Outings and entertainment: information and tickets

Outings program in Luxembourg

Do you like to attend shows or concerts? Luxembourg is interesting in terms of outings since more and more international stars make stopover in Luxembourg in their world tour.

Several facilities can accommodate them, whether at the Rockhal, the Atelier, the conservatory, the Philharmonie or even at the Neumünster Abbey for more intimate concerts with a special atmosphere. So far from the great concerts of Wembley, Paris-Bercy or Madison Square Garden … , but what a pleasure to be a few meters from Shakira or Sting!

How to be informed about concerts and outings in Luxembourg?

To find all information and ticketing services in Luxembourg for concerts, shows, theaters,…the main Luxembourgish media to follow for cultural information is the City Magazine of the City of Luxembourg whose subscription is free. You will find in this bilingual French / English monthly magazine the “City Agenda”. It covers what is happening in town and neighbouring areas.

Resolutely focused on outings to do with children, the site Kidsagenda.lu provides information on all kinds of activities for children in Luxembourg. You will also find information on how to buy tickets and many price indications for different events.

The “den Atelier” website will also allow you to keep informed of the concerts and other live shows on the different musical stages in Luxembourg. You can also buy your tickets directly.

Other websites like infoconcert.com also offers an overview of concerts and shows in Luxembourg.

Ticket purchasing for concerts and shows

Luxembourg Ticket is the national ticket office for theaters, concerts and other cultural events in Luxembourg. You will find on the website the points of sale where you can buy your show tickets directly at a counter.

The site insternet denAtelier also allows you to buy directly tickets for concerts in Luxembourg.

Do not hesitate to take a look at the ticketing service of on the 1st floor of the shopping center in Kirchberg which also offers outings throughout the Greater Region, including the Galaxie in Amnéville.

International concerts and shows are in high demand, tickets are sold out very quickly, so book early. Eventually try your luck on groups of expatriates in Luxembourg on facebook, you can find resales of tickets, a few days or weeks before the concert at the price displayed.




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