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Theatres and cinemas in Luxembourg

Reflecting its multicultural population, Luxembourg offers a wide variety of programming in its theaters and cinemas. International and national productions are presented in a variety of languages.

Seeing a film or a play in Luxembourg is easy. Nevertheless, it may be useful to visit the website of the theater or cinema concerned for more details on screenings or for any specific requests. 

What do you need to know about cinemas and theaters in Luxembourg?

Advance booking and purchase of cinema and theater tickets

To ensure your place, we advise you to book in advance, especially for the theater. Indeed, the choice of plays in your language can be limited. So make sure you book as soon as you've spotted a play you like.

Find out more directly on the websites of the various theaters, or subscribe to their newsletters for program information.

Tickets can be purchased directly online or at cinema and theater box offices. Your seats will be assigned to you, and you'll be expected to respect them, even at the cinema.

Ticket prices vary according to program and venue. For example, cinema tickets cost between 8 and 15 euros. Theater tickets can be much more expensive, up to several dozen euros for major productions or operas.

Find out more about booking tickets for shows here.

Time of arrival at the cinema or theater and during the session

Whether at the cinema or the theater, plan to arrive early. That way you'll have time to buy or collect your tickets, grab a snack and find your seat.

Cinemas offer sweets, popcorn and drinks to spectators. Some theaters also offer alcoholic beverages and snacks for consumption before or after the play, or during the intermission.

At the cinema, you can buy snacks before entering the theater and enjoy them during the show. However, everyone is invited to clean up after themselves. Cinema-goers can dispose of waste sorting garbage cans as they leave the cinema.

During the film or performance, you'll need to turn off your phone. If you have to leave the cinema during the show, try to do so discreetly so as not to disturb other spectators.

There is no particular dress code for cinema or theater. Nevertheless, appropriate dress is welcome.

See a film in Luxembourg

Multilingual and varied programming in Luxembourg cinemas

Luxembourg cinemas generally offer films in their original version with subtitles, in the country's official languages (German, French and Luxembourgish).

Large international productions can also be translated directly into German or French .

The films shown are mostly American. For French films, such as comedies, you'll have more choice at Thionville 's Kinepolis. For German films, go to Trier.

Film events in Luxembourg

For film buffs, don't miss the following cinema events: 

Cinemas also offerbirthday parties for your child and his or her friends. Find out more at each cinema.

Where to see a film? Movie theatres in Luxembourg

Luxembourg has an abundance of cinemas. There are several cinemas in Luxembourg-City and in the country's main cities. 

Overall, the cinemas are very comfortable. Seating is comfortable, with plenty of legroom. There are even spaces for drinks and popcorn. Some cinemas offer cozy or oversized seats.

Some cinemas specialize in blockbuster films, while others offer more arthouse screenings. You'll find all the information you need on the websites of the various cinemas.

Cinémathèque de la Ville de Luxembourg

La Cinémathèque is a charming, traditional cinema (formerly Ciné Vox) located on Place du Théâtre in Luxembourg-centre .

In 2024, it was awarded the honorary title of "Treasure of European Film Culture", in recognition of almost 50 years of cinema offered to Luxembourgers.

The Cinémathèque de Luxembourg's programming is diversified, highlighting the history of cinema through 7th art classics and films d'auteur. A special weekend program allows visitors to discover or rediscover films representative of the history of cinema.

The cinémathèque also offers retrospectives and special film events. You can also attend conferences, round tables and festivals. The Cinémathèque is a partner of the Luxembourg City Film Festival.

Ciné breakfast is held on the first Sunday of every month. The Cinémathèque's major annual event is Live Cinema (silent film with symphony orchestra).

Kinepolis cinema complex in Kirchberg

Kinepolis is a large cinema complex with several comfortable screens. It features mainly major productions. The cinema is located in Kirchberg, next to the Auchan shopping center. This proximity is very convenient for parking, even on Sundays and public holidays.

