Parking, parking lots and other solutions

Getting around by car in Luxembourg is relatively easy. The roads are well maintained. On the other hand, it may be more difficult to park in the center of Luxembourg. Beware of the parking problem, especially at lunchtime when the parking lots are full. You will often have to be patient at the entrance of the parking lots to get a space.

Parking in the parking lots

Paying parking lots in the city of Luxembourg

To park in Luxembourg, you can use the different parking lots of the capital.

The number of free spaces in Luxembourg City’s parking lots is indicated at the entrance to the city on dedicated signs. This will allow you to quickly find the one that suits you best.

The rates offered are generally from 1 to 3 euros per hour depending on the parking lot. Once your vehicle is parked, you can stay as long as you want. You pay on the way out according to the duration of your parking. Rates are posted at the car entrance. Remember to keep your ticket with you, it will be required to re-enter the parking lot and retrieve your car.

Station area:

  • Train station : 535 places
  • Ring road 200 places
  • Nobilis : 105 places
  • Plaza Liberty : 101 places
  • Neipperg: 515 places. Possibility of paying for parking by phone with Payconiq (pilot project)
  • Fort Wedell: 310 seats

Downtown area :

  • Brasserie Clausen: 250 seats
  • Knuedler: 350 spaces, currently being expanded with nearly 250 additional spaces and larger locations. Progessive reopening in 2022.
  • Monterey: 340 seats
  • Saint-Esprit : 180 places, closed for works
  • Theater: 335 seats
  • Stadium : 400 places
  • Royal-Hamilius: 404 for public use, the remaining spaces are reserved for residents of the Royal Hamilius space.

Sector Kirchberg:

  • Adenauer : 414 places
  • Auchan : 2.766 places
  • Hull: 593 seats
  • LuxExpo : 1.400 places
  • Europe: 800 seats
  • 3 Acorns: 500 seats
  • Gernsback (Rond Point Serra ) : 595 places

Limpertsberg area:

  • Parking Glacis: 1,007 spaces. Attetnion, the parking lot is not accessible during the Schueberfouer.
  • Rond-Point Schuman : 400 places

The Schuman, Stade and Glacis parking lots are free on Saturdays and Sundays.

Parking apps on smartphones

  • A “Parking” app is available on smartphones and allows you to know in real time the availability of the main parking lots of the City of Luxembourg.
    can download this Parking App on your smartphone.
  • You will find the list and location of the parking lots located in the City of Luxembourg on the VDL website. Don’t forget to download the City-App which will give you a lot of information about the city and the available parking lots.

Free P+R parking

For a more economical solution, especially if you work in the city, you can park in the free parking lots on the outskirts of Luxembourg City. Noted P+R (Park & Ride), these parking lots are perfect for reaching the center via free public transport .

They have excellent connections to buses and streetcars, especially during rush hour.

Parkings P+R LuxembourgP+R on the outskirts of Luxembourg City

The objective of the P+R is to encourage motorists to leave their cars and use public transport instead.

Located on the outskirts of Luxembourg City, these P+R parking lots are free for 24 hours. From the 25th hour of parking, the rate is 10 € per day started.

  • P+R Bouillon, Rue de Bouillon
  • P+R Luxembourg-Sud near the A3 freeway in Hespérange
  • P+R Kockelscheuer located. in the vicinity of the Kockelscheuer ice rink
  • P+R Cloche d’Or, awaiting final location
  • P+R Esch-Belval

Within the framework of the Mobility Plan 2035, the Bouillon parking lot will be demolished and moved closer to Esch-sur-Alzette along the A4 near the Um Monkeler area.

Another P+R called P+R West will be built halfway between Strassen and Bertrange. It will offer a connection with the tramway.

P+R at border areas

There are also P+R parking facilities at the Luxembourg borders. They can be found in the following places:

  • Esch-sur-Alzette
  • Belval
  • Audun-le-Tiche
  • Hettange Grande
  • Volmerange
  • Metz Woippy, Foire expo, Rochambeau
  • Elange
  • Ottange
  • Roussy le Village with a connection to the Kirchberg.

