Entertainment in Luxembourg

Entertainment in Luxembourg

Is Luxembourg your new expatriate destination? You're sure to find it an ideal destination for outings and leisure activities, or for indulging your passions, whatever your age or that of your children. We tell you why.

Luxembourg is a picturesque country nestled in the heart of Europe. Often overlooked, it offers an idyllic setting for sports, recreational outings and leisure activities. Luxembourg boasts an impressive range of natural landscapes, with lush forests and picturesque rivers. The towns and villages are welcoming and offer a wide range of leisure activities for residents and visitors alike.

Out and about in Luxembourg

Magnificent natural landscapes for outdoor activities

With its vibrant sporting culture, Luxembourg is an ideal leisure destination for those seeking outdoor adventure, recreation and memorable sporting experiences.

Luxembourg's landscapes are a wonderful playground for outdoor enthusiasts. The country offers a wealth of activities in its countryside, dense forests and picturesque valleys.

Luxembourg's nature parks of Mullerthal, Ardennes, Haute-Sûre and Our offer a wealth of walking opportunities. Birdwatching and picnicking in unspoilt natural surroundings. You can also enjoy sporting activities such as hiking, mountain biking and climbing.

Whatever the season, outdoor activities and walks in the fresh air are a pleasure for the senses. Luxembourg's forests are magnificent with snow or autumn colors, the cities display their pretty colors with flowers in spring, and swimming in natural lakes in summer is a joy!

Relax in Luxembourg's parks and gardens

Luxembourg City is also home to several magnificent parks and gardens. They provide an ideal setting for leisure activities and family relaxation.

Every town and village is also developing playgrounds or "Spillplatz", real places of attraction for the very young. Here, children can let off steam and play with their imaginations.

Want to get out and have fun with your kids? Take a look at this page.

Sports and leisure activities in Luxembourg

Luxembourg promotes a healthy, active lifestyle. This is reflected in its high-quality, well-maintained sports facilities. The various communes have modern stadiums, well-maintained swimming pools and tennis courts, as well as golf courses. The various sports centers offer a wide range of indoor and outdoor sports facilities.

What's more, the country's extensive network of cycle paths attracts cyclists from all over the world. Whether it's a leisurely family ride or an adrenaline-filled adventure, Luxembourg is a cyclist's paradise. You can explore the country safely and comfortably, even with children.

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Local sports clubs and federations offer a wide range of opportunities to practice sports or take part in sporting competitions.

Numerous sporting events are regularly organized to the delight of runners and spectators alike.

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Leisure activities in Luxembourg: discover our heritage

In addition to outdoor activities, Luxembourg offers a wide variety of cultural outings for visitors and residents alike. The country boasts a rich cultural heritage.

Luxembourg is home to a number of museums, art galleries and historic sites. All offer an insight into the country's fascinating history.

Visit Luxembourg museums

Luxembourg knows how to showcase its heritage and traditions. Explore the capital, a wonderful blend of modern and historic old town. Part of Luxembourg City is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

You can also explore Luxembourg's rich history by visiting its castles and historic sites. Notable sites include the castles of Vianden, Beaufort, Clervaux and the Abbeys of Neumûnster and Echternach.

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Participating in Luxembourg's cultural life

Luxembourg also offers plenty of opportunities for cultural outings by taking part in various events. This is one of the keys to integrating more easily.

Whatever your musical tastes, you're sure to find what you're looking for at the Rockhal. Classical music concerts at the Philharmonie de Luxembourg, or rock and pop at the Rockhal. International and local artists perform here.

A number of theaters cater to the needs of enthusiasts, producing plays in several languages. Cinemas also offer a wide range of films, both international and for more discerning audiences.

See cinemas and theaters in Luxembourg.

Christmas markets in Luxembourg City and other cities are also popular attractions during the festive season.

Spring or winter sales shopping activities keep you busy on rainy days.

The national holiday on June 23 features parades, concerts and fireworks. Many other traditional events make integration easy.

The Schueberfouer, one of Europe's biggest funfairs, takes place every August in Luxembourg City.

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Discover Luxembourg's wine and culinary specialties

Luxembourg has a long history of winemaking. Visitors and wine enthusiasts can enjoy wine tastings and vineyard tours in the Moselle region. Luxembourg is also a top destination for gourmets. The country's culinary and winemaking traditions are expressed in every local event.

Luxembourg's well-developed nightlife

Looking for an evening or weekend out? Luxembourg has many bars, restaurants and nightclubs. The offer is wide and multicultural.

Want to get away from it all near Luxembourg?

Do you live in Luxembourg and need a change of scenery or a bit of fun? The other countries of the Greater Region - Belgium, France and Germany - offer great opportunities for sightseeing just 60 kilometers away.

From Luxembourg, you can also travel even further with ease, thanks to Findel international airport or the train connections from Luxembourg Central Station.

Find out more about going out and having fun in Luxembourg.

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