What do you need to know about living and working in Luxembourg?

What do I need to know before moving to Luxembourg?

Are you considering relocating to Luxembourg? Here you'll find all the advice you need to make the right decision about moving to Luxembourg and successfully integrate the new country.

Here are 10 key points to know about living and integrating in Luxembourg.

Luxembourg is a multilingual country with many expats

Luxembourg is a multicultural and multilingual country. Almost half the population is foreign. The three official languages (Lëtzebuergesch, French and German) are spoken fluently, as is English. Knowing one of these languages will greatly facilitate your expatriation and integration. Don't know any of these languages? If so, there are a number of language learning structures in Luxembourg.

Luxembourg encourages the arrival of new expats

Luxembourg welcomes new immigrants every day, attracted by its thriving economy. Financial services, industry, construction and new technologies offer numerous job opportunities. Would-be expatriates and expatriates' spouses can easily find new jobs here.

Luxembourg's healthcare system is of high quality

In Luxembourg, access to healthcare is easy. Health care is of high quality and generally well covered, thanks to compulsory social security contributions.

That's one less thing for new arrivals to worry about, as they can benefit from it quickly.

Luxembourg's transport network makes it easy to get around

Luxembourg's transport system is well developed. It's easy for residents to get around, whether within the country or to neighboring countries, by car or public transport. New expatriates will easily find their feet and be able to get around with complete peace of mind.

What's more, public transport is free for everyone.

An expatriation project must take into account the cost of living

On a more negative note, any new expatriate to Luxembourg must take into account a fairly high cost of living. Housing costs in particular weigh heavily on household budgets. 

It's important to factor this aspect into your budget if you're planning an expatriation to Luxembourg. Even if Luxembourg seems attractive at first glance, there's another side to the coin. More and more Luxembourgers are moving to the other side of the border to regain their financial equilibrium. Housing is far less expensive.

A work culture focused on efficiency and respect

In Luxembourg, the culture is based on punctuality, efficiency and respect for schedules. There's no quarter-hour politeness when you're invited. If you have a business appointment, keep to it. To facilitate your integration as a new employee in a company, it's also important to show discretion and respect the hierarchy at work.

Traditions to ease expat integration

Luxembourg has a rich cultural history. Luxembourgers are very attached to their traditions. Numerous local festivals and events offer great opportunities for expatriates to discover Luxembourg culture and traditions. Throughout the year, expatriate families can easily go out and take part in local events. Their integration into their new country will be all the more successful for it.

An inclusive education system for newcomers

According to the latest PISA study (2018), Luxembourg scores below the OECD average in all three skill areas assessed. It has to be said that Luxembourg's linguistic and migratory peculiarities don't make it easy to achieve good results. Indeed, Luxembourg is the OECD country with the highest number of immigrant pupils whose mother tongue is different from those studied in Luxembourg schools. Public schools offer an environment conducive to the integration of new arrivals.

The school system is largely adapted to Luxembourg's multicultural population and its many expatriates.

What's more, Luxembourg's education system is of the highest quality. Education is multilingual, with a strong emphasis on foreign languages. Newcomer pupils are catered for by a special scheme to facilitate the integration of the many expatriates in Luxembourg.

Residence and work permits

If you're planning to move to and/or work in Luxembourg, it's important to understand the requirements for expatriate visas and work permits. Find out about the necessary administrative procedures before you arrive as an expatriate. You'll save yourself a lot of administrative headaches on arrival.

Successful expatriation requires expatriate involvement

Luxembourg offers a wide variety of social and cultural activities. There are many restaurants with a variety of cuisines, bars, museums, traditional events, green spaces, etc. Nevertheless, it's worth getting involved in community and extra-community activities to increase your chances of meeting people and integrating more easily into local life.

By consulting our pages, you can find out more about the specifics and details concerning each of these points to facilitate your integration and make a success of your expatriation project in Luxembourg.

Welcome to Luxembourg!

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