Practical information about moving to and living in Luxembourg

Practical information and general information about Luxembourg

Are you planning to move to Luxembourg? Whether you're moving in alone, as a couple or as a family with children, here you'll find a wealth of useful information and pointers to help you settle in and live in the Grand Duchy. Our advice and practical information will help you make the most of your daily life in Luxembourg.

A guide to finding your bearings quickly

Integrating is not always easy when you arrive in a new country. As an expatriate or expatriate's spouse, the challenge is to quickly find your feet. Establishing new points of reference will help you tackle your new daily life in the best possible conditions.

Just Arrived is an information website and guide created by expats for expats. Drawing on our own experience of expatriation to Luxembourg, we'll provide you with useful pointers and tips to help you settle into your new country as smoothly as possible.

Are you already settled in Luxembourg and looking for more information about the country? In our pages you'll find all the practical and other information you need about Luxembourg, whether you're a newcomer or already settled here.

Discover our guides to setting up in Luxembourg.

First glimpse for newcomers

Luxembourg is a multicultural country. It is home to many nationalities. Almost half of its population is now foreign. More and more residents are taking Luxembourg nationality. Indeed, the laws governing theacquisition of Luxembourg nationality have been relaxed in recent years.

Because of this multiculturality, or despite its intercultural character, Luxembourg is a surprising and sometimes confusing country. In fact, Luxembourg culture is still very much alive and well, and Luxembourg is committed to preserving it. To make settling in and integrating easier, it's important to know the codes and respect them.

Quality of life is preserved, unlike in many metropolises. But beyond the first impression of a wealthy country, there are widening disparities to the detriment of a less affluent population. Politicians are increasingly tackling the issue of poverty, so as not to leave a section of the population suffering.

The rising cost of housing and the real estate crisis are making it increasingly difficult to find accommodation in Luxembourg. This is all the more true for households without high salaries. More and more Luxembourg households are moving across the border to the Greater Region.

Before taking any decision to move to Luxembourg, it's a good idea to negotiate your starting salary and take into account the real cost of living.

A guide to living and integrating in Luxembourg

General living conditions in Luxembourg

In our pages you'll find all the essential facts you need to know about Luxembourg. You'll find everything you need to know about Luxembourg in our pages, so you can better plan your visit and find your way around once you're here: Luxembourg's cosmopolitan population and communities, continental climate, geography,....

First of all, to better understand the people of Luxembourg, discover howLuxembourg's history has shaped the country and its culture. What are Luxembourg's specialities, festivals and traditions?

The political system and the workings of the state provide the framework for the daily lives of residents and set the laws in place.

What religions are practiced in Luxembourg and how?

Daily life in Luxembourg

In a more practical, everyday way, how and where to do your shopping ?

You'll also find useful information for maintaining your home, such as waste collection and recycling.

Where to go for administrative formalities and practical information about your town and commune ?

When we're far from our roots, we like to recharge our batteries with those we love and who know us. How keep in touch with family and friends when you're far from home? Who should you contact in an emergency? What media should you consult to stay informed? These are just some of the questions we're likely to ask ourselves. You'll find all the answers here.

To make your integration easier, here are some Luxembourgish expressions you'll need to know. Mastering these expressions and a few words will facilitate your first contact with Luxembourgers. Even if the discussion continues in French, German or English, you'll find that you're much more likely to be welcomed in your new surroundings.

7 must-see websites for expats in Luxembourg

To get your bearings,

Of course, we can't fail to mention our justarrived.luwebsite...

Designed and maintained by expatriates in Luxembourg, our website has justone objective: to provide you with comprehensive and relevant information on the essential things you need to know when moving to or living in Luxembourg.

Nevertheless, here's our list of other essential websites to know when arriving and living in Luxembourg! Among your favorites on your browser or accessible as an app on your cell phone, they'll come in handy every day to make life easier in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

To get around Luxembourg,

While the major cities are well served in terms of public transport, few can boast such a well-designed site specializing in public transport. Comprehensive, precise and intuitive, is Luxembourg's mobility website. The website is a real gold mine for planning and organizing your travels in the Grand Duchy.

For all administrative information,

Guichet. lu is the reference site set up by the Luxembourg government for all your administrative formalities in Luxembourg.

Have you just arrived as an expatriate and are looking for specific information on the administrative formalities to be undertaken? will provide you with all the official information you need about moving to Luxembourg, buying a home, labor law, elections, consumer protection, etc.

You can also carry out more and more administrative procedures online via Thanks to totally secure access, you can carry out your formalities electronically, store documents, etc. The administrative forms to be filled in are directly accessible according to your situation.

To find a job, Adem

If you're looking for a job in Luxembourg, is the employment portal run by the Luxembourg government. Here you can gather useful information for your job search.

Once you've arrived and registered with Adem, you'll benefit from personalized support. See the ADEM website.

For healthcare, and

Santé. lu is the official health portal for the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. On the site, you'll find general information, as well as a blog on which many topical subjects are regularly discussed.

Sante. lu keeps you informed about health legislation, events, conferences and other health-related activities in Luxembourg. There are comprehensive dossiers on nutrition, pregnancy, cannabis, tobacco, vaccination, etc.

You'll find emergency information, as well as hospitals, doctors and pharmacies on call in Luxembourg, close to your home.

Would you like to make an appointment with a healthcare professional? Doctena. lu lets you choose your specialty and the language in which you would like to communicate with the practitioner, so you can find a doctor or healthcare professional near you.

Online appointment booking is immediate, thanks to direct access to the practitioner's agenda. The appointment can also be noted directly in your diary. Doctena then sends you reminders so you don't miss a single appointment.

To find a company or a service,

The business directory is a very useful site for information on service providers in all fields. You can find their contact details directly. You can even book a table in a restaurant, ask for a quote for work, or make an appointment with certain practitioners...

For even more general and practical information about Luxembourg, click here.

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