Niederanven, a highly-rated residential community

Municipality of Niederanven in Luxembourg

The commune of Niederanven borders the city of Luxembourg to the northeast. It comprises the following localities: Ernster, Hostert, Niederanven, Oberanven, Rameldange, Senningerberg and Waldhof.

It attracts an ever-growing population, attracted by its proximity to Luxembourg City. 

Population of Niederanven

Number of inhabitants on January 1, 20236.650
Number of different nationalities90
% foreigners in total population43%
Source Statec

The average monthly salary in Niederanven is the highest in Luxembourg, at 12,645 euros. It is ahead of the towns of Leudelange, Kopstal, Schuttrange, Strassen and Bertrange.

Niederanven, an attractive village community

Close to the Luxembourg-Kirchberg business district andLuxembourg-Findel airport, the commune of Niederanven attracts newcomers looking for a pleasant, wooded, green setting.

The commune of Niederanven boasts a number of very residential areas, with some very fine residences located in the higher parts of the commune, notably in Hostert, Rameldange and Oberanven. The village of Niederanven, or Nidderaanwen in Luxembourgish, retains a rural feel.

The French community is the largest foreign community, accounting for over 6% of the population.

Senningerberg is the most densely populated town, with over 1,700 inhabitants. It is also the most economically developed part of the town, with a number of business parks, notably around the airport.

Niederanven amenities

Schools, day-care centers and senior residences in Niederanven

The "Am Sand" basic school and a music school as well as an adult education center make up the municipality's main training and education offering.

A Maison Relais is available in Oberanven to welcome local children outside school hours.

Niederanven is home to two senior residences designed to provide a welcoming environment for the elderly.

Transport in Niederanven

The community is well integrated into the public transport network.It is also easily accessible via the A1 freeway (towards Trier in Germany from Luxembourg) and the Nationale 1, which runs through the village of Niederanven.

A "Ruffbus" is available on request within the commune, shared with the neighboring commune of Schuttrange. It covers the communes of Niederanven, Schuttrange, Sandweiler and even Luxembourg-Kirchberg.

Niedernaven is also connected to Luxembourg City's Vel'Oh! shared bike network .

Shopping in Niederanven

In addition to a supermarket, the Arcades shopping center offers a Kiosk bookshop, a bakery-pastry shop-tea room, a beauty salon, several hairdressers, several banks, an insurance company, a post office, an electrician, a jeweller's, etc. Very practical when you want to do your shopping without going into town!

A fresh produce market is set up every 1st Monday of the month from 3pm to 7pm in the parking lot between the Banque Raiffeisen and the Maison des Jeunes. Ideal for buying vegetables or fresh produce, or even meeting other local residents.

A Cactus supermarket is also located nearby in Roodt-sur-Syre. Other services include a hairdresser, two catering services, an optician, a newsagent, a bakery and a tea room...

Other amenities for the commune of Niederanven

To protect the environment, Niederanven residents are invited to drop off their garbage at the Recycling Center in Munsbach. Open Tuesday to Saturday. A Repair Café is also regularly organized in Oberanven at the "A Schommesch" center.

TheNiederanven Catholic church is located on Route de Trêves.

Attractive sports and cultural facilities in Niederanven

For the more sporty, the Echternachcycle path, linking Kirchberg to Niederanven, is an interesting alternative to the car. The Vallée de la Syre cycle route is a great way for families to enjoy a varied, bucolic environment. The community is now connected to Luxembourg's Vel'oh self-service bicycle network.

The beautiful Syrdall Schwemm aquatic center is also located here, adding to the community's sports infrastructure.

Numerous associations contribute to the social and cultural dynamism of Niederanven, whether in the fields of culture, nature, youth, etc. Find out more on the commune's website.

Living in Niederanven, property prices

When it comes to housing, Niederanven is one of Luxembourg's most expensive municipalities. You'll find beautiful homes in highly residential neighborhoods. Niederanven is an attractive place to live.

Price per m2 for saleRental price per m2
9,976 euros22.04euros
Up 5.04% year-on-yearUp 17.36% year-on-year
Center region comparison: 11,286 euros/m2 Center region comparison: 29.34 euros/m2
Source Immotop - October 2023

To find out more about property prices, click here.

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