Utopia cinema at Limpertsberg

Utopia is a venue located in Luxembourg-Limpertsberg. Parking is available in the Glacis parking lot.

The programming is oriented towards "art et essais". The cinema screens films from all over the world.

For cinema buffs, Utopia shows films reserved for a discerning audience, with a preference for auteur cinema.

Ciné Utopia and Kinepolis Kirchberg take part in the Luxembourg City Film Festival. 

Cinema Kinepolis in Esch- Belval

The Kinepolis Belval cinema is located in the BelvalPlaza shopping center in Esch/Alzette.

It offers 7 state-of-the-art theaters, including the largest in the country with 537 seats, and oversized seats for maximum comfort. A varied program for all audiences.

Le Paris cinema in Bettembourg

The Le Paris cinema in Bettembourg has a 170-seat auditorium. The program is diverse, with international films for all audiences.

CinéStarlight in Dudelange

CinéStarlight in Dudelange is a cinema managed by the Group. It offers international programming.

Cinekursaal in Rumelange

Although the CineKursaal in Rumelange is the oldest cinema in Luxembourg, it now offers a high level of comfort following a number of renovations. You'll enjoy 140 cm between rows of seats to stretch your legs! No programming in August. International programming for all ages.

Cinema Scala in Diekirch

This cinema is located on the site of the former wood industry.

Cinemaacher in Grevenmacher

International programming for all ages.

Cine Ermesinde in Mersch

Opened in 2014 on the premises of the Lycée Ermesinde in Mersch, this cinema offers a program of international films.

Waasserhaus cinema in Mondorf-les-Bains

The Waasserhaus is a small cinema located in the Thermal Park of Mondorf-les-Bains. The program is international.

Video-on-demand service with the Médiathèque numérique du Luxembourg (Luxembourg Digital Media Library)

Prefer to watch films from your tablet, computer or connected TV? Subscribe to MéNuLu, Luxembourg's digital media library.

Access is free by registering with the libraries behind the project or online at The MéNuLu Offer is also available on smart TV via more traditional channels such as Apple TV or Chromecast.

Launched in April 2022, MéNuLu offers subscribers a vast VOD offering of videos on demand. The Bibliothèque Nationale du Luxembourg, the Bibliothèque Cité de la Ville de Luxembourg and the Médiathèque du Centre National de l'Audiovisuel give subscribers access to over 20,000 audiovisual documents: documentaries, films, series, fiction, children's films, music... Luxembourg's cinematic heritage is not forgotten.

Treat yourself to movie nights at home and enjoy an eclectic selection!

Going to the theater in Luxembourg

In Luxembourg, you can attend national plays, written by local authors and performed by Luxembourg actors. You can also book tickets for plays and operas with international troupes.

Theatrical programming in Luxembourg

Luxembourg's theatrical offer is quite varied. Sign up for the theaters' newsletters to get access to their programs.

Don't hesitate to take out a theater subscription. You'll be able to reserve your seat quickly and easily, especially for the big international productions. The opera houses are packed.

Théâtre National du Luxembourg - TNL

Created in 1996 as part of "Luxembourg - European City of Culture" in 1995, the Théâtre National de Luxembourg aims to be the showcase for Luxembourg theater. It is located in the Luxembourg-Merl district.

As a national theater, the TNL presents itself as a theater of languages and literature. It honors the Grand Duchy's 3 official languages: French, German and Lëtzebuergesch with a highly modern program.

The National Theatre also offers opera and contemporary music, as well as dance performances.

Its aim is to promote Luxembourg culture internationally . Foreign artists regularly take part in its theatrical and operatic creations. National productions are also promoted abroad. It also manages international projects.

A special program for young audiences

Luxembourg City municipal theaters

Luxembourg City has two municipal theaters: the Grand Théâtre and the Théâtre des Capucins. Both present top-quality theater productions or shows in collaboration with their international partners. Programming is varied.

Grand Théâtre in Luxembourg-Limpertsberg

Built in the early 60s, the Grand Théâtre is located in the Limpertsberg district of Luxembourg.

