Shopping in Luxembourg: what do you need to know?

Shopping in Luxembourg

For newcomers to Luxembourg, these pages contain all the information you need for shopping in Luxembourg.

Luxembourg offers a wide range of stores, supermarkets, shopping centers, local markets, etc. to satisfy all the essential needs of families and the diverse desires of fashionistas.

Luxembourg City, a must for shoppers

Luxembourg's capital offers an astonishing mix of traditional stores, international chain stores, luxury boutiques and ultra-modern shopping malls. 

Downtown boutiques

Depending on your desires and financial means, you can visit the Gare district or the Ville-Haute district. Here you'll find the exclusive boutiques of luxury brands such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Hermès.

Shopping centers for a complete shopping experience

Shopping malls offer less expensive boutiques and brands, but for an equally interesting and entertaining shopping experience.

If you prefer to shop in a larger environment, Luxembourg's shopping centers are the place to be. The City Concorde shopping center offers a luxury shopping experience, while La Belle Etoile offers a variety of boutiques to suit all budgets. Discover world-renowned brands and enjoy a full day of shopping and entertainment. And don't miss the latest shopping centers, such as Royal Hamilius and La Cloche d'Or in the Gasperich district.

Local stores

Less visible, the local stores and boutiques are also well worth a visit. You can make fabulous finds or get used to them. As you stroll around Luxembourg, you may come across a store with more artisanal products or a themed selection.

Weekly grocery shopping and provisioning

Supermarkets in Luxembourg

Hypermarkets and supermarkets in Luxembourg offer an exceptional shopping experience with a highly diversified range of quality products. From local products to international brands, the shelves are well-stocked. Popular supermarkets include Cactus, Auchan, Delhaize and soon Leclerc.

Weekly markets

In Luxembourg, residents can find plenty of fresh produce on the stalls of local weekly markets. Explore them to find organic produce or discover locally grown products. Support local producers and sample the flavours of Luxembourg and the Greater Region.

And don't miss the Advent markets in November/December to stock up on folk products and original gifts.

Practical tips for shopping in Luxembourg

When embarking on a day's shopping in Luxembourg, a few practical tips can make your experience more enjoyable.

First of all, most stores accept credit cards and cell phone payments. Nevertheless, it's always a good idea to carry some cash, especially in local markets and small stores.

Store opening times in Luxembourg can vary, so it's essential to plan your shopping day. Most supermarkets are open from Monday to Saturday, while shopping centers have extended opening hours, often offering a late-night shopping experience on Fridays. Be sure to check specific times to maximize your shopping time.

Stores are generally closed on Sundays, except for special events.

Shopping events in Luxembourg

Several events are the occasion for discounts or reductions in Luxembourg stores.

Sales periods

This is particularly true of winter and summer sales. Discounts can be quite substantial, up to 70% off past collections. Don't miss these seasonal sales periods, which are ideal for bargains onhome furnishings too.

Special shopping events

Fréijoershopping takes place in early spring. Stores are open on Sundays for the occasion.

More specifically, the Mantelsonndeg offers discounts on winter coats. This event takes place at the end of October and is dedicated to clothing.

The Grande Braderie de Luxembourg in September is also an excellent opportunity. Traders liquidate their stocks on the sidewalk.

Other holidays, such as Lovers' Day in February, Mother's Day and Father's Day, are used by retailers to boost sales.

Festivals for furniture and cars

Two major events over several days celebrate the furniture and automotive sectors.

The Miwwelfestival takes place in spring and autumn. It offers discounts in furniture stores.

The Autofestival takes place at the beginning of the year, traditionally in January. It offers the chance tobuy a new vehicle at very attractive prices.

Buying in the Greater Region

The Greater Region offers the opportunity to find certain products cheaper than in Luxembourg.

Take advantage of Luxembourg's proximity to the Greater Region for a unique cross-border shopping experience. Explore markets in France, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg to discover a variety of products and cultures.

Visit this page to find out more about shopping in Luxembourg.

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