How do I register my vehicle in Luxembourg?

Registering your car in Luxembourg

Freshly arrived in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, you've just moved in and enrolled your children in their new school. Next step? The vehicle. You'll need to get your driving license recognized, insure your vehicle and register it in Luxembourg.

In this article, we tell you everything you need to know about registering your vehicle. You'll then have the freedom to drive your car legally!

Reserve your brand-new license plate

From the date of your move to the Grand Duchy, your vehicle must be fitted with a brand new license plate to be able to drive on the country's roads. You have 6 months to change your license plate , which can be personalized.

How do I change my registration number?

Go to MyGuichet. lu to reserve your registration number. There are two types of registration numbers:

  • Current series numbers: favored by drivers with no specific requirements, this number comprises 2 letters and 4 digits, and follows the order of proposed registrations. It is assigned to a vehicle throughout its lifetime.
  • Personalized numbers: drivers who are sensitive to the look of their car prefer to choose an original number plate. This plate belongs exclusively to its owner, who can transfer it to another driver. However, you will have to pay €50 more in tax stamps than for a standard serial number, and €24 if you have to remake the same number plate.

Personalized registration, what are the steps involved?

Want to stand out from the crowd with a custom license plate? Drivers love this popular practice in Luxembourg, and proudly display their vehicles.

Popular for their aesthetic appeal, personalized plates also offer another advantage: they make it easier to memorize the number and identify your vehicle parked in a Grand Duchy parking lot. A solution that makes life easier!

Looking for a 4-digit number? You'll have to wait on a waiting list, as they've all been allocated. It's up to you to be creative and come up with a plate that isn't a victim of its own success. A word of advice: suggest a 5-digit number or a combination of 2 letters and 4 digits. With a bit of luck, the nameplate you want won't be assigned yet.

To save time and help you create your personalized license plate, visit Here you can check the availability of your license plate number.

Apply for a registration certificate

Have you reserved your license plate on MyGuichet? Now it's time to apply for your registration certificate from the Société nationale de circulation automobile (SNCA). This organization handles all vehicle registrations in Luxembourg under the authority of the Luxembourg Ministry of Transport.

How do I obtain a vehicle registration certificate?

By logging on to the SNCA website, you can obtain the application form for a vehicle registration certificate. Once completed, the document can be returned by post or dropped off at the SNCA reception desk. It is also possible to meet with them and book an appointment via their website.

At the same time, you must take out car insurance with a Luxembourg-approved insurance company. To certify your vehicle's legal status in the country, it must be cleared through customs by issuing a 705 sticker . This applies to all cars purchased abroad, which have travelled more than 6,000km and were first registered more than six months ago.

To do so, visit one of the 3 Customs and Excise Administration centers in Gasperich, Grevenmarcher or Diekirch.

Here is the list of documents you need to prepare in order to submit your file to the SNCA:

  • The completed and signed application form for a vehicle registration certificate;
  • A copy of your identity card ;
  • Invoice for your vehicle ;
  • Certificate of insurance issued by an insurer licensed in Luxembourg;
  • Sticker 705 (customs paper)
  • Your vehicle's valid roadworthiness certificate;
  • The European certificate of conformity for vehicles registered on or after February1, 2016;
  • The foreign registration document ;
  • A €50 "droit de chancellerie" tax stamp
  • Optional: an additional €50 stamp (if you have opted for a personalized number plate).

The last step after you've drawn up your registration certificate is to use an approved manufacturer to make your new plates. You'll find a list on the SNCA website.

More information on vehicle registration and procedures on the SNCA website.

What does AXA Luxembourg offer in the way of registration services?

Want to save precious time by avoiding administrative procedures? AXA Luxembourg offers you an OptiDrive insurance policy which allows you to benefit from the registration service at preferential rates. What's in it for you? We collect your car and return it to you registered in Luxembourg.

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To find out more about the administrative formalities for your vehicle in Luxembourg, click here.

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