Getting around by cab

Taking a cab in Luxembourg

To get from one place to another in Luxembourg, you can take a cab. There are several cab companies. What's more, Uber has announced its arrival in Luxembourg for June 2024. In any case, certain rules must be respected by cabs. Check that this is the case before getting into a vehicle.

Taking a cab in Luxembourg

Luxembourg cab operating rules

In Luxembourg, official cabs are required to have a cab zone plate displayed prominently on their windscreen.

Cabs can pick you up and drop you off at any point, at your request. You are free to choose where you wish to load and unload your passengers. You can also hail a cab anywhere on the street, as long as you are more than 50 meters from a cab rank.

A cab driver cannot refuse a short journey. He may, however, refuse a long-distance or foreign journey. They can also refuse a customer who is unhygienic, intoxicated or on drugs.
Taxi drivers are also authorized to refuse animals, with the exception of assistance dogs.

To get from one place to another, the cab must take the shortest route. If you have a preferred route, let the driver know.

Cab ranks in Luxembourg

If you want to take a cab in Luxembourg or other cities, you'll find plenty of special parking areas for cabs. 

In Luxembourg City, you will find cab ranks at the following locations:

You are not obliged to take the 1st cab in the queue. However, cabs are obliged to follow the order of the queue and give priority to those at the head of the line.

Book a cab by phone or via the web

Would you like to take a cab from your home or a specific location? You can call the cab companies directly or book a journey on the cab company's website. To make sure you don't miss your train or your flight, don't hesitate to book your journey in advance to the station to catch a train or to Luxembourg-Findel airport to catch a plane.

If you have young children, please let us know in advance when booking your trip. The driver can provide a suitable child car seat.

You should also check that the vehicle is equipped to carry bulky luggage or special items such as baby carriages. Transporting disabled people in wheelchairs is made easier with the Adapto solution (see below).

Getting around with Uber in Luxembourg

From June 2024, the Uber platform will be present in Luxembourg via the Webtaxi company, proposed by Emile Weber. This will enable you to book a car driven directly by independent drivers holding a valid cab license.

Via the corresponding app, you can also track its arrival on your smartphone thanks to GPS location. Prices are expected to be lower than traditional cab fares.

Cab fares in Luxembourg

Cab fares have not been regulated in Luxembourg since 2016. Each cab is free to charge its own rates. However, they are required to clearly display their prices on the outside of the car, on the rear passenger side and inside at the front of the car.

Before you get into the cab, make sure the fares are clearly displayed. The driver must be able to give you a copy of his fares on request. The meter must be switched on at the start of the journey and the driver must not charge you more than the price displayed. The meter will be reset to zero once the fare has been paid.

The means of payment accepted must also be clearly indicated. The receipt provided by the cab will serve as proof in the event of a dispute. Keep it in a safe place.

In practical terms, Luxembourg has very high cab fares. Fares range from 22 to 45 euros for a 10-kilometer trip. The arrival of Uber should regulate these rates.

Personalized shuttle services

To take advantage of a local shuttle service, contact your local municipal authorities.

Some communes offer their residents personalized shuttle services to and from their homes in or around the commune. The service is free of charge!

The communes around Findel airport in Sandweiler even offer a direct link to drop off or pick up passengers.

Adapto, cab service for people with reduced mobility

Adapto is a taxi-bus service for people with permanently reduced mobility who can't get around on their own or by public transport.

This service is reserved for occasional trips. It is accessible only to holders of a special access card . This must be requested in advance from the Transport Department.

For further information: adapto service or

Other alternatives to cab travel? Think about bus routes and the tramway. In 2025, the tramway will link Findel airport to the Luxembourg-Gasperich and Cloche d'Or districts.

Don't forget that public transport is free in Luxembourg.


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