Beggen, a lively, affordable family neighborhood

Beggen district Luxembourg

The Beggen district is one of the 24 districts that make up the city of Luxembourg. It lies to the north of the city, between the districts of Dommeldange, Eich and Mühlenbach.
The Beggen district is characterized by a large number of foreign residents and a family atmosphere.

Population of Beggen, Luxembourg district

Beggen districtLuxembourg City
Number of inhabitants on January 1, 20233.800132.778
Number of different nationalities96167
% foreigners in total population69,55%70,8%
Source: City of Luxembourg

Luxembourgers account for 30% of Beggen's population. The French community, 1st foreign community, represents 12%, the Portuguese 10% of the population.

Environment of the Beggen district in Luxembourg

With theEich district to the south, Dommeldange to the east and Mühlenbach to the west, the Beggen district is organized around a main artery, Rue de Beggen. It links the capital of Luxembourg to the commune of Walferdange.

Originally, in the 17th century, Beggen was a tiny hamlet of 7 households. Thanks to industrialization and the country's need for workers, the area began to develop in the late 19th century.

The Beggen church was built in 1965. Its imposing bell tower is the landmark of this district, surrounded by the Alzette and the railroad.

Beggen Castle now houses the Russian Embassy. It has regularly attracted demonstrators since the start of the war in Ukraine.

Today, the Beggen area is mainly inhabited by a foreign community . It comprises a main artery, with numerous shops and shopping centers. Its smaller, more residential perpendicular streets feature detached houses with gardens.

Beggen is a green island close to the city. It boasts attractive hiking and biking trails in the green islands of Eecherfeld and Mount Dommeldange.

Amenities in Luxembourg's Beggen district

Shops in Beggen

Beggen's main street is home to numerous commercial premises and services.

Here we find the small Shopping Center Espace with an Aldi supermarket , an Action and a number of stores. A little further on, a Cactus supermarket and a few shops also welcome customers.

Schools and childcare

Beggen has a primary school and a hostel. There are several nurseries for babies and children under 4, one of which uses the Montessori method. The Lycée Technique Emile Metz is also located here.

Entertainment in Beggen

The Espace shopping center also offers music and dance classes, a sports club and more. Handy for shopping when the kids are out doing their extra-curricular activities.

Several playgrounds provide the perfect setting for little ones to have fun. The new Wichtelcher "spillplatz", with its folkloric gnome theme, offers obstacle courses, climbing courses, hide-and-seek huts, swings and slides. It is located in Rue Henri Dunant, where you'll also find a stadium, a sports hall, a soccer pitch, tennis courts and a cultural center.

Transport/bus in Beggen

Rue de Beggen is a major road link between Luxembourg City and the communes of northern Luxembourg via Walferdange. Several bus routes serve the area. 

Other infrastructure in Beggen

A wastewater treatment plant is located at Rue du Pont in Béreldange.

Living in Luxembourg's Beggen district

At first glance, Beggen has the feel of a commuter district between the center of Luxembourg and northern towns such as Walferdange, Béreldange, ... However, Beggen is renowned as a great place to live.

Beggen is a family-friendly neighborhood, with many shops and reasonable prices.

Although the Rue de Beggen main artery is very busy, its good public transport links make it a very well-connected district with other parts of Luxembourg.

What's more, the surrounding countryside is within easy reach for family outings. Homes along the Alzette River are a popular choice for families looking for a quiet neighborhood between town and nature.

A Doheem Mateneen intergenerational residence enables students to live alongside the elderly.

To find out more about Luxembourg City and its 24 districts, take a look at our comparison.

Price per m2 for saleRental price per m2
9,776 euros26.86 euros
Down 7.75% year-on-yearUp 6.00% year-on-year
Luxembourg City comparison: 12,056 euros/m2 Center region comparison: 30.53 euros/m2
Source Immotop - October 2023

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