Strassen, a dynamic city on the outskirts of Luxembourg

Strassen Luxembourg

Strassen is a small, dynamic commune in the first ring of Luxembourg City. It can be seen as an extension of Luxembourg City via the Route d'Arlon, a major economic hub. 

The commune of Strassen consists of a single locality, the Ville de Strassen. It is a highly urbanized extension of Luxembourg City, with its main artery, the Route d'Arlon, leading to Bertrange.

A high proportion of foreign residents in Strassen

Number of inhabitants on January 1, 202310.538
Number of different nationalities112
% foreigners in total population60,9%
Source Statec

An enterprising municipality that is also very active in the integration of its new residents, Strassen has made the shared well-being of its residents its motto for encouraging exchange between its citizens.

Strassen ranks 3rd in the country behind Luxembourg City and Larochette (north of Luxembourg) in terms of the proportion of foreigners .

The most widely spoken language in Strassen is French (59.4% ), followed by Luxembourgish (48%), English (33.4%) and German (26.8%).

The town of Strassen stands out for its inhabitants' average monthly salary of 10,267 euros, among the 6 highest in Luxembourg: Niederanven, Leudelange, Kopstal, Schuttrange, and Bertrange.

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Strassen city amenities

Strassen has all the amenities.

Childcare and schools in Strassen

Strassen's important infrastructure includes a Luxembourg basic school and crèches and day-care centers for younger children. Older children can enjoy the Jugendhaus - Maison pour les Jeunes.

Transport in Strassen

It offers direct access to the A6 freeway and the N6 between Luxembourg and Arlon in Belgium.

A new tramway line , planned for 2035, will run from Place de l'Etoile in Luxembourg along the Route d'Arlon to the Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg in Strassen. Several bus lines criss-cross the city.

The city is also connected to Luxembourg's Vel'Oh network.

The Route d'Arlon, the main route to Luxembourg City and access to the freeway to Belgium, is often jammed, especially during office hours.

Shops in Strassen

Strassen is one of the most dynamic and commercial communities in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, with a wide range of services for its citizens.

The Centre Commercial de la Belle Etoile is one of Luxembourg's major shopping centers. All along the Route d'Arlon you'll find numerous stores and services.

Sports and leisure in Strassen

From a cultural and sporting point of view, the "Paul Barblé " cultural center can host numerous events. The town of Strassen is very active in this field, organizing the Stroossefestival and other fairs.

In addition, the forest on the outskirts of Strassen, close to the " Bambësch" forest, offers over 400 hectares of recreational space on the outskirts of the city. The town of Strassen boastsgreen spaces and beautiful forested areas.

Numerous associations also offer a host of activities for residents.

Sports facilities such as the Strassen thermal baths, an omnisports hall, an archery hall, a national martial arts hall, a pétanque court, etc., can welcome the most active for afternoons of games and relaxation.

Living in Strassen, rising property prices

Due to its attractiveness, the town of Strassen has seen a sharp rise in real estate prices over the last twenty years. Its attractiveness is linked to that of Luxembourg City.

Price per m2 for saleRental price per m2
11,484 euros31.20 euros
Up 6.08% year-on-yearUp 28.13% year-on-year
Center region comparison: 11,286 euros/m2 Center region comparison: 29.34 euros/m2
Source Immotop - October 2023

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