Grund, the typical charm of a preserved historical district

Nestled in the lower fortified part of Luxembourg City, a stone’s throw from the center, the Grund district is known for its cultural and architectural heritage. The Grund has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1994.

Population of the Grund district

Number of inhabitants as of January 1, 2022

  • % of population of the city of Luxembourg 0,8% 0,8%
  • of foreign population 56,3% 56,3%

Number of different nationalities

The Grund, an ideal place to stroll in Luxembourg

Quiet and central, the Grund district is one of the most authentic and charming in Luxembourg City, along with the Clausen district and the Pfaffenthal. It follows the meanders of the Pétrusse river, which flows into the Alzette (Uelzecht) at this point. It offers the opportunity for nice romantic outings, apart from the lively bars and restaurants at night.

Located in the lower part of the city, you will have to take the Holy Spirit elevator or go down the small winding cobblestone streets. The walk is charming. A walk through the Grund allows you to enjoy the peace and quiet of this area.
Summer and winter alike, enjoy the beautiful streets, stone buildings and old bridges. The walk along the Alzette is very pleasant. Just look up to enjoy a sumptuous view of the green heights of the Upper Town or discover a detail of the historic buildings.

Some of its buildings are classified as Unesco heritage, such as theAbbey of Neumünster. Some cobbled streets date back to the 10th century. This is the case of the “Bisserwee”.) Other buildings were built in the 14th century.
The Grund is a nice starting point for a walk on the Vauban circuit, or for a bike ride to Hespérange.

The Grund district is known for its quietness and its atmosphere of a small preserved village. During the summer months, crowds of tourists cause traffic and noise pollution for the local residents.

Amenities in the Grund

Historically the most populated district of the city in the 17th century, it is today a district with less than 1,000 inhabitants. It remains preserved from the traffic and animation of the city center. The Grund is very popular for its welcoming and quiet atmosphere, the beauty of its streets and its rustic decorations. It is nevertheless difficult to park there.

You will find charming places, bars and restaurants, with nice terraces in summer. An ideal place to go out for a drink or to eat in one of its restaurants when the neighborhood comes alive.

There are small shops, a bed and breakfast, one of the two Michelin 2 star restaurants, the National Museum of Natural History, …

Schools: noschools in this neighborhood. There is a school foyer.

Transport/bus: little public transport apart from buses 20 and 23 to the Grund. It is best to take the Holy Spirit elevator or walk up the cobblestone Bisserwee Street to reach the upper town.

Sports facilities: skatepark of the Pétrusse, outdoor fitness area, a multi-sports field, a miniature golf course,

Other activities: the walks in the Parc de la Pétrusse are a real pleasure.

During the summer season, every first Sunday of the month, visit the exhibition Konscht Am Gronn.

Living in the Grund district in Luxembourg

Style: artistic, historical, tourist

Housing: housing offers in this area are limited. Consult the advertised prices for housing (rent/purchase) by district of Luxembourg-City. You can also consult our special page comparing neighborhoods where to live in Luxembourg.