proposent également des camps nature à vos enfants pendant les vacances. Renseignez-vous !Are you living in Luxembourg and do you like shopping at the market or at a local producer?
This section is for you. We list some of the local markets in Luxembourg and some local producers where you can buy fresh products for a natural and organic food.

Local markets in Luxembourg

City of Luxembourg

The markets of the City of Luxembourg are held twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 8am to 1:30 pm in the following places:

The Market of the Glacis takes place from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm and offers a wide range of products : food, decoration, clothing, plants, handcraft, leather goods, …You can also find there a flea market.
The Glacis Market is a must-see for fresh products and sunday shopping. Well located and easy to access, it is a point of venue visited by hundreds of people each month, upon the arrival of the beautiful days in Luxembourg.Once your visit complete, feel free to take a walk in the nice area of the district of Limpertsberg, you will notably discover there its beautiful park and the “circuit of roses”, particularly pleasant on mild weather days !
During the Glacis works due to the tramway line, the Glacismaart moved to a few meters on the Place Laurent and in the parking lot of the Halle Victor Hugo in Limpertsberg.

City of Esch-sur-Alzette

The market of the city of Esch-sur-Alzette takes place Rue de l’Alzette every Tuesday and Friday from 7am to 12pm. You can find all fresh food products, grilled chicken, flowers, …

City of Strassen

The Commune of Strassen organizes every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month a market where you can go and do your shopping.

Time: from 4p.m. to 7p.m.
Where: Parking du Centre Culturel Paul Barblé, Strassen

City of Sandweiler

The market takes place in Sandweiler every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month in Jemp Stein Square (middle of Main Street) from 4pm to 7pm (8pm in the summer).

Local producers for fresh and natural products

Marchés et producteurs locaux LuxembourgBecause supermarket food is good, but consuming alternatively local and fair-trade food is better, Just Arrived suggests a selection of six places or brands in Luxembourg offering fresh fruits and vegetables!

Sandrine and her fresh baskets : Gault & Millau Personality 2018

Based in Munsbach, Sandrine also sells fresh, local, often organic and seasonal fruits and vegetables. Collaborating with some suppliers, she takes advantage of her premises and farm to offer a wide range of products to her customers. On site, the customers can fill their baskets with the products of their choice for a quite decent price. Although located a little far from downtown, Sandrine and her baskets have quickly developed a reputation in Luxembourg since many famous Luxembourgian top chefs get their supplies from her !

Sandrine has been named the 2018 Gault & Millau Belux personality of the year!

As a bonus, you are given the choice, a very friendly welcome and the scenery.

More information on Les Paniers de Sandrine.

Terra Coop and its associative concept

Based in Eicherfeld, Terra is a member of the Association for the preservation of farming agriculture (Association pour le Maintien de l’Agriculture Paysanne, AMAP) which offers people who don’t have a garden or time to grow their own fruits and vegetables the opportunity to eat fresh and local foods. To do this, you only have to join the association and pay a fee in order to receive every week a basket containing weekly harvest (fruits, vegetables, roots, herbs, etc.). As a bonus, your basket contains fresh, organic and local products that vary according to the season, and which won’t be revealed until you order ! More information on TerraCoop.

Avocado and its original food baskets

The Avocado concept consists in providing organic unprocessed, fresh, local, regional or European food baskets for the preparation of three to five meals (at the customer’s choice) over a week. Avocado offers several themed baskets such as DIY, juice, vegetarian, vegan, low-carbon baskets, etc. Every basket is delivered to your home. It is then up to you to prepare your meals based on the content of your order. As a bonus, meal recipes and ideas are provided with your food basket !

More information on

Le Chat Botté and its Bio Bottes

Based in Bergem, Le Chat Biotté also offers baskets of organic fruits and vegetables (called “bio bottes”, thus alluding to the brand’s name), which are almost entirely composed of local products harvested in surrounding farms. These products are classified into three different types of baskets : the energy basket (composed entirely of fruits), the vegetarian basket (composed entirely of vegetables) and the mixed basket. The service is subscription-based (from one month to one year) and offers a good value for money (33 euros/box). As a bonus, recipes are also provided with your order !

More information on Le Chat Biotté.

Co -Labor and its broad selection of bio baskets

Located in Walferdange, Co-labor offers several varieties of fruit and vegetable baskets : garden basket, fruit basket, “basic” basket, family basket, etc. Each basket includes local products from orchards and vegetable gardens in Beggen, Syren, Bertrange and Sanem. When the production decreases in our regions, we add other organic fruits and vegetables from the region or from Europe.

The price of the baskets ranges from 15 to 27 euros. Co-labor also offers bread, honey, juice and organic eggs. As a bonus, enjoy a wide variety of products ! You can pick up your order in Walferdange or in Luxembourg and home delivery is possible.

More informations on Co-labor

OUNI  and its respect for the environment

For the summer of 2016, OUNI, the first organic and package-free grocery in Luxembourg will open its doors ! OUNI stands for “Organic Unpackaged Natural Ingredients” and means “without” in Luxembourgish. It will offer many bulk products to be picked up and weighted directly with your own containers, and also other products sold in returnable containers. The brand will offer not only a great number of organic food products, but also local and fair-trade personal care and household products which are package-free or with reusable packaging. An admirable alternative to the others traditional supermarkets.

More info on OUNI