Luxury and tourism in the Centre or Ville-Haute district

Located in the heart of Luxembourg City, the Centre or Ville-Haute district is one of the most lively areas of the Luxembourg capital.
It unites the old town (Altstadt) and the upper town (Oberstadt). It is considered the smallest district of Luxembourg.
The Centre district is essentially dedicated to services, stores and luxury boutiques .

It is also a very touristy area.

Population of the Ville-Haute district

Number of inhabitants as of January 1, 2022

  • of the population of the City of Luxembourg 2,7% 2,7%
  • of foreign population 68,5% 68,5%

Number of different nationalities

Shopping and cultural activities in the upper town

The Ville-Haute district is the nerve center of Luxembourg with its two lively squares, Place Guillaume II and Place d’Armes, which host many cultural events. The Place d’Armes is very pleasant in the spring with its restaurant terraces open to enjoy the sun.

Eighteenth-century mansions and nineteenth-century villas stand side by side with modern buildings.

District where to shop in luxury boutiques

Lively and appreciated by residents and tourists, the center district combines all kinds of shops (chains or individual stores, …), cafés and restaurants. Twice a week, this area also hosts a nice market with local producers and fresh products.

More luxurious than the train station area, the multitude of stores in the pedestrian center will delight shopping enthusiasts, especially on Rue Philippe II with its many luxury stores.

Secure and well-served neighborhood

More commercial than residential, Ville-Haute remains a safe and aesthetically pleasing neighborhood to live in when you like to see people.

Culture and aesthetics in this area

Thanks to its two main squares (the Place d’Armes and the Place Guillaume II), this district is regularly animated duringcultural events and artistic manifestations.

This historical district gathers most of the museums . The Grand Ducal Palace, the 17th century Notre Dame Cathedral, the City Hall and governmental institutions can also be found in the Grand-Rue and the adjacent streets.

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Good to know about the Centre district

Schools: Due to its location, the Centre district has onlyone basic school. See our Education section.

Transport/bus: the vast majority of buses pass through the Hamilius center. It is very well served in terms of public transportation. Many stops are located there and buses are frequent. Several parking lots.

Housing: to know the rent and sale prices announced by district of Luxembourg-City, click here .

See our comparative study on where to live in Luxembourg City for a comparison of the Center district.

Food: presence of an Alima and a Monoprix and several specialized shops, bakeries, butchers, greengrocers.

Our opinion on the Centre district

Style: young, classic, tourist

With its mostly pedestrian streets, it is very pleasant to stroll around. Not very conducive to cars, the numerous parking lots make it easy to park outside of major events such as the Advent Markets .

The “Royal Hamilius” project, with its 36,000 m2, has given a new lease of life to this area near the Boulevard Royal. This multifunctional block brings together shops, services, offices and housing.

The Gelle Frä, a symbol of Luxembourg

Located on the Place de la Constitution, in the heart of Luxembourg’s central district, the “Gelle Frä” memorial is one of the most famous statues in the city.

Always a fixture at Christmas markets, the statue can be seen from afar thanks to its dizzying height and shimmering brilliance. Standing 21 meters high on its stone obelisk, the Gelle Frä often attracts many questions from tourists. Representing a woman holding a laurel wreath above two soldiers (one watching over the lying body of his fallen compatriot) is as colossal as it is challenging. Present on many emblematic photos of the country, the Gëlle Fra” or golden woman represents a real symbol of Luxembourg, still charged with emotion.

The statue of the Golden Woman or Gëlle Fra was created in 1921 and inaugurated in 1923, in memory of the Luxembourg soldiers who fell at the front during the First World War.

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Destroyed by the Nazis in 1940, the statue of the Gelle Fra was restored in 1984, after a long wave of patriotic protest from the inhabitants. It was then restored to its original appearance before being placed back in its original location.

Today witness of the history, the monument of the memory of the Gëlle Fra is a symbol of Luxembourg. It represents not only peace, freedom and the memory of the soldiers who died in the First and Second World Wars, but also Luxembourg patriotism.

The Gëlle Frä was created by the Luxembourg sculptor Claus Cito. Following the organization of a contest to commemorate the missing of the First World War, it was chosen by the jury among 17 other projects to represent the memory of the fallen soldiers. Despite the fate suffered during the Nazi occupation, this statue now stands proudly in front of everyone. It has been for decades, the symbol of a people and its historical past!

Rehabilitation of the Constitution Square

A new restructuring project foresees the rehabilitation of Constitution Square. A competition will be launched to define the best project. But this one will have to foresee the banishment of cars and tourist buses, the Valley of Pétrusse should then be served via an elevator. No deadline has been set at this time.

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