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Whether you are a resident of Luxembourg City or not, you can use the different car parks of the City Center of the capital.
Beware, however, of the problem of parking, especially at lunchtime when the car parks are taken by assault. It will often need patience to have a parking place.

If you are resident in Luxembourg City, you can benefit from a residential parking sticker which authorize you to pay less.

Car parks in the city

There are different car parks in the city, in the different districts :

Central station

  • Fort Wedell : 320 places
  • Gare : 603 places
  • Rocade 200 places
  • Nobilis : 90 places
  • Plaza Liberty : 100 places
  • Neipperg : 667 places

Ville-Haute, old town : 

  • Brasserie Clausen : 270 places
  • Knuedler : 350 places,  currently being expanded with nearly 250 additional spaces by 2021
  • Monterey : 340 places
  • Saint-Esprit : 180 places
  • Stade : 400 places
  • Théâtre : 335 places
  • Royal-Hamilius : 628 places, 410 for public use.

Kirchberg district :

  • Adenauer : 414 places
  • Auchan : 2766 places
  • Coque : 593 places
  • LuxExpo : 1400 places
  • Europe : 800 places
  • 3 Glands : 500 places

Limpertsberg district :

  • Glacis : 1007 places
  • Rond-Point Schuman : 270 places

You can use them the time necessary, while doing you shopping, and then pay according to the time you stayed. It costs 1 or 3 euros per hour.

You can find the list and location of car parks located in the territory of the City of Luxembourg on the VDL website. Don’t forget to download the City-App, you will find a lot of information on the City, including parkings.

You can also consult the number of free places in the car parks when you arrive in the city.

Free car parks P + R

If you work in the city, there is a less expensive solution which consists in parking in the free car parks on the outskirts of the city marked P + R (Park & Ride). With public transports, you can reach the center of the city by bus or tram.

P + R Bouillon, Luxembourg-South and Kockelscheuer are free for 24 hours. From the 25th hour of parking, the price is 10 € per day started.

Parking label for residents and parking disc

Parking and car parks, in the various areas of Luxembourg-City, are organised by different coloured zones. The maximal duration of parking and the rates vary in each zone.

As a resident in the town of Luxembourg you can benefit from a free parking in the city. More information here.

Free parking for 2 hours with parking disc

You can park for free for up to 2 hours in Luxembourg-City if you don’t forget to display your parking disc (please note it depends on the district). Warning: indicate the time departure, not arrival!

If your car was registered abroad, you can get a temporary vignette which is valid for 6 months.

Parking your vehicle in Luxembourg with a parking permit

Call2Park : payment of parking fees by mobile phone

Purchase of electronic parking tickets using a mobile phone

Payment system for parking in Luxembourg-City. This system allows you to buy your parking tickets via your mobile phone. Payment is made by credit card. Free inscription on the website and with a Luxembourgish mobile phone which has been registered, send an SMS to 62345 (max. 25 cents per sms).

“Parking” App on smartphones

There is a very useful app Parking, that you can download on your smartphone : Parking on IOS or on Google Play.
I allows you to know in real time how many car places are left in which parking. Very useful!