Grund, the typical charm of a preserved historic district

Nested in the fortified lower town of Luxembourg, just a stone’s throw from the center, the Grund district is known for its cultural and architectural heritage. The Grund has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1994.
Quiet and central, this district is, together with the Clausen district and the Pfaffenthal, one of the most authentic and charming in the city of Luxembourg.  

Located in the lower fortified part of town it follows the Pétrusse river, which joins the Alzette (Uelzecht).

Key figures

Population: 931 at the end of 2018, 39,63% luxembourgish and 60,37% foreigners
Area: 3 km2
Style: Artistic, historical, classical

The Grund, peaceful and unspoilt area of Luxembourg City

The Grund area is calm and still has the atmosphere of a small village. It is a really nice and historic place for a walk and an ideal place to stroll in Luxembourg. Located in a basin, you will have to go down via the Saint-Esprit lift or walking the small winding cobbled streets to reach it. But it’s worth it! Walking is the best way to savor the peace and tranquility of the neighborhood.

With its quiet and relaxing atmosphere, the Grund district is a great place to wander around, in both summer and winter, to enjoy the beautiful landscapes. It is surrounded by trees, stone buildings and ancient bridges. There, simply look up to enjoy a magnificent view of the green heights of the Ville-Haute or discover a detail on the historic buildings.

A welcoming atmosphere in the Grund

The place was historically the most populated area in the seventeenth century. Today, the Grund is a district with less than 1,000 inhabitants and is preserved from traffic. It is a charming place, which beautifully combines its architectural heritage, culture, and places to go out.

Some buildings, like the Abbaye de Neumunster, are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The cobbled streets dating from the 10th century (such as the « Bisserwee »), walls and buildings from the 14th century characterise this very nice and charming neighbourhood.

The Grund is a good starting point for pedestrian walks on the Vauban circuit, or for cycling to Hespérange. Sometimes, cohorts of tourists cause traffic nuisance and noise for residents of the neighborhood.

The Grund is an attractive area as it is so charming, close to the City centre and a very trendy place to go out at night. You’ll find charming “British” style places, bars and restaurants, to go in the evening, when the neighborhood comes to life.

Amenities in the Grund

There are small shops, a guest room, one of the two 2-star Michelin restaurants, the National Museum of Natural History,…

Schools: no schools in this neighbourhood, there is a school foyer. See our education column.

Transport/bus: few public transport services other than buses 20 and 23 to the Grund. It is better to use the Saint Esprit lift or walk up the cobbled Bisserwee to the upper part of Luxembourg City.

Housing: finding housing in this district is quite difficult. Have a look at the prices for housing (rent or buy) by neighbourhood in Luxembourg City.

Sports facilities: Pétrusse skatepark, outdoor fitness area, a multi-sport field, minigolf. 

Artistic activities : in Summer, visit Konscht am Gronn

Other activities: see Park of Pétrusse

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