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For shopping enthusiasts or everyday shoppers, Luxembourg offers a number of beautiful shopping centers. Here are some of the most important. 

Easily accessible, shopping centers are located on the outskirts of major cities. Luxembourg, Esch-sur-Alzette, Differdange, Junglinster, ... offer modern, lively shopping centers.

Shopping centers: all your shopping in one place

The principle of shopping malls is the same every time: to bring together all the stores you need for your shopping in one place. But each mall has its own unique atmosphere.

Don't hesitate to visit several shopping centers. You'll soon find your favorite one(s) and get used to it.

Shopping malls in Luxembourg

Shopping centers generally offer a large surface area for grocery shopping, but not only...

The supermarkets and hypermarkets found in Luxembourg belong to major distribution groups from Luxembourg, France, Belgium and Germany. You can shop for food, beverages, hygiene or cleaning products.

Customers can also buy sporting goods, household appliances, toys, clothes, shoes, etc. You can even find brands here.

Stores and services that complement shopping centers

In addition to supermarkets, a wide range of stores attract shoppers to shopping malls. You'll find clothes, shoes, leather goods, furniture, beauty products, confectionery, etc.

Fashion victims can indulge themselves in the many clothing stores in the shopping malls. Fashion, jewelry, leather goods, clothes, shoes, furniture... the offer is large and varied.

Some shopping centers also offer multi-brand department stores, as is the case at City-Concorde with the Brahm store.

In shopping centers, you'll also find service outlets such as hairdressers, beauty salons, shoe repair shops and dry cleaners ,

Some shopping centers offer additional services. You can have your children looked after while you shop, have your car washed by a manual service, or take advantage of special weekend entertainment.

Visit restaurants and cafés or tea rooms in the shopping arcades are ideal for lunch and refreshments between stores. At lunchtime, these eating places are usually crowded out by people working in the area.

How do I get to shopping centers in Luxembourg?

You can reach shopping centers quickly and easily by public transport, or park your car conveniently.

Underground or adjoining parking lots are freely accessible to shopping center customers. All offer a large parking lot, free for customers for the first few hours.

You can also take advantage of shopping malls to drop off recyclable itemssuch as light bulbs, used batteries, etc.

Shopping in Luxembourg

Royal-Hamilius shopping center in the heart of downtown

Located in the heart of the capital, in the Ville-Haute district, the Royal Hamilius shopping center opened its doors at the end of 2019. With its highly anticipated 16,000 m² of retail space, the Royal Hamilius actually looks more like a neighborhood than a real shopping center.

At the entrance to the Grand-Rue, the main Galeries-Lafayette building in the Royal-Hamilius shopping center is grandiose with its magnificent architecture. Customers can dine in the panoramic restaurant with terrace.

Apartments, green spaces and a pedestrian square complete the ensemble. It's a beautiful project that brings the neighborhood back to life after years of renovation.

The Royal-Hamilius shopping center features key brands such as :

  • Galeries Lafayette, a department store well known to the French and Parisians,
  • a Fnac store for music, books and audiovisual products,
  • a Décathlon sports store
  • a Delhaize supermarket.

The large Royal-Hamilius parking lot is located beneath the square. Parking is charged from the 1st hour.

The Royal Hamilius shopping center can be reached by bus or streetcar from the Royal Hamilius stop.

Cloche d'Or shopping center for fashion fans in Gasperich

In Luxembourg-Gasperich, the Centre Commercial de la Cloche d'Or is an integral part of the district's real estate boom.

Opening in early 2019, the shopping center is located close to the freeways, at Croix de Gasperich. It will benefit from the arrival of the tramway in 2024.

The Cloche d'Or shopping center boasts bright, modern architecture . It's all about lifestyle, just like its figurehead: theAuchan hypermarket. More than 140 boutiques delight fashionistas. There's also a retoucherie, a dry cleaner and a florist.

Local workers can enjoy two "food halls" for their lunch break. They can choose between fast food and more convivial dining.

Spaces dedicated to rest and relaxation complete the offer of the Cloche d'Or shopping center.

A large on-site underground parking lot offers 2 hours' free parking. You can also have your car washed here.

Additional services include childcare, coworking spaces and a click&collect service.

In short, our favorite shopping center... It's located right opposite the Vauban French school campus.

Auchan Kirchberg shopping mall for families

In Luxembourg-Kirchberg, the Auchan shopping center features 2-storey shopping arcades. There's also a large 2-storey Auchan supermarket.

Numerous international retailers are on hand for clothes, leather goods, beauty products and services such as shoe repair and dry-cleaning. You'll also find a ticket office for shows and concerts in the Greater Region.

Several restaurants and food shops are available on the 2 floors. Parents can take advantage of free childcare for children aged 3 and over.

Easily accessible by car, the shopping center has a large parking lot. It's free for the first 3 hours. It can also be used to go and see a film at the nearby Kinepolis-Utopolis. Open on Sundays and public holidays.

The shopping center can be reached directly by public transport, thanks to theAlphonse Weicker streetcar stop. It is located just in front of the Avenue Kennedy shopping center entrance.

