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Are you an expatriate in Luxembourg, or the spouse of an expatriate, and would like to get involved as a volunteer? Here are just a few of the associations in Luxembourg that are recognized as being of public utility and that will enable you to take part in solidarity projects.

Poverty and precariousness in Luxembourg

While Luxembourg is often renowned for the high standard of living enjoyed by its residents, poverty, precariousness and the need for assistance of all kinds are no less prevalent in the country. To help those in need, a number of solidarity projects exist in many areas of the Grand Duchy.

Almost 40% of households with 3 or more children are likely to fall into precarious living conditions. One of the main reasons for this is housing, the cost of which is weighing ever more heavily on household budgets.

Government aid is available to help the poorest households. But this is not enough.

Since 2024, organized begging has been banned in Luxembourg on certain streets in the Gare and Ville-Haute districts from 7am to 10pm. To help the underprivileged, the city has joined forces with a number of associations.

All the associations below are likely to welcome volunteers if you want to get involved in a cause.

Social solidarity associations

Fondation Caritas Luxembourg

The Fondation Caritas Luxembourg is active in the fields of solidarity and integration, emergency humanitarian aid and development cooperation.

Caritas missions

  • Emergency or occasional shelter for homeless people, accommodation for applicants for international protection, etc.
  • Caritas Buttek" social groceries, support for people in temporary distress, etc.
  • Day care centers, crèches and halfway houses, employment measures, training, etc.

Caritas recruits volunteers to help with its mission and collects clothing and other items for its work: financial donations, material donations, volunteer work, bequests, etc. Then it's up to you to decide how you want to get involved!

Caritas projects in Luxembourg

Caritas Luxembourg takes action at every level: financial support for people in distress, integration aid for foreign newcomers, the introduction of the "solidarity gifts" concept, help for children with learning disabilities or the homeless, setting up social grocery stores, ... and much more is supported by the Caritas charity!

To help you find out more about our various actions, the site provides a detailed explanation of each current project and its challenges! You'll also find a comprehensive calendar of solidarity events in Luxembourg. More information on

Luxembourg Red Cross

The Luxembourg Red Cross is an association recognized as being in the public interest and engaged in a wide range of humanitarian missions.

  • Youth services (foster care center, adoption service, children's vacation camps, psycho-therapeutic service, etc.),
  • Social services (meals on wheels, local social services, migrant and refugee services, etc.),
  • Health services (blood transfusions, home aids and services, first aid training, integrated centers for the elderly, etc.),
  • International services (international solidarity, education for sustainable development, etc.).

For more information, visit

Inter-Actions, association for the socially disadvantaged

Since 1979, Inter-Actions has been working to help the socially disadvantaged in Luxembourg, young and old alike. This help takes the form of access to housing, as well as integration through community social work, "helping people to help themselves".

The association is also behind the "A vos côtés" service, which works in certain districts of Luxembourg to reassure residents in the face of growing insecurity, particularly in the Gare district .

More information on

Stëmm vun der Strooss

The Stëmm vun der Strooss association helps disadvantaged people to integrate socially and professionally. In 2022, more than 120,000 meals were distributed and 141 tonnes of foodstuffs provided to almost 7,000 people.

Find out more about Stemm vun der Strooss:

Women in distress Luxembourg

This association offers women, their children and young girls effective protection against violence through the development and management of shelters for women and girls in distress, and information and counseling centers.

It contributes to improving women's living conditions, helping them to integrate into economic and social life, while guaranteeing them psychological, legal and social support and offering them specific training.

More information at

Serve the, a solidarity initiative in Luxembourg

Would you like to help others by volunteering to support the homeless, children in need, or other community projects in Luxembourg? The Serve the City website could be just what you're looking for...

Serve The City is an online volunteering platform created in 2012 in Luxembourg. It lists and organizes various events for which volunteers are needed. Above all, the organization aims to be a human bridge between resourceful people and those in need.

Serve The City regularly organizes volunteer-based activities. Numerous upcoming events are posted on the site, along with a list of the volunteer profiles required for each of them. So all you have to do is sign up for the events that interest you, or the offers that suit you, to take part!

Serve The City is regularly looking for graphic designers, photographers, translators, project managers, sales people, etc . If you have a specific idea for a volunteer project, you can also contact Serve The City to tell them about your proposal! The people in charge will be delighted to discuss it with you. Find out more on the Serve the website.

Medical associations in Luxembourg

Cancer Foundation Luxembourg

This foundation does a wonderful job of preventing cancer and supporting patients and their families:

  • information on cancer for the general public and patients (Info Cancer publications, patient brochures, etc.),
  • practical help (administrative and financial problems, employment law, beauty advice, etc.),
  • psychological support (psychological consultations for patients and families, discussion groups, stress management for patients, etc.),
  • organization of the "Relais pour la Vie".

For more information, visit, and

Médecins sans Frontières Luxembourg - MSF

The world-famous Médecins Sans Frontières association is also active in Luxembourg, and is always in need of non-medical help for a variety of tasks. 

Information on

Médecins du Monde Luxembourg - MDM Luxembourg

Médecins du Monde is an international health organization. Founded in 1980 by Bernard Kouchner, MDM's mission is to "heal and bear witness". A pioneer in this field, MDM has been asserting the right to healthcare for all since 1995.

Médecins du Monde Luxembourg's projects are aimed at particularly vulnerable groups: the homeless and poorly housed, migrants (both irregular and asylum-seekers), prostitutes, Roma, women victims of violence, and so on.

Support them! With your tax-deductible donations, you're already helping to care for someone! More information on

Association Nationale des Victimes de la Route - AVR

The Association des Victimes de la Route aims to improve the situation of victims of traffic accidents and their families. The AVR provides moral and legal support, as well as practical advice. Based in Howald, the association is also involved in prevention initiatives aimed at reducing road accidents. For further information, visit

Slow Food Convivium Grand Duchy

Created in 2013, the Slow Food Grand Duchy convivium is an international group made up of a committee of members from the 4 corners of the world. Based on the concept of the Slow Food movement, the convivium works and makes every effort to promote healthy, good and fair food. The group organizes numerous events around food and crafts.

For more information:

Do you love cinema? Every year, the Lux Film Festival is looking for around 80 volunteers to help run this major film festival in Luxembourg.

Strassen Volunteer Agency

The Agence du bénévolat's mission is to act as an intermediary between associations in need of volunteers and private individuals wishing to get involved in volunteering.
For more information, visit

Here more associations calling on volunteers.

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