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Childcare in Luxembourg

Do you live in Luxembourg or will you be moving there soon? Would you like to have your children looked after but don't know how to go about it?

Here you will find : 

  • our tips for finding the childcare system that's right for you
  • the financial assistance available to you.

Crèches and day-care centers to look after your children in Luxembourg

Safe childcare in Luxembourg

Crèches and day-care centers are the most traditional way of looking after children in Luxembourg.
There are almost 450 state-approved childcare facilities in the country. Each meets specific needs.

Whether you're looking for a private or municipal day nursery, you're sure to find a quality day nursery near you that meets your childcare requirements. 

To be accredited by the State, childcare facilities, whether private or public, must meet a certain number of criteria: compulsory garden or outdoor space, separate areas for different ages, minimum number of square meters per child, qualified supervision adapted to the child's age, multilingualism, etc. Food, teaching methods, facilities, opening hours and, above all, support make all the difference.

Be sure to read the descriptions of each facility. Don't hesitate to visit them to choose the childcare facility best suited to your child.

Municipal day-care centers, halfway houses and public school residences

As a general rule, municipalities offer public day-care services to parents. Priority is given to local residents with 2 working parents.

Maison-relais act on behalf of municipalities. They offer childcare, and even a canteen at lunchtime, for children attending the localprimary school . This service is available on school days and during vacation periods.

In some communes, you'll find "Bësch Spillschoul" or "Bësch Klass ", nature-oriented crèches or classes. Your children will be cared for in structures that focus on outdoor play and the discovery of nature.

Service des foyers scolaires - City of Luxembourg

Luxembourg City's "foyers scolaires" provide after-school care for children of school age (3-12) enrolled in the Luxembourg school system. After school, children are cared for in the school hostel in their neighborhood. The homes also operate during the school vacations.
All information, fees and registration forms can be found on the Ville de Luxembourg website.

Childcare services in other towns in Luxembourg

All communes offer crèche and Maison Relais services. For more information, contact the commune where you live.

State-approved crèches

Places available in these crèches are limited. They are accessible with prior registration and according to priority criteria linked to a :

  • socio-familial context,
  • special needs (late arrival, disability, etc.).

Rates vary according to income. For more information, contact theOffice National de l'Enfance.

Private crèches near you in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is home to a large number of private day nurseries and day care centers. These childcare facilities account for 2/3 of the 17,000 places available in the Grand Duchy. You can contact these private organizations directly. We encourage you to visit the daycare centers near your home or work. You're bound to find the one that best suits your needs.

Approved by the French Ministry of Education, these crèches apply different pedagogical principles: Montessori, Reggio, Freinet, Steiner... Find out more about the pedagogy applied, the food, ... to find the one that best suits your needs.

You can find a list of crèches by region at is also a goldmine when it comes to finding nursery and childcare addresses in Luxembourg. With just a few clicks, you'll find the crèche or home closest to you that best meets your needs. Geolocation, virtual tour, available places: all this valuable information is available on the site.

Other childcare systems in Luxembourg

Would you like a more personalized childcare system for your children? Need exceptional childcare (illness, travel, outings, etc.)? Luxembourg also offers a wide range of caregivers, nannies and baby-sitters. 

Childcare by a parental assistant in Luxembourg

Parental assistance involves the regular, paid day or night care of minor children. This type of care offers flexibility for parents who work shifted hours. This option is not necessarily available in conventional childcare facilities, such as crèches, day care centers and halfway houses.

All parental assistants must be certified by the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth. The Dageselteren agency provides training for parental assistants.

Arcus ASBL, Service Krank Kanner Doheem (especially for sick children) and AFP-Solidarité-Famille are the best-known references for parental assistants.

Nanny, domestic help, baby-sitter, governess to look after your children

In Luxembourg, there are several websites that put parents in touch with baby-sitters and nannies. Please note! If you hire a nanny, you'll need to register her with the Centre commun de la sécurité sociale (CCSS). See below.

Local authorities often have an up-to-date list of babysitters who can look after your child. Find out more.

In the classified ads on, and, you'll find plenty of offers for nannies and other baby-sitters.

Does your teenager want to become a babysitter? AFP Solidarité-Famille trains future baby-sitters.

Young Au Pairs to look after your children in Luxembourg

An au pair is still an excellent childcare solution. It's a good idea to consider this option if you can afford to house and host the au pair with your family for a fixed period of time.

The au pair undertakes to carry out light, everyday tasks within the family. In return, you'll provide room and board and language courses. You must also give him/her an allowance in the form of pocket money, as well as days off.

The au pair system is highly regulated to prevent abuse. Even if it is not governed by the French Labor Code, there are rights and duties for both parties. Here we explain the steps you need to take to welcome an au pair into your home . The au pair is a fully-fledged member of your family.

For ideas on activities to do with your children, click here.

Mandatory declaration of your nanny or home help

Don't forget that you must declare your in-home childminder to the Centre commun de la sécurité sociale . A declaration of entry must be made, indicating the hourly wage at which you pay her.

To do this, you need to fill in a declaration of entry indicating the net hourly wage and send it to the CCSS. The organization will take care of your employee's affiliation. It will also collect social security contributions and tax deductions, bearing in mind that social security contributions are deducted from the gross wage. 

Financial aid for childcare in Luxembourg

Licensed childcare structures, CSA service providers

If you choose a state-approved "CSA service provider", you can benefit from financial aid for childcare.

Public or private, these childcare facilities can be day care centers, crèches or childminders, and are approved by the French Ministry of Education, Childhood and Youth.

To qualify for the "CSA service provider" label, childcare facilities must meet a number of quality specifications. In addition to financial assistance, this is also a guarantee of seriousness and quality for parents.

As such, you'll benefit from reduced rates on your bill. Depending on your income, government financial assistance will be deducted from your bills until your child turns 12.

See our page on family benefits to find out more about the Chèque-Service-Accueil .

Multilingual education in Luxembourg for children aged 1 to 4

Since 2017, children aged 1 to 4 cared for in an approved facility benefit from free multilingual supervision for 20 hours a week for 46 weeks a year. Your children are thus introduced to French and Luxembourgish from an early age.

The child's mother tongue is not forgotten. It is integrated into the educational programs offered to children and families. Find out more at the facilities we visit.

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