Organic food: markets and local producers

You live in Luxembourg and you like to do your food shopping at the market or at a local producer? This section is for you.

We list some of the local markets in Luxembourg and some local producers to supplyyou with fresh products. Opt for natural, organic and local food. Consume in an eco-responsible way in Luxembourg.

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Local markets in Luxembourg

City of Luxembourg

Luxembourg City markets offer fresh produce at the following locations:

  • Stater Maart: Place Guillaume II on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 7:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., above the Parking Knuedler in Luxembourg-City-High. During the Octave period, the market is moved to the Champs du Glacis at Limpertsberg
  • Garer Maart: Place de Paris in the Gare district, Wednesdays and Saturdays from 7:30 am to 2:00 pm,
  • Bouneweger Maart: Place Léon XIII, Tuesdays from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm, in the district of Luxembourg-Bonnevoie
  • Glacismaart: every 3rd Sunday of the month from March to November from 10am to 5pm. The Glacismaart takes a break in August because of Schueberfouer. Located in the Limperstberg district, the Galcismaart has become a must for lovers of fresh produce and Sunday shopping.
    located and easy to access, it is a meeting point for hundreds of people, as soon as the nice days arrive in Luxembourg.
    You will findfood, including fresh products from Luxembourg, decorative objects,clothing and leather goods, plants and flowers, handicrafts and antiques.

City of Esch-sur-Alzette

The market of the city of Esch-sur-Alzette takes place every Tuesday and Friday from 7am to 12pm. You can find all the fresh food products, grilled chickens, flowers,…

City of Strassen

The Commune of Strassen organizes every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month a market where you can go shopping.

Schedule: from 4 pm to 7 pm
Where: Parking of the Paul Barblé Cultural Center, Strassen

City of Sandweiler

The market takes place in Sandweiler every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month on the place Jemp Stein (middle of the Main Street) from 4pm to 7pm (8pm in summer).


Buy organic, local producers Luxembourg

Local producers: fresh and natural fruits and vegetables

>Just Arrived offers you a selection of six local shops offering fresh or organic fruit and vegetable baskets to consume in a local and fair way.

Sandrine and her fresh baskets: Gault&Millau personality 2018

Installed in Munsbach (commune of Schuttrange) in the family farm, Sandrine Pingeon sells her own production of fresh, local and seasonal fruits and vegetables. In collaboration with some local suppliers, it offers a wide range of fresh quality products in addition to fresh fruit and vegetables: eggs, cheese, cold cuts, bread, etc.
On the spot, everyone fills their basket at very reasonable prices. Although a little far from the city center, Sandrine and her baskets have quickly made a name for themselves in Luxembourg. Great Luxembourgish chefs , including Michelin starred ones, come to buy from her!
And then Sandrine was named Personality of the Year 2018 by Gault&Millau Belux!
The little extra? The choice, the very friendly welcome and the change of scenery.

Terra Coop, and its associative concept

Located in Luxembourg, Rue Eicherfeld, Terra Coop is an AMAP (Association pour le Maintien de l’Agriculture Paysanne). It offers the possibility to people who don’t have a garden or no time to grow their own fruits and vegetables to eat fresh and local. To do so, you just have to become a member of the association and pay a fee. You will be able to benefit, each week, from a basket containing the weekly harvests (fruits, vegetables, roots, herbs, …).
The products in your basket are fresh, organic, seasonal and local, but the content is not revealed to you before you order!

Avocado and its original meal baskets

Avocado provides baskets of unprocessed, fresh, local, regional or European organic products that can be used to prepare 3 to 5 meals (of your choice) over a week. They will be delivered to you after opening an account on the website.
Avocado offers several basket themes such as DIY juice baskets, vegetarian, vegan, low carbon, … Each basket is delivered to your home, then you can make your own meals based on the contents of your order. The little extra? Recipes and meal ideas are provided with your lunch box!