Infinity shopping center in the heart of the Kirchberg European district

After the Cloche d'or and the Royal Hamilius, a new shopping center opened its doors in 2020. Center Commercial Infinity is located at the entrance to the European district of Kirchberg, opposite the magnificent Philharmonie concert hall.

The Infinity project is completed by 2 towers. The first tower features nearly 7,000 m² of office space. The second tower houses 20,000 m² of high-end apartments, ranging from 50 to 300 m² each.

The 6,500 m² shopping arcade links the 2 buildings. It features around twenty shops. The parking lot is located under Avenue Kennedy, with a direct exit to the shopping center and the Philharmonie.

Center region shopping centers

La Belle Etoile in Bertrange, a shopping institution in Luxembourg

In Bertrange, La Belle Etoile offers a shopping mall with around a hundred stores. It is located on Route d'Arlon.

This shopping center has a long history in Luxembourg. A new fashion wing has been added more recently.

With its Cactus supermarket, garden center and events, it's always a lively place. You can sample local produce and enjoy regular exhibitions in the main shopping arcade.

Visitors come for the many stores selling clothes, shoes, books, furniture, home decor, etc.

A wide range of catering outlets. A large 1,800 m2 foodhall offers seating for 800. Two restaurants and a food-sharing area offer 7 different corners. A modern, trendy and welcoming place for lunch or dinner!

The Belle Etoile shopping center also offers services such as a hairdresser, Post postal services, ...

A large free parking lot is available to customers in front of and underneath the shopping center.

City Concorde, the oldest shopping center in Bertrange

Also in Bertrange, City Concorde was the first shopping center to open in Luxembourg in 1974. Recently enlarged and renovated, it offers several shopping galleries in a rather chic spirit.

Here you'll find a wide range of fashion, footwear, leather goods, sports and leisure, food and beverages, beauty, jewelry, home decoration, opticians and more.

A wide range of catering services are also available. The roof terrace features a panoramic bar/restaurant.

The shopping center features a Cora supermarket and a Bram multi-brand department store.

A children's day-care center and an American car wash (open Sunday mornings with reduced-rate washing) complete the range of services on offer.

Walfer Shopping Center in Walferdange

Walfer Shopping Center in Walferdange offers around 15 stores and boutiques. There's also a convenient food court and a Delhaize supermarket.

The Walfer shopping center also houses a music school .

To get there, you can also take advantage of the Walfy Flexibus on-demand bus service if you live in Walferdange.

Howald commercial zone in full mutation

The former Howald shopping area in the commune of Hespérange is undergoing a major transformation. Rue des Scillas is at the heart of a vast redevelopment project, with tramway service planned for 2024.

Many stores have moved from the Howald area to Bettembourg (see below), a few kilometers further along the freeway to France.

There's also a large Cactus Supermarket.

Shopping centers in southern Luxembourg

Belval Plaza in Esch-sur-Alzette

The large Belval Plaza shopping center in Esch-sur-Alzette offers around 40 boutiques and stores, as well as a Delhaize supermarket. A dozen restaurants and a cinema complete the offer.

It offers a wide range of customer services, including a children's carousel, a cash dispenser, electric vehicle recharging points, a photo booth, a press room, an infirmary, etc.

This shopping center is located close to the Belval/Université train station. It is also accessible by bus.

Opkorn shopping center in Differdange

This shopping center is located close to theEuropean School of Differdange.

With over 20 stores, two newsagents, several restaurants and snack bars, including with terrace, and an Auchan hypermarket, the Opkorn shopping center offers a very pleasant shopping environment. The architecture of the Opkorn shopping center is a nod to the steelmaking past of this region of Luxembourg.

Shopping Park Bettembourg

Shopping Park Bettembourg is the latest shopping center to open in Luxembourg. Completely open-air, the Bettembourg Shopping Park brings together 14 well-known brands around a Delhaize Supermarket.

Here you'll find interior design and decoration stores, clothing and shoe stores, a shoe store, a household appliance chain, etc.

This includes a number of banners from the Howald shopping zone, which is currently being redeveloped.

Shopping centers in northern Luxembourg

Pall Center shopping center in Oberpallen

The Pall Center shopping center in Oberpallen is open every day, including public holidays.

This shopping complex is very practical. Except for special eventssuch as sales, Mantelsonndeg or the pre-Christmas period, shopping centers are generally closed on Sundays and public holidays.

Laangwiss 1&2 in Junglinster

Langwiss 1&2 is a large open-air shopping center. It features over 50 retail banners, including a Delhaize supermarket. Brands include food, fashion and accessories, home furnishings and sports. Car garages are also on site, as are banking services, real estate agencies, home help, etc.

Nordstross Shopping Mile in Marnach

Opened in September 2017, this shopping center is located along the N7, near Clervaux.

It's ideal for all your day-to-day shopping and services when you live far from Luxembourg City. You'll find a bank, a Post agency, catering services, a bakery, a hairdresser, a travel agency, a real estate agency, etc.

There's also a Cactus supermarket, a medical center with a pharmacy and a crèche.

You can also find independent stores outside shopping malls, like our partners Stoll for mattresses and bedroom furnishings, or HIFI International for multimedia products and household appliances.

Find out more about shopping in Luxembourg.

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