Dommeldange, village atmosphere and tall buildings

District Dommeldange Luxembourg

Surrounded by forests and farmland, Dommeldange, or Dommeldingen in Luxembourgish, is located to the northeast of Luxembourg City, close to the districts of Beggen, Weimerskirch and Eich, in the Alzette Valley.

Population of the Dommeldange district of Luxembourg

Dommeldange districtLuxembourg City
Number of inhabitants on January 1, 20232.819132.778
Number of different nationalities89167
% foreigners in total population70,1%70,8%
Source: City of Luxembourg

A modernist village atmosphere in Dommeldange

Luxembourg's Dommeldange district is divided into two quite distinct entities.

Historic central part of Dommeldange

Located in the Alzette valley, Dommeldange was originally part of the commune of Eich, before becoming part of the City of Luxembourg in 1920.

The Dommeldange steelworks operated until 1980. Remnants of this industry can still be found in the district. In 1609, Dommeldange was the site of the first forge inLuxembourg's ironmaking history. In its heyday, four blast furnaces operated here, producing almost 35,000 tonnes of iron ore in 1866. Remnants of this industry can still be seen near the Russian Embassy.

Château de Dommeldange was built in the 17th century by Charles Collart, owner of the Grunwald forge, as his private residence. The château still exists today, and now houses theChinese Embassy.

See the history of iron mining in southern Luxembourg, at Esch-sur-Alzette.

Housing developments in the newer part of Dommeldange

The more recent part of the Dommeldange district is located on the hills of Mont Dommeldange. It includes housing estates, offices and hotels. The huge buildings, including the Terrasses de l'Europe, are easily recognizable. They overlook the entire valley and the Route d'Echternach leading to northern Luxembourg and access to the A7 northern freeway.

Amenities in the Dommeldange district of Luxembourg

Schools in the Dommeldange district

There are two basic schools. A hostel is also available for local children. The district also offers 2 crèches.

The Lycée des Arts et Métiers is located on 2 sites, including Dommeldange and Limpertsberg. The Lycée Technique Privé Emile Metz completes the range of secondary schools in this part of Luxembourg City.

There's also a school in Rue du Château. For crèches, look no further than Walferdange and Beggen.

Public transport in the Dommeldange district

Bus routes 12, 23 and 25 serve this district.

The old part of Dommeldange also includes the railway station, inaugurated in 1862. It is located on the Luxembourg-Ettelbruck railroad line.

Entertainment in Dommeldange

The Dommeldange district is located in the Alzette Valley. It benefits from a very green environment, with recreational areas such as the Parc de l'Europe. Footpaths take you through the forest environment of Eecherfeld and Mont Dommeldange.

Dommeldange also offers sports facilities such as a sports hall, pétanque court, playgrounds and skatepark in Rue Nicolas Hein.

A Cultural Center has been set up in the former Drescher carpentry workshop.

Living in Luxembourg's Dommeldange district

Dommeldange is a young, family-friendly district of Luxembourg. Today, it is mainly inhabited by a foreign community . The district has an active center, giving it a pleasant village atmosphere.

With a balanced mix of nationalities, Dommeldange is a pleasant place to live. Inhabitants have no hesitation in becoming homeowners, in a rather young and family-oriented atmosphere.

To find out more about Luxembourg City and its various districts, visit our dedicated page.

Price per m2 for saleRental price per m2
9,073 euros27.33 euros
Down 9.83% year-on-yearUp 14.59% year-on-year
Luxembourg City comparison: 12,056 euros/m2 Center region comparison: 30.53 euros/m2
Source Immotop - October 2023

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