with improved accessibility for pedestrians. Cars will be slowed down by raising the road surface. Parking lots will be replaced by terraces.

See our comparison of Luxembourg's different neighborhoods to find out where to live.

Price per m2 for sale Station districtRental price per m2 Station district
10,435 euros30.96 euros
Down 7.76% year-on-yearUp 12.75% year-on-year
Luxembourg City comparison: 12,056 euros/m2 Center region comparison: 30.53 euros/m2
Source Immotop - October 2023

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