Eich, a former industrial district in transformation

Located in the north-east of Luxembourg City, the Eich district is one of the smallest districts of the Luxembourg capital and certainly one of the oldest.
The Eich district borders the districts of Dommeldange, Beggen, Weimerskirch, Limpertsberg and Mühlenbach.

Population in the Eich district

Number of inhabitants as of January 1, 2022

  • of foreign population 72,7% 72,7%
  • of the population of the city of Luxembourg 2,3% 2,3%

Number of different nationalities

Eich, a neighborhood with a village atmosphere and heavy traffic

Essentially inhabited by a foreign community, this district of 1 km2, has a village or small town character. Some streets are very pleasant, despite a
Very heavy traffic in the main streets.

The Alzette separates this district from Dommeldange. Weimerskirch is located to the east and Limpertsberg to the south. To the west is the Kirchberg district.

Originally, the municipality of Eich also included the districts of Beggen, Dommeldange, Weimerskirch, Neudorf, and Rollingergrund. Like the other districts, Eich was attached to the commune of Luxembourg in 1920. Like the district of Dommeldange, the district of Eich is a witness of the industrial past of the country. The first blast furnace was built here by Auguste Metz in 1845. The production of cast iron lasted until 1966. The production of cast iron objects was stopped in 1975.
Today, the tour of the former commune of Eich proposed by the LCTO (Luxembourg City Tourist Office) allows you to revisit this cradle of the steel industry.

Amenities in the Eich district

Schools: There is a basic school in Eich and nurseries . The general high school Institut Emile Metz was founded in 1915 and nowadays it is a private school for general high school students. It was previously a training center for the steel industry.

Transportation/bus: Bus lines 8, 11, 21, 23, CN4 serve the Eich district with 9 bus stops. The train station of Dommeldange is also nearby.

Today, the CHL Clinic Eich is located in the district and is renowned for its sports medicine. As far as recreational areas are concerned, Eich is close to the Bambesch Forest and the Eecherfeld, both of which are very pleasant places to walk.

The neighborhood has playgrounds, and offers sportsmen a field for ball games and 2 gyms. Eich also offers a cultural center.

Living in the Eich district

Eich is a neighborhood with a sloping topography. The bottom of its valley includes a part of the ARBED grounds (former steel factory of Dommeldange) and the top of the district culminates at the Montée Pilate. This way, the apartments can enjoy a nice view.

The Eich neighborhood offers a residential and family style setting.

The traffic in Eich is very heavy. Its main arteries are very congested at rush hour, coming from or going to the north of the country. The district of Eich enjoys close proximity to the business district of Kirchberg.

The ARBED lands offer significant development opportunities.

Housing: the neighborhood is undergoing a transformation in terms of housing, with individual dwellings from the beginning of the century gradually giving way to new buildings. See the advertised prices for housing (rent/purchase) by neighborhood in Luxembourg City. See our comparison of neighborhoods to live in