Help for people with special needs

Facilitating your integration in Luxembourg

Raising awareness among people with special needs

Making Luxembourg City "A city for everyone"! Every year, Luxembourg City organizes special needs awareness weeks. The aim of this initiative is to stimulate exchanges and raise residents' awareness of the specific needs of certain people...

Dinner in the Dark" in Luxembourg

Once again this year, several Luxembourg City restaurants are joining in the action. They are offering "Diners in the Dark". For the occasion, blind people will guide participants through their meal. Several dates are available for these dark dinners. Places are limited, so advance reservations are essential. So book your meal in the dark now.

Reflection days for people with special needs

Those with an interest in the subject can meet with associations and people in charge at themed "Journées de réflexion". They can exchange views on actions already undertaken and priorities for the coming months. These workshops take place at the Bonnevoie Cultural Center. 

An "Inclusion" gala usually closes these Awareness Weeks. This one will take place at the Conservatoire de Musique in Merl on the theme of Art and Culture.

You can find the full program and practical information for these Special Needs Awareness Weeks at .

Allowances and assistance for the disabled

In 2007, Luxembourg ratified the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Since then, numerous initiatives and measures have been taken to meet the needs of people with disabilities.

Long-term care insurance for the disabled in Luxembourg

Long-term care insurance covers the cost of care for disabled people living at home or in a specialized center. To qualify, all purchases and work must first be approved by theAdministration d'évaluation et de contrôle de l'assurance dépendance.

Financial assistance for home improvements for disabled people

In addition, the Ministry of Housing's Service des Aides au Logement offers financial assistance for home adaptations to meet the needs of people with reduced mobility. These aids for special adaptations are designed to make it easier for people with reduced mobility to move around their homes, or to equip kitchens and bathrooms accordingly.  

Other specific aids for the disabled

Disabled children can also benefit from additional financial aid to cover the extra expenses associated with their disability. Parents can contact the Caisse pour l'Avenir de l'Enfant directly to apply for theAllocation Spéciale Supplémentaire.

Anyone suffering from a visual or hearing impairment is also entitled to financial assistance from the Ministry for the Family. This aid enables them to follow vocational training despite their disability. 

Finally, "severely disabled" people can claim a supplementary income (RPGH) when they are no longer able to enter the world of work due to their disability. ADEM is the organization responsible for examining applications for the RGPH.

Mobility and accessibility for the disabled

People with reduced mobility can benefit from a number of services to help them get around and go about their daily lives in Luxembourg.

Transport for people with reduced mobility in Luxembourg

The Adapto service is an on-demand bus service available on presentation of a card. Like all public transport services, Adapto is free of charge.

Thanks to a parking card issued by the Ministry of Transport, disabled people can use parking spaces reserved exclusively for the disabled. The card must be affixed behind the vehicle's windscreen.

There are no longer any priority cards on public transport since it became free.

Roll & Run, the inclusive race of the ING Night Marathon

The Roll&Run is an integral part of the awareness-raising weeks program. You can take part in the inclusive Roll&Run on May 20, 2023 from 5pm.

This race is dedicated solely to people on wheels or castors. Participants can enjoy the friendly atmosphere of theING Night Marathon .The Roll&Run starts at 6pm, for all participants on wheels or castors.

The Roll&Run is open to all, wheelchair users, parents with baby carriages, etc. However, electric machines, bicycles, skates and rollerblades are not permitted.

Starting from the Champ du Glacis in the Limperstberg district, participants enjoy the extraordinary atmosphere of the ING Marathon. Festive and friendly atmosphere guaranteed! The race is not timed.

The entry fee is 5 euros. All proceeds will be donated to the "LUX Rollers Asbl" association.

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