Le Chat Biotté and his bio boots

Located in Bergem, the Chat Biotté also offers baskets of 100% organic fruits and vegetables (called “bio bottes” in reminder of the name of the brand).
Composed almost essentially of local products harvested in the surrounding farms, the “bio-boots” are divided into 3 different types of boxes: the energy basket (composed only of fruits), the vegetarian basket (composed only of vegetables) and the mixed basket.
The service works on a subscription basis (from one month to one year) and offers a very interesting quality/price ratio.
The little extra? Recipes are also included with your order!

Co-labor and its large choice of organic baskets

Located in Walferdange, Co-labor offers several varieties of fresh fruit and vegetable baskets: garden basket, fruit basket, basic basket, family basket, …
Each basket contains local products, mainly from nearby orchards and vegetable gardens. When production decreases in our regions, these are supplemented by other organic fruits and vegetables from the region or from Europe. Co-labor also offers organic bread, honey, juice and eggs.
The little extra? The wide variety of products offered! Possibility to pick up your order in Walferdange or in Luxembourg and home delivery possible.

OUNI, and its respect for the environment

OUNI is the first organic and packaging-free grocery store in Luxembourg. You can find it on Rue Glesener in the Gare district and in Dudelange. OUNI stands for “Organic Unpackaged Natural Ingredients” and means “without” in Luxembourgish.
OUNI offers many products in bulk, to be picked up and weighed directly with your own containers. Other products are sold in returnable containers. The brand offers organic food products, but also local and fair trade hygiene and cleaning products, without packaging or with reusable packaging. A great alternative to traditional supermarkets.
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To learn more about responsible food in Luxembourg, visit the website created in collaboration between SOS Faim and the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs in Luxembourg.

You will even find an interactive map of responsible food structures in Luxembourg: local producers, points of sale, transformation places and even citizen initiatives. Ideal to consume or supply yourself in an environmentally responsible way near your home.

Gielt Band - Hei dierft Dir plécken

“Yellow ribbon-here you can pick”
If you see a yellow ribbon on a tree with this inscription “Here you can pick”, do not hesitate!
Launched by the Ministry of Agriculture and Sylvicol (Luxembourg’s local government association), this action aims to reduce waste and promote solidarity by allowing free picking for personal use,

Community gardens in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a city where prices per square meter are high. The result? Many people do not have a private garden in which to plant or cultivate fruits, vegetables, herbs and vegetables.

To overcome this, the City of Luxembourg and now more and more municipalities, offer an original and innovative community concept: the community gardens!

Created for people who do not have a private garden, community gardens allow people to grow their own flowers, vegetables, herbs and fruits for a very reasonable price.

First established in 2013 in Luxembourg City in the Bonnevoie neighborhood, the community gardens have since expanded. They are now offered in Limpertsberg, in the Pétrusse valley in the Gare/Ville Haute sector and in the Pfaffenthal district . A new community garden opens in the Grund district, on a surface of 180 m² with 7 vegetable boxes.

Each community garden plot is composed of a “common” part, as well as several “private” plots. These plots can be cultivated alone, with family or friends. The individual plots measure approximately 4 meters by 2 meters and allow for the cultivation of several plantations.

Environmentally friendly meeting places

Another important criterion for the community gardens of the City of Luxembourg is that the cultivation is carried out in an ecological way, respectful of the environment. The pesticides or chemical fertilizers are prohibited, as well as GMOs. Compost bins are also provided.

Exclusively reserved for the residents of the neighborhoods in which they are located, these gardens are created with a view to sustainable economy. The objective is also to create a friendly atmosphere between friends and resident neighbors. Picnic tables are available.

In addition, the city offers each resident who rents a plot of land a training session with a professional gardener in order to optimize the cultivation of their plot.

Are you interested in community gardens?

You are interested in the concept and would like to benefit from a plot?

Please contact one of the environmental delegates of the City of Luxembourg to find out if plots are still available at the telephone number 4796-4772 or, or contact your local administration if you do not live in the City of Luxembourg.

You can also log on to the Eise gaart website, the portal for community gardens in Luxembourg. The site presents the shared gardens in Luxembourg and how to join them. You will also find information on ecological gardening and a calendar of events in and around the vegetable gardens at the national level. Produced in partnership with the CELL – Center for Ecological Learning Luxembourg, the site is published in French, English and German.

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