Sandweiler is one of the municipalities adjacent to the city of Luxembourg, located 3,1 miles southeast of Luxembourg. There are two villages : Sandweiler and Findel where is located the airport of Luxembourg.

Key figures

Population: 3,340
Area: 8 km2
Style: Family , Rustic

Sandweiler, a dynamic commune close to the City of Luxembourg

The municipality of Sandweiler is dominated by the Luxembourg-Findel international airport, the only international airport of Luxembourg and the fifth busiest one of the European freight. Located North and West of the town of Sandweiler, the village is not affected by the noise of the planes.

Sandweiler is home to an american war cemetery which can be visited.

The commune is also surrounded by forests and offers a lot of walking or running around the village
Sandweiler, a very attractive commune next to the city

62 nationalities are represented with a majority of Luxembourgian residents. More and more foreigner residents are living in this nice city close to the town of Luxembourg.

Interesting infrastructures such as “The youth house”, open to all young people between 12 and 26 years, makes the municipality dynamic at the social level, and attractive for families.

Regarding transportation, this municipality is well served by several bus lines. It is also possible to ride from Sandweiler to Luxembourg thanks to three bicycle paths, and to return by train.

Sandweiler is also the headquarters of the National Society for Technical Control (Société Nationale du Contrôle technique), where, the Luxembourgian resident must go, sooner or later, in order to check the condition of his car. Indeed, the vehicles registered in Luxembourg are compulsorily covered by a valid roadworthiness certificate.

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