Luxury and tourism in the Centre or Ville-Haute district

Located in the heart of Luxembourg City, the Centre or Ville-Haute district is one of the most lively areas of the Luxembourg capital.
It unites the old town (Altstadt) and the upper town (Oberstadt). Considered the smallest district in Luxembourg, the Centre district is mainly dedicated to services, shops and luxury boutiques. With its green spaces, beautiful buildings and cultural offerings, it’s a very touristy district.

Population of the Ville-Haute district

Number of inhabitants as of January 1, 2022

  • of the population of the City of Luxembourg 2,7% 2,7%
  • of foreign population 69,5% 69,5%

Number of different nationalities

Ville-Haute, Luxembourg’s lively center

The living heart of Luxembourg

The district of Ville-Haute is the heart of the animation of the city of Luxembourg with its pedestrian streets very commercial. Its two main squares, the Place Guillaume II and the Place d’Armes, welcome tourists and residents at all hours.

The neighborhood is regularly animated duringcultural events and artistic manifestations.

The Place d’Armes is very pleasant with its terraces of cafés and restaurants, deployed from spring. Dominated by the Cercle Cité, the square is the ideal place to enjoy the sun and chat over a drink or a good meal. The bandstand offers concert opportunities. In winter, it is one of the main places for Christmas markets .

The Place Guillaume II is also a lively meeting place, with the twice-weekly market stalls. You can buy fresh products from local producers. The redevelopment of the square, known as the “Knuedler”, now gives priority to pedestrian and leisure areas.

Tourist center

The Ville-Haute district is one of Luxembourg’s historic and tourist districts. Eighteenth-century mansions and nineteenth-century villas stand side by side with modern buildings.

This historical district gathers most of the museums. The Grand Ducal Palace and the Luxembourg Parliament are also located here. The 17th-century Notre Dame Cathedral is also located in this district, offering a magnificent panorama of its bell towers. The famous Octave market or “Maërtchen” takes place on the Place Guillaume II.

It’s also in this district that you can stroll along the “Europe’s most beautiful balcony”. Driving along the Corniche offers magnificent views on the Grund district below.

The government institutions are also located in large part in the adjacent streets of this beautiful tourist area.

The Gëlle Fra and the monument of remembrance, symbol of Luxembourg

Located on Constitution Square, the “Gelle Frä” memorial is one of the most famous statues in the city. Indeed, the statue can be seen from afar thanks to its dizzying height and golden color.

Rising to a height of 21 meters on its stone obelisk, the statue depicts a woman made of gold, brandishing a laurel wreath above two monumental soldiers. One of them watches over the lying body of his compatriot, who fell during a battle.

Inaugurated in 1923 in the aftermath of the First World War, the monument represents not only peace and freedom, but also the memory of soldiers lost in the First and Second World Wars .

The monument also symbolizes Luxembourg patriotism. Destroyed by the Nazis in 1940, the statue of Gëlle Fra was restored in 1984, after a long wave of patriotic protests by local residents.

Present on many emblematic photos of the country, the Gëlle Fra” is one of the major symbols of Luxembourg. The Gëlle Frä is a realization of the Luxembourgish sculptor Claus Cito.

Shopping and luxury boutiques in the Ville-Haute district

The Ville-Haute’s shopping and pedestrian streets offer a wealth of shopping opportunities, with many brand-name retailers.

The center is home to a wide range of businesses, from chains to individual stores. It is especially known for its luxury stores, especially in the Rue Philippe II.

The multitude of stores in the pedestrian center will delight shopping enthusiasts.

The construction of the Royal-Hamilius shopping center has revitalized the neighborhood and the upper Grand-Rue. There are large international brands such as Galeries Lafayette, Fnac and Décathlon.

Living in the Centre or Ville-Haute neighbourhood

This historic part of the Ville-Haute is increasingly attracting an international clientele, seduced by the district’s many attractions: shopping streets, cultural events and artistic programs, beautiful historic buildings, trendy bars and restaurants…

The Ville-Haute also boasts a wealth of museums, cultural centers and theaters.

There are many places to relax here. Children love the Municipal Park and its giant pirate ship. The Kinnekswiss is ideal for summer picnics. The Pétrusse Valley offers a magnificent setting for walks and jogging.

The Badanstalt aquatic center has beautiful facilities for relaxation.

As far as amenities are concerned, there’s a Delhaize supermarket in the Hamilius center for everyday shopping and a number of food shops in the central streets. The weekly market is a great place to shop for fresh produce.

On the other hand, there are no schools in the area. There is only one crib.

Thanks to its central location, the district is ideally connected by public transport, bus and streetcar to the Hamilius Center. Several Vel’Oh self-service bicycle stations are available to users in the neighborhood.

Good to know about the Ville-Haute district

The amenities of the central district

Schools: The neighborhood has only onebasic school.

Playgrounds: the most famous playground of the city of Luxembourg is located in this district at the level of the Municipal Park. With its huge pirate ship, its gigantic slide, its swings and its water games, the Pirateschëff playground is a must. A kiosk offers drinks and snacks.

Transport/bus: the vast majority of buses pass through the Royal-Hamilius center. It is very well served in terms of public transportation. Many stops are located there and buses are frequent.

Several parking lots are available for parking.

Accommodation: prices in this area are high, among the most expensive in the city. Few offers are available on the market.

To know the rent and sale prices announced by district of Luxembourg-City, click here .

Food: presence of an Alima and a Monoprix and several specialized shops, bakeries, butchers, greengrocers. Every Wednesday and Saturday, the Stater Maart is held in the neighborhood, with its many stalls selling fresh produce.

Our opinion on the Centre district

Style: young, classic, tourist

With its mostly pedestrian and shopping streets, it is very pleasant to stroll through the neighborhood. Not very conducive to cars, the many parking lots allow you to park easily enough, except during major events.

More commercial than residential, The Ville-Haute district remains a safe and aesthetically beautiful area. It’s a good place to live when you like to see people and go out.

A new project will redevelop Constitution Square. Cars and tour buses will be banned from the square.

The Pétrusse Valley should then be served by an elevator. No deadline has been set at this time.