Streetcar and funicular

Gone for more than 50 years in Luxembourg, the tramway made its reappearance in the Luxembourg capital at the end of 2017.

Its introduction has brought many changes to the public transport system in Luxembourg City. With the extension of the line and its future branches, the tramway continues to revolutionize transportation in and around the Luxembourg capital.

Like all public transport in Luxembourg, the use of the tramway is free of charge.

Kirchberg-Bonnevoie tramway link

Tramway stops served

At present, the tramway serves the Avenue JF Kennedy from the LuxExpo exhibition center at Rond Point Serra (Kirchberg district) to the Lycée Bonnevoie in the Bonnevoie district.

The T1 tramway line serves 8 stops in the Kirchberg district:

  • “Luxexpo”, event center and privileged space for numerous exhibitions and fairs. Connection with bus lines and P+R parking
  • “Alphonse Weicker” in front of the Auchan shopping center and close to the Kinepolis cinema,
  • “National Library”,
  • “University.”
  • “Coque”, to serve the sports and cultural center of Coque,
  • “European Parliament”,
  • “Philharmonie/Mudam
  • “Rout Bréck – Pafendall” at the other end of the Kirchberg to serve the Pfaffenthal district , thanks to the connection with the funicular.

Beyond the Pont Rouge and the Pfaffenthal station, the Limperstberg and Belair districts are served.

  • “Theater”: service from the Glacis square to the Limpertsberg and the Grand Theatre
  • “Faiencerie”
    These 2 stops serve the Schueberfouer. During the Schueberfouer, the tramway runs later (1:30 am) to allow access to visitors.
  • “Stäreplatz / Etoile

    From the Place de l’Etoile, the tramway serves the Ville-Haute, the Central Station and the Bonnevoie district thanks to the stops :

    • “Hamilius” serving the Hamilius shopping center and bus interchange,
    • “Place de Metz” beyond the Adolphe Bridge
    • “Paräisser Plaz / Place de Paris” in the station area
    • “Central Station”
    • Leschte Steiwer
    • Bonnevoie High School

    Streetcar timetable

    The tramway offers extended traffic hours. The streetcar runs every day, including holidays, from 5 a.m. to midnight at the latest, depending on the direction of travel.

    The travel time from the LuxExpo stop to the Place de l’Etoile is 16 to 17 minutes.

    In the direction LuxExpo – Bonnevoie, the first streetcar operates from 4:30 am until 12:05 am. On Sunday, the first train starts at 5:15 am.

    In the direction Bonnevoie – LuxExpo, the first streetcar starts at 5:00 am until 00:40 am from Monday to Saturday. The first departure takes place on Sunday at 5:43 am.

    The intervals between each train are 4 to 15 minutes depending on the time of day.

    Development of the tramway line to link Findel and Cloche d’Or

    Future tramway route in Luxembourg

    Work is currently underway to extend the T1 tramway line beyond its current service. Eventually, the T1 will serve Findel on the one hand and Cloche d’Or on the other.

    In 2023, the end of the route to the Cloche d’Or district towards the Gasperich district will be put into service, with 7 new stations, including the Howald and Lycée français Vauban.

    In the other direction, the tramway line will be extended from Luxexpo to Findel andLuxembourg Airport . Two new stations are planned on this 3.9 km route from the Fair circuit:

    • “Heienhaff” with construction of a new P+R parking lot
    • “Findel Terminal”.

    This extension is part of the Urban Development Plan around the airport.

    Frequency of tramway trains

    In the central part of the line, a tramway train is planned every 3 minutes in the stations between the Lycée de Bonnevoie and Luxexpo.

    The 2 outer sections towards the Cloche d’Or and the Findel will benefit from a train every 6 minutes. Travel times are expected to be 40 minutes to connect the entire line between Findel Airport and the Cloche d’Or terminus.

    What’s next? Mobility Plan 2035

    The new mobility plan unveiled shows a tramway with many branches beyond the Line T1 currently in service. These are expected to be operational in 2035.

    These new lines will serve interchange districts,

    Better access from Kirchberg to Hollerich

    The K2 line will double the service to the Kirchberg district on the Boulevard Adenauer axis between LuxExpo and the train station, and then branch off to the Hollerich district. This line should be operational in 2028.

    Bouillon line, western interchange

    A new line should allow for a tranway connection between the Bouillon Parking and the CHL via the Route d’Arlon to a new P+R West. This project is also part of the redevelopment of the Place de l’Etoile to create a new living space.

    Fast tramway Luxembourg- Esch sur Alzette

    A new high-speed streetcar is also planned between the Cloche d’Or district and the city of Esch-sur-Alzette. Users will be able to travel at 100km/h and reach the 2 cities with a stop in Leudelange to serve the industrial zone.

    This service will make it possible to reach Belvaux au Findel in less than an hour.

    This new tramway line will be accompanied by a bicycle route and improvements to the corresponding highways, including the creation of a carpooling lane during rush hour and a bus lane.

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