Clausen is one of the oldest neighbourhoods in the City and its history ties in to that of breweries dating back to the 12th century.
Very busy at night, it is a place to go out in Luxembourg.

Key figures

Population: 935
Area: 3 km2
Style: Young

Clausen, a trendy place in the capital of Luxembourg

Clausen is renowned for its nightlife as the old site of the Mousel and Clausen brewery is now bars and restaurants. It is called « Rives de Clausen », and is one of the trendiest areas in the City of Luxembourg.

Located to the west of the Pfaffenthal and to the south west of Kirchberg, Clausen is part of the lower fortified town of the City.

Good to know about Clausen

Schools: there is a primary school in the neighbourhood. Have a look at the school section in Just Arrived for schools in Luxembourg.

Transport/bus: 9 and 23 serve the area.

Housing: Have a look at the prices for housing (rent or buy) by neighbourhood in Luxembourg City.

Characteristics of Clausen

Clausen is split in two separate areas: one dedicated to nightlife and the other more calm, residential and family oriented located near the Clausen church.

Also some companies specialising in e commerce and social networks have set up here.

Clausen, a lively neighborhood close to the business district

Slightly on the outskirts of the city, Clausen is at the bottom of a valley, which is better known for its nightlife than its neighbourhood. However, being close to Kirchberg, Clausen offers the possibility to live in a tree-lined area not far from the business district.