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Diploma recognition, work experience validation

Diploma recognition in Luxembourg, working experience validation

You have just arrived in Luxembourg or are planning to move there soon ? Don’t forget to let your diplomas be homologated.

If you are looking indeed for work on the Luxembourgian territory, getting recognition for your foreign diplomas from the Luxembourgian institutions is often essential. Just Arrived explains you how to proceed!

A case-by case possibility of equivalence for your degrees

The certificates and diplomas from the secondary education obtained abroad – whether from a general, technical or professional level – may, in the majority of cases, be subject to recognition of equivalence in Luxembourg. Are concerned all people having a diploma equivalent to the baccalaureate or to another high school diploma wishing to pursue academic studies or to get a job in Luxembourg.

Guichet.lu, the administrative website in Luxembourg specifies however that “The recognition of a foreign certificate/ diploma is not automatic, but is decided on a case by case basis. During the recognition procedure, must be distinguished on the one hand the certificates / diplomas from countries that have signed the conventions of Paris and / or Lisbon on the mutual recognition of diplomas, and on the other hand the diplomas from third countries (countries that have not signed the conventions of Paris and / or Lisbon) This distinction implies specific equity conditions and terms.

How much shall a diploma equivalence cost?

To do this, a fee is required and its price varies depending on the country in which the certificate / diploma has been obtained : a sum of 75 euros will be requested for the diplomas issued by signatory countries of the conventions of Paris and Lisbon. For the others (non-signatory countries and holders of an IBO International baccalaureate), 125 euros will be charged.
The tax is payable by transfer to the Postal Cheque account of the registration and domain Administration : IBAN LU13 1111 0011 4679 0000 BICCCPLLULL Wording : recognition of diplomas tax, MENJE, applicant’s name, Date of the application.

How to request an equivalence of my diploma and work experience?

The recognition of equivalence request shall be submitted by regular mail to the Service of the recognition of diplomas of the Ministry of National Education, Childhood and Youth. This mail must contain a written request stating the reason for the request, a complete resume, a copy of an identity document, a copy of the diplomas/ certificates and the proof of payment of the required fee. Note that a refusal of equivalence does not entitle to reimbursement of this payment.
Guichet.lu says that “the persons having a diploma/certificate to be recognized, that are issued from a non-signatory country of the Treaty of Lisbon must also join, either a certificate of achievement of at least 3 years of advanced or university studies in an EU Member country, or a proof of registration at an Institute of higher or university education in an EU member country, or a diploma from an Institute of higher education recognized by a third State, sanctioning advanced study courses lasting at least 3 years and a B2 level language certificate within the common European framework of reference for languages, for the Luxembourgish, French or German language”.
The copies of identity documents and diplomas issued in a country outside the EU must also be certified by an authorized institution, such as the municipal administration, an Embassy or a consulate. The application shall be drafted either in one of the 3 official languages of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (Luxembourgish, French or German), or in English. It takes between 2 and 6 weeks for this request to be taken into account by the Ministry.

Need additional info on recognition of foreign diplomas in Luxembourg?

Contact the recognition of diplomas service from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Childhood.
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Recognition of Foreign Diplomas – Sharing Experience

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Validation of acquired experience

The validation of the acquired experience (VAE) is a procedure that enhances professional experience or extra-professional certifying (under certain conditions).

This procedure applies to everyone, regardless of age, level of education, or professional status.
The candidate obtains at the end of this procedure of validation of his professional experience a certification and a qualification allowing him to possibly change of function, to find more easily a job if he is looking for a job, to progress more quickly in career or to earn credits and time in a training he / she would like to undertake or have already started.

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