Parking on the street, rates

If you don’t choose a parking lot, you can also park on the streets in the spaces reserved for this purpose.

To validate your parking and avoid being fined, you have the choice of paying in cash (always have change on you) or by paying with Call2Park.

Call2Park: payment of parking fees by cell phone

call2park LuxembourgCall2Park is a parking payment system set up by the City of Luxembourg. It allows you to buy your electronic parking tickets using a cell phone. Payment is made by credit card. The amount paid depends on the number of minutes of parking used.

To use the Call2Park system, register free of charge on the Call2Park website and indicate your car registration number. To pay your parking ticket, simply send an SMS using one of the (Luxembourg) cell phones that have been registered in advance.

EU blue zone parking disc

Some areas allow time-limited parking with a blue disc, as required by the European Union’s Highway Code.
Blue zones are identified by blue signs with a white P and a parking disc symbol.
The authorized parking time is generally 1h30 with the blue disc indicating the arrival time in evidence behind the windshield.
You can buy these blue discs at gas stations.

Street parking rates in Luxembourg

Parking in the streets of Luxembourg is subject to a fee from Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm, and on Saturday from 8am to 6pm. On Sundays and holidays, parking is free.

Parking is organized into different colored zones with maximum parking times and hourly rates associated with each parking zone.

  • white zone: maximum 30 minutes of authorized and free parking
  • orange zone: 2 hours maximum parking, rate 2 €/hour
  • yellow zone: 3 to 5 hours maximum parking for the roadside, 5 to 10 hours maximum parking for the parking lots at a rate of 1 €/hour
  • green zone : 5 hours maximum parking – 2 €/h for the first 3 hours, then 1,50 €/h
  • purple zone: 10 hours maximum of parking at the rate of 0,5 € /h

Please note that the more densely populated and frequented areas such as the Centre, the Station and Clausen do not always comply with these rules.

Parking Vignette in Luxembourg

If you are a resident of Luxembourg City, you are eligible for a residential parking sticker.

The The parking sticker is reserved for residents of the Luxembourg capital. It allows them to park for free and without time limit in their neighborhood of residence. These stickers must be placed behind the windshield of your vehicle so that they are visible from the outside. There are 3 different types of parking stickers: annual, temporary (valid for 20 days) or visitor (valid for 3 months at a cost of 16 euros).

How resident parking stickers work

Applications for a resident’s sticker must be supported by a certificate of residence from the City of Luxembourg and a registration certificate issued in the applicant’s name.
Residential parking stickers in Luxembourg City are now allocated per individual, and not per household, as was previously the case.

The number of parking stickers per person is now limited to a maximum of 3. Obtaining a 4th sticker is now prohibited. The first sticker is free, the following ones are charged with a progressive rate. In addition, the registration of several vehicles on a single sticker has also been prohibited. Only one vehicle can be assigned to a parking sticker.

You are also entitled to 2 hours of free parking on the entire territory of Luxembourg City if you do not forget to put your white disc issued at the same time as the residents’ parking sticker. (be careful, the duration may vary depending on the neighborhood and don’t forget to note the estimated time of departure! ).

Professional parking sticker

Certain professional activities such as medical professions, home help or breakdown services benefit from a special parking right in the City of Luxembourg. The request must be made to the administrative services.

Don’t forget! Driving in Luxembourg requires to be in good administrative standing with your vehicle and to respect some driving rules.

Parking stickers for other municipalities

Other municipalities offer the possibility of residential parking stickers in specific regulated zones within the municipality.

This is the case of the cities of Esch-sur-Alzette, Hespérange, Strassen, Pétange, Differdange, Bettembourg, … which offer residential parking stickers to the residents of the municipality. This allows them to park for free in certain areas.

Please contact the administration of your municipality of residence for more information.

If your car is registered abroad, you can obtain a temporary sticker valid for 6 months.