Touristic activities and outdoor excursions offered in Luxembourg

You can find in Luxembourg full of activities in the open air and leisure to discover this beautiful country, very varied.
Find here natural parks, cultural and historical excursions, train or water rides, wine cellar and castle visits, flea markets and casino, and even ski slopes !

Visiting Luxembourg-City

logo-Luxembourg-City-Tourist-OfficeThe City of Luxembourg is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. By browsing it, you will be seduced by this unique blend of historic and modern neighborhoods! There are many ways to visit this beautiful city at the option of theme walks that will take you beyond the beaten track and you will discover places beyond the ordinary.

Do not hesitate to consult the Luxembourg City Tourist Info website for many tours and itineraries, guided and thematic tours. You will also find all information about the attractions and events of the City of Luxembourg. You can go see LCTO, they are located on Place Guillaume II near the Luxembourg Cathedral and the Bierger Center.

Visiting Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg

logo-office national tourisme luxembourgInteractive and richly illustrated, the website of the Luxembourg Tourism Office presents the attractiveness and diversity of the Luxembourg tourism offer. The visitor will find the full range of information related to tourism, such as special offers, suggestions for activities, a calendar of events, a guide for travelers, etc.

Finding an accomodation in the Luxembourg countryside

Do you dream of a stay in the beautiful Luxembourg countryside? All campsites and cottages are on these sites: et

Luxembourg Card: visit Luxembourg at a low price!

The Luxembourg Card is a year-round passport offering free access or considerable discounts to more than 60 museums and major tourist sites in Luxembourg for 1, 2 or 3 days. Guided tours are also available on some sites.
Offered in individual or family form (2 to 5 people), it allows you to discover Luxembourg at a low price!

In addition, you can download the free Luxembourg Card application on your itunes or on Google Play.

More information on the Luxembourg Card here.