Limpertsberg, a chic residential area, ideal for families

The Limpertsberg district is one of the 24 districts of the city of Luxembourg. A charming residential area with a chic and traditional architectural style, it attracts expatriate families because of its proximity to the Kirchberg business district and until recently its high proportion of schools.

Population in the Limpertsberg district

Number of inhabitants as of January 1, 2022

  • of foreign population 73,3% 73,3%
  • of the population of the city of Luxembourg 8,71% 8,71%

Number of different nationalities

Limpertsberg, a popular residential area

Limpertsberg is adjacent to the districts of Mühlenbach, Eich, Ville-Haute, Rollingergrund and Kirchberg via the Red Bridge.

The Limpertsberg district is densely populated, yet quiet, and is mainly inhabited by families with children. It is very popular with expatriates of European origin because of its immediate proximity to the city center and the Kirchberg business district .

The district was the subject of a project led by the City of Luxembourg “Living without a car”.

Amenities on the Limpertsberg

The Limpertsberg is a mixed neighborhood, primarily residential. Nevertheless, it offers local shops, bars and restaurants. Numerous service companies and liberal professions are located there.

Schools: in the Limpertsberg district, there are several primary schools and secondary high schoolsas well as international private schools. The Lycée Français Vauban moved to Luxembourg Gasperich in 2018.

By 2025, more than 5,000 schoolchildren and students are expected to move out of the neighborhood as several schools and high schools are relocated. The goal is to reduce traffic in the neighborhood.

The Lycée Michel Lucius and its basic school will move to the site “op der Schleed” in the Kirchberg district by 2025. The Waldorfschoul would also move to the Kirchberg earlier, around 2023, on the same area.

For the time being, the Lycée Technique du Centre has acquired new extensions, namely a sports hall and a new dining room for a total of 4,000 m2, designed in an eco-responsible spirit. These facilities will remain operational even after a planned move to the new “Midfield” district including the new Howald peripheral station, near the Lycée Vauban.

The land vacated by the various schools will be reused for the construction of new housing, in order to respond at least in part to the high demand for real estate in Luxembourg.

Transport / Bus: The district is very well served by transport, particularly through the Place du Glacis which is a large open-air public parking lot.
Bus routes 4, 12, 19, 30, CN1, CN2, CN4 serve the neighborhood with 41 bus stops. The Aerobus and many other lines leave from the Pescatore stop, which borders the Glacis parking lot.

The City Shopping Bus makes it easier to shop downtown from the Glacis parking lot.

The tramway serves the Champ du Glacis towards Luxexpo and the central station.

Several Veloh! stations are available to residents.

Relaxation and leisure: the neighborhood has many green spaces. With the Tony Neuman Park, the Georges Willmar Park and the nearby Kinnekswiss, there are plenty of places for families to relax .

The district is also characterized by a strong cultural wealth, since it includes not only the Grand Theatre but also the Utopia cinema. These two establishments offer a program that is as specialized as it is varied.

There are also gyms, bocce courts and various sports facilities.

In addition, the Limpertsberg offers many cafes and restaurants. It also hosts the famous Schueberfouer on the parking lot of the Glacis in August and September, for the greatest pleasure of all. The Luxembourg Art Week also takes place in the district.

The Halle Victor Hugo regularly hosts many events and participates in the animation of the neighborhood.

Living in Limperstberg, our opinion

On an area of 2 km2, the Limpertsberg welcomes families in a chic and classic family atmosphere. With its It offers a pleasant setting for families, close to everything. Very sunny, the Limpertsberg is located on a plateau.

We recommend Limperstberg if you want to stay close to the center and have easy access on foot or by bike.

We particularly like:

  • the peace and quiet of this chic residential area
  • to go for pleasant walks with the family. See the pedestrian circuits like the one of the roses or Vauban.

A project for the construction of a footbridge for pedestrians and bicycles is being studied on the initiative of the Limpertsberg Syndicate (“Lampertsbierger Syndicat”). This 350-meter long footbridge over the Villeroy & Boch industrial site would connect the Limpertsberg and the Bambësch.

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The Limpertsberg district is the most expensive district in the Luxembourg capital, just ahead of its counterpart, the Belair district.