Although the city of Luxembourg occupies a prominent place in the Grand Duchy, from a point of view of economic life, political, where to go out and where to live, the capital, however, is also surrounded by a great number of various municipalities that are worth a visit.

Municipalities in Luxembourg are administrative entities made up of one or more towns or villages. They are autonomous juridictions, governed by a mayor (bourgmestre) and 2 concils (conseil échevinal and municipal) elected for 6 years by their constituents.

The most important municipalities in Luxembourg

The City of Luxembourg is the capital of Luxembourg and the largest city with over 107,000 inhabitants.

It is followed in terms of population by Esch-sur-Alzette which counts more than 30.000 inhabitants, then Differdange with more than 20.000 inhabitants, both located in the south of the country.

The towns of Dudelange, Pétange, Sanem also in the south and Hespérange, central region, represent more than 10,000 inhabitants each.

See geography of Luxembourg.

Municipalities near Luxembourg-City

Several municipalities in the immediate vicinity of Luxembourg City are a good compromise to live with an offer of housing at prices more interesting than the city. Well served by public transport, they offer nurseries and primary schools for your children.

Here we present the adjoining municipalities of the city of Luxembourg. Each commune is often made up of several villages. There are 102 municipalities in Luxembourg.