The Grand Théâtre offers and co-produces opera, musical theater, classical and contemporary dance performances. It has also hosted two Eurovision Song Contests, in 1973 and 1984. After an absence of thirty years, Luxembourg will take part in the competition again in 2024
Luxembourg has won the Eurovision Song Contest five times, notably in 1965 with the song "Poupée de cire, poupée de son" by Serge Gainsbourg, performed by France Gall.

The Grand Théâtre's main auditorium can accommodate up to 950 people. The studio can accommodate between 100 and 400 people.

For parking, use the Robert Schuman parking lot with direct access to the theater.

Théâtre des Capucins in Luxembourg center

Located on Rue du Théâtre, the Théâtre des Capucins is housed in the former convent of the Capuchin monks, in the heart of Luxembourg city center.

Luxembourg City Council acquired the Couvent des Capucins in 1867. The church was used as the municipal theater until 1964. Subsequently renovated, the theater was inaugurated in its current configuration in 1985. The Italian-style auditorium seats over 260.

Programming is national and European, with a focus on dramatic theater. 

For parking, the Theatre parking lot is nearby.

Théâtre Municipal d'Esch-sur-Alzette

The Théâtre municipal de la ville d'Esch-sur-Alzette was built in 1962. It offers 2 performance halls. The theater offers a dense and varied program of performances, balanced between French and German.

With a first auditorium seating over 500 and a second, more intimate 100-seat auditorium, the theater offers a wide range of theatrical and musical performances.

It presents jazz concerts, dance shows, operas, café-théâtre and literary evenings.

Tickets can be booked at the theater box office, at the esch Music Conservatory or at the City Tourist Office.

An art gallery on the 2nd floor of the theater hosts exhibitions and is a real meeting place.

Les Rotondes in the Station district

In addition to Les Rotondes, the famous cultural center offering a wide range of shows, other smaller theaters offer great opportunities for outings.

Théâtre des Casemates in Luxembourg Bonnevoie

Located in the Bonnevoie district, this theater was founded in 1964 as the "Centre Grand-Ducal d'Art Dramatique". Its founder Tun Deutsch (1932-1977) wanted to attract a completely new audience by offering avant-garde theater.

To appeal to Luxembourg's youth, among others, Tun Deutsch organized a summer festival called "Kasematten". Following the death of its founder in 1977, the Kasemattentheater continued its work under the impetus of talented Luxembourg directors.

The Théâtre des Casemates presents plays in German. It thus retains its founder's commitment to modernism and innovation.

Théâtre du Centaure in Ville-Haute

The Théâtre du Centaure was founded in 1973 by Philippe Noesen, a graduate of the Comédie Française.

Located in the Grand-Rue since 1985, it offers an eclectic and ambitious program in a beautiful vaulted cellar "am Dierfgen" . In this 50-seat theater, the intimate atmosphere offers close proximity to the actors.

The theater offers its own theatrical creations, even operas, in a contemporary style representative of national artistic creation, as well as more classical plays.

His productions tour neighboring countries, and have even won awards at festivals such as the Festival Off d'Avignon in France.

Performances are offered in the country's 3 languages, French, Luxembourgish and German.

Théâtre Ouvert Luxembourg - TOL

TOL is a small theater created in 1972 by actors passionate about their craft. With no specific rehearsal or performance space, the actors presented their creations all over Luxembourg. In 1985, the TOL finally moved into a former spirits warehouse in the Bonnevoie district. Two small halls with fifty and sixty-five seats provide an intimate, pocket-theater-style setting for performances.

Théâtre Ouvert de Luxembourg offers creative theater, with 4 premieres per season. The program is mainly in French, and includes theater, café-theater, cabaret, one-man shows and musicals. Local comedians tackle societal themes to take the audience on a journey of reflection on contemporary society.

There's a bar up stairs where you can finish off the evening in the company of the comedians.

Like to go out? See also our pages devoted to concerts and dance performances.

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