Fréijoersshopping, do your spring shopping

  • 23/Mar/2025
  • Luxembourg
Spring shopping FreiJoerShopping Luxembourg
Spring shopping FreiJoerShopping Luxembourg

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What is Fréijoershopping?

Fréijoersshopping in Luxembourg can be translated as Spring Shopping or New Year Shopping. Fréijoershopping is a Luxembourg shopping tradition. So, for this annual event, discover the new spring/summer collections in Luxembourg stores open for the occasion.

During Fréijoershopping, a number of stores in Luxembourg's city center and Gare district open their doors on Sundays . Some are even offering reduced prices.

Fréijoershopping is an opportunity to dress the whole family at reduced prices. But beware, spring in Luxembourg is not always the same. Sometimes rainy and rather cold, sometimes sunny, it gives a foretaste of spring.

Overall, however, temperatures are still cool in early spring. Expect a maximum of 14-15 degrees in April. But temperatures can rise quite quickly. And it's not uncommon to have sunny days with temperatures approaching 18 or 20 degrees Celsius in May.

Beware, however, of scattered rains, with the famous March sleet, which can arrive later. Luxembourg has a semi-continental climate.

So, when it comes to shopping, you can opt for lightweight outfits from April onwards. But beware: there's a famous saying that goes, "In April, you don't lose a thread". Trust it if you don't want to be nursing coldsat home!

Ideally, children should wear a mid-season coat or jacket to school in the morning. They can then take it off if they're too hot to play in the playground. Don't forget an umbrella or raincoat - they'll come in handy.

Spring shopping in Luxembourg

As well as clothes, Fréijoershopping is also an opportunity to think about landscaping your garden or balcony, if you're lucky enough to have one.

Terraces can be equipped with tables and garden furniture for a morning coffee in the sun. Braziers are also available, enabling you to stay out a little later in the evening despite the daytime chill.

Once the "Saints de glace" (Saint Mamert, Saint Pancrace, Saint Servais, Saint Yves and Saint Urbain) have passed from May 11 to 25, we can start thinking about planting tomatoes and flowers for a pretty garden and balcony this summer, and enjoying good tomatoes.

The pleasures of Fréijoershopping in Luxembourg

Fréijoershopping is also an opportunity to enjoy the terraces of cafés and restaurants. With the return of fine weather, the terraces come alive with the first rays of sunshine, much to the delight of passers-by. Take the opportunity to enjoy a drink on the terraces of Place d'Armes in Luxembourg.

Between stores, take your children to one of the many parks and playgrounds. If you're in Luxembourg's Ville-Haute area, we recommend Parc Monterey and its large pirate ship. Kids love it!

Spring is a great time for shopping in Luxembourg. It's also the start of the season for flea markets and garage sales .

The Springbreak Fair in March is also an interesting event for discovering the year's new trends.

Looking for a bargain? Find out more about Mantelsonndeg to dress for winter. A great opportunity to dress the family at reduced prices.

You can also take advantage of sales periods: summer sales and winter sales in Luxembourg and the Greater Region.

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