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Here are 2 ways to get around Luxembourg by car, but more user-friendly, less expensive and, above all, more eco-responsible.

Car-sharing and car-pooling are becoming increasingly popular in Luxembourg. So, car-pooling or car-sharing? We tell you more.

Carpooling in Luxembourg

The carpooling concept

The concept of carpooling? Share the journey and the costs with other people, going in the same direction as you, or even to the same destination.

Carpooling is a fast-growing mode of transport in Luxembourg. Rarely used a few years ago, car-sharing is now gaining in popularity. Especially at a time when petrol prices are soaring!

What are the advantages of carpooling? First and foremost, you save on gas and parking costs. Another advantage is that you have a more pleasant time, especially in traffic jams. It can also be a great way to meet other people and build a professional network.

What's more, you're helping to protect our planet's ecology! So why deprive yourself when you can travel in an eco-responsible and sustainable way?

In fact, several car-sharing websites have sprung up in Luxembourg. Today, they are registering more and more users, and therefore more and more itineraries.

Carpooling solutions in Luxembourg

Would you like to try out this mode of transport? It's easy: there are several car-sharing websites. All you have to do is check the carpooling sites to see if there are any routes corresponding to your choice of destination.

CoPilote, a carpooling portal launched by the government

Copilote carpooling application luxembourg

Since May 2018, a new carpooling offer has been available in Luxembourg:, accessible from the Klaxit app .Supported by the public authorities, this carpooling portal aims to develop home-to-work journeys.

The aim is to increase vehicle occupancy rates. A Luxmobil study carried out in 2017 found a vehicle occupancy rate of 1.2 people. This left around 250,000 seats free to circulate in the Luxembourg capital every day. With a reduction in pollution and traffic jams, the principle is a winner.

The Ministry is also encouraging companies to encourage carpooling, by providing carpool parking spaces. As part of the launch of the project, companies were also asked to reimburse the cost of carpooling (2 euros per trip for a maximum of 2 trips per day).

How does work? Simply download the Klaxit app, Europe's most popular car-sharing platform for commuting. Registration is free. The driver indicates the route taken, the times and the price (10 centimes per kilometer maximum). Passengers then reserve their seats by paying online. This dynamic portal enables the driver and user to geolocate each other. The 2 parties can also rate each other.

Other carpooling sites for your home-work commute

  • is the free car-sharing platform offered by the Verkéiersverbond (transport community). The site is available in German.
  • is a website created by the city of Thionville in France
  • is a cooperative site with no commission on carpooling journeys. All you have to do is post an ad.

Car sharing or self-service cars

Car-sharing is an alternative way of getting around to avoid travelling by bus or train. There are several car-sharing solutions available today. Users can have a car at their disposal only when they need it. This limits the pollution and traffic caused by the surplus of cars in the city today.

Anyone with a valid driving license can use car-sharing services. It's a great way to enjoy the advantages of a car, without the drawbacks, especially as prices are so affordable.

Flex, car sharing near CFL train stations Carsharing is offered by CFL Mobility, a company 100% owned by the CFL - Chemins de Fer Luxembourgeois group.

Users only pay for the time they reserve the vehicle. They benefit from a modern vehicle, in good working order and immediately available 24/7,

Carloh, the system initiated by the City of Luxembourg

How it works Carloh.luLuxembourg City's carsharing solution is very simple. At each Carloh station, several vehicles are made available to users. Users can use a shared car for a specific period of time. There are dozens of different types of car on offer.
To use Carloh, all you have to do is register on the Carloh website and then reserve your car!

What's more, with the carsharing system, you don't have to worry about parking. Spaces are reserved and free at carsharing stations.


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