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Social assistance Luxembourg|Kajutel

Are you in Luxembourg and in need of assistance as a parent or child? Here are some useful addresses and telephone numbers for individual and/or family well-being.

Emergency for children and teenagers in Luxembourg

Office National de l'Enfance

ONE's mission is to listen to families and prevent risks or runaways among young people aged 0 to 27. This state service intervenes for all children and young adults in distress and living in Luxembourg.

The service works with both the young people concerned and their parents or family members. Depending on the situation, ONE will take all necessary measures to provide help and assistance. A financial contribution may be requested depending on the situation.

Contact: Office national de l'enfance 33, Rives de Clausen L-2165 Luxembourg
Tel: (+352) 247-73696, E-mail: one@one.etat.lu

Missing or distressed children: 116,000

Is your child missing or in distress? You can call the European emergency number 116 000.

This number is available 24/7. TheOffice national de l'enfance luxembourgeois (ONE) will take your call. In collaboration with the Grand-Ducal Police , all measures will be taken to provide you with the necessary answers.

SOS Détresse - 454545.lu

The SOS Détresse association provides help to people in need. Telephone and online hotlines are available in several languages.

Kajutel: free telephone support for young people 116 111

Kajutel (Kanner Jungend Telefon) was created in 1992 by Caritas Jeune et Famille a.s.b.l in association with the Red Cross, the Ligue Médico-sociale and the Kannerschlass Foundation.

Kajutel is a self-help telephone service based in Luxembourg. The service guarantees caller anonymity. You'll find the availability, respect, confidentiality and quality support you need. The organization has several missions:

  • listening to young people(and those close to them),
  • helping to inform young people and their parents about Internet safety through close collaboration with BEE SECURE and Insafe,
  • combat images of child abuse.

KaJuTel helps children and teenagers in Luxembourg, whatever their sex, age, religion, nationality or problem.

Volunteers trained in listening take it in turns to provide an available and competent service. Two psychologists, an educationalist and a secretary are also part of the organization.

How do I contact KaJuTel? To contact a KaJuTel member, dial the free number 116 111. Office hours are Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 5pm to 10pm, Tuesday and Thursday from 2pm to 10pm and Saturday from 2pm to 8pm. You can also visit the kjt.lu website.

Trauerwee, association for young people in mourning

Grieving the loss of a loved one is a difficult stage in a person's life, whatever the circumstances. The "Trauerwee" association helps children and teenagers aged 4 to 15 to rebuild their lives after bereavement. 

To cope with the death of a parent, brother, sister, etc., children and teenagers sometimes need support and guidance. The members of the ASBL are there to help young people come to terms with the loss of a loved one. They give them the keys to rebuilding their lives and moving forward.

Trauerwee offers young people a place to meet, listen and exchange ideas. They can also meet other young people in the same situation. Young people take part in activities where they can express their grief creatively. The association also offers personalized follow-up in the form of home visits or referrals to appropriate therapeutic follow-up.

This self-help service, which complements the support provided by the child's family and friends, is completely free of charge. Trauerwee is run by volunteers. The help service is available in several languages (French, English, German, Portuguese, Luxembourgish and Scandinavian).

Trauerwee also organizes seminars and support sessions for widowed mothers and fathers.
More information on Trauerwee.lu.

Emergency numbers for parents in Luxembourg

ElterenTelefon, parent support service 26 64 05 55

Have you just arrived in Luxembourg and your child is having trouble integrating socially (language or cultural problems, teasing, etc.) at nursery or school? Is your child experiencing problems at home? Do you need advice on your child's education or well-being? Would you like to talk about the difficulties you're experiencing as a parent and get some help? Think about the "écoute parents" service!

Created in 1992, Ecoute parents is a listening, advice and information telephone service for people in contact with children. The platform is easily accessible. Elterentelefon offers a high-quality service, and preserves the anonymity of the parents who call in, in order to safeguard their privacy.

The Ecoute parents service is run by skilled volunteers who receive ongoing training to provide an effective service to those seeking their help.

Online Help supporting parents" is also available in English.

The service can be accessed online via the Kanner-Jugendtelefon website: www.kjt.lu or by calling 2664 0555.

Passage, support group for English-speaking parents

Passage is a support group for English-speaking parents in Luxembourg. With Passage, you'll find a community of parents and professionals to discuss their child's education, health and development.

The Passage website covers topics such as becoming a parent, child development, education and special needs, as well as where to find information and support for international communities.

For parents: organization of monthly support group meetings as well as informative courses, workshops and seminars.

For professionals: regular workshops and meetings, as well as professional development opportunities.

For more information on the dates of future events and to find Passage articles, please visit the Passage.lu website.

Info-Handicap, all the answers about disability

Created in 1993 and under agreement with the Ministry of Family and Integration, Info-Handicap's mission is to :

  • answer any questions about disability in Luxembourg
  • provide information and guidance to disabled people and their families, including on legal issues
  • raise public awareness of disability issues, including through training courses
  • to promote accessibility for disabled people in Luxembourg.

Info-Handicap has been accredited as a professional training center since 2012. Companies wishing to do so can find a wide range of training courses related to the inclusion of people with disabilities, including accessibility for all, reception, diversity, transport, communication, etc.

A number of information and awareness-raising documents are available on the Info-Handicap website, including a comprehensive Disability Guide to help you find answers to disability-related questions in all areas of life: children, school, work, financial aid, housing, transport, legal framework.

Find out more about the Special Needs Weeks organized by the City of Luxembourg

Résolux, an information tool for assistance services

Resolux is a website set up by Info-Handicap. It offers an easy-to-use, almost exhaustive search tool for a list of specialized services and care centers in Luxembourg.

These services are listed in a comprehensive manner and are aimed at a wide range of people seeking help or assistance: tourists, expats, people with reduced mobility, retirees, delinquents, refugees, people in distress or dependent, ....

Looking for other associations to help you integrate as a newcomer to Luxembourg? Then click here.

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