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Finding accommodation in Luxembourg

The real estate market in Luxembourg is very tight, dominated by homeowners. Despite numerous recent real estate developments, the supply of housing is not sufficient to meet demand. So how can you quickly find the apartment or house of your dreams?

Here you'll find our top tips and tricks for renting or buying the ideal home in Luxembourg. Quickly find the ideal apartment or house to help the whole family settle in.

Our tips for finding accommodation in Luxembourg

Define your search criteria to match your needs

Looking for a house or apartment to buy or rent is not something you can improvise. Work with all members of the household to determine their individual needs.

Write down the characteristics of the property you are looking for

  • number of people in the family, need for separate rooms or not: number of rooms required
  • habits and rhythms of each family member, especially in the morning before going to work or school: number of bathrooms or showers
  • Whether or not you need a separate toilet. In Luxembourg, toilets are often installed in bathrooms.
  • Shared family living space, TV or gaming area,
  • Open kitchen or not,
  • Office or extra room if one of the family members telecommutes,
  • Garden, terrace,
  • Garage,..

Determine your ideal environment

Specify the environment in which you want to live, according to your lifestyle and the needs or desires of each expatriate family member in Luxembourg.

Write down all your criteria and don't hesitate to rework them as you go along. Rank them in order of importance. Is it negotiable or uncompromising?

Refer to this list every time you visit a property. This will avoid missing out on a major criterion for your family's well-being.

Set your budget in line with the market

Once you've determined and rated all the above criteria, check how they match up with what's on the market. You'll then be able to calculate the budget you need to devote to finding your ideal property in Luxembourg.

You can use the real estate portals to determine the price range by searching for homes that meet your criteria. You can also use our information on the Luxembourg real estate market and the latest trends in property prices in Luxembourg.

Define your average and maximum budget. Be sure to factor in additional costs, especially when buying real estate.

Please note that renting a property also requires certain additional costs over and above the monthly rent.

Be proactive in your search

Create alerts on real estate portals

Stay informed about properties for sale or rent. Create alerts on market offers via real estate portals. Check that your pre-defined budget allows you to buy your ideal home. If not, review your criteria or revise your budget if possible.

Contact local real estate agencies

Don't hesitate to contact the real estate agencies (see below) in charge of the properties you like. Let them know that you're looking for the same type of property. They'll include you in their file and will be more inclined to contact you if they know you're a potential buyer.

More and more sales and rentals in Luxembourg are carried out off-market. When agents receive a mandate for a property to rent or to sell, they contact the people on their client files directly. Only properties of lesser quality are advertised on real estate portals or real estate ads.

Find accommodation by word of mouth

Traditional or virtual word-of-mouth, don 't hesitate to let people know you're looking for an apartment or house. Luxembourg is a small world, and it's not uncommon to make your network work for you. Don't know anyone locally? Social networks can help. There are a number of real estate exchange groups for expats and private individuals, notably on Facebook.

Contact professionals to find your home

The best way to find a home is through real estate intermediaries. They know the market. These real estate professionals can help you refine your search and determine your criteria. They can advise you on the different districts of Luxembourg or Luxembourg communes that match your search criteria. They can also recommend properties that match your budget.

Real estate hunters and relocation agencies: effective allies

By entrusting your search to a property hunter, you can delegate the initial research work and the first prospecting visits. The hunter will keep you informed of the progress of his or her search. You can refine your search as you go along, until you find the ideal home for you and your family.

Home search mandates in Luxembourg

To ensure you get the best possible service, you'll probably be asked to sign an exclusive search mandate for a period of 1 or 3 months. Each mandate is specific and determines the service expected. The remuneration of the property hunter's services will be calculated either as a percentage of the sale or rental price, or as a fixed commission. The latter is payable on completion of the service.

Relocation agencies can also help you with the administrative procedures involved in signing the lease or the deed of purchase at the notary's office.

Prepare your purchase or rental file

If you're planning to buy a home, it's a good idea to check with banks and financial institutions beforehand to finalize your financing budget. That way, you'll know from the outset what budget you can devote to your purchase. You'll also be one step ahead of other potential buyers by making a realistic offer to purchase quickly.

If you're renting, you'll need to compile your rental file by assembling the various documents requested: pay slips, proof of income, employment contract, rent receipts, identity papers, deposit if required, etc. Remember to scan them, so you can send them quickly to complete your file. If you go through an intermediary, your application will be forwarded to the landlord more quickly. What's more, your reliability will be an important asset when dealing with other potential tenants.

This will ensure that you don't miss out on the property of your dreams. In Luxembourg, you need to know how to react and not hesitate to position yourself quickly on a property that appeals to you.

Optimize your home visits by visiting them like a true professional. Don't miss out on your ideal home.

Which intermediaries for your real estate search?

Real estate agencies in Luxembourg

There are many real estate agencies in Luxembourg. Whether international networks, local agencies or independents, estate agents are the first point of contact between owners and potential tenants or purchasers.

Consult several real estate agencies

When looking for accommodation in Luxembourg, don't hesitate to consult several real estate agencies. You'll be able to find the partner you can trust and who is sensitive to your wishes. After all, it's important that the agency is familiar with your family's needs.

Make an appointment in advance to present your project

We also recommend that you make an appointment with the real estate agency in advance. This will give you time to explain exactly what you're looking for. If you go directly to an estate agency, you run the risk of not being able to visit anything at the time. Agencies don't necessarily have the keys.

If you're still in your home country, you can also do this over the phone.

Some real estate agencies are specially recommended by the Chambre Immobilière du Grand-Duché Luxembourg. This label guarantees quality service and protects you from potential scams. These partner agencies have signed up to the code of ethics set out in the Quality Charter of the ASBL "CIGDL", which has been operating in the country for over 40 years.

Define your criteria for your real estate project

Define with your estate agent the search criteria for your purchase or rental: desired area, available budget, timeframe, number of bedrooms, etc. As a result, estate agents will be able to find the ideal property for you. Less time wasted for you and for the agency, which will know what you're looking for.

In this way, the agency can make an initial selection of properties to visit and draw up a viewing schedule according to your wishes. They will inform you of the properties that match your requirements and show you the selected properties.

Identify all the contours of your real estate project

If you're looking for a property to rent, you 'll need to pay an agency fee , excluding charges. These fees generally amount to one month's rent excluding taxes. They include research, visits, drafting of the lease and administrative follow-up, including the initial inventory of fixtures.

Whether you're buying or renting, we advise you to carry out an entry and exit inventory of fixtures if you're renting, and at the time of signing the compromis if you're buying, with verification just before the notarial deed. The estate agency will take care of this inventory. The costs are normally included in the agency fees charged.

Agencies will also be able to tell you about any housing subsidies you may be eligible for as a future owner or tenant.

Let our relocation agencies in Luxembourg be your guide

Relocation agencies, expatriation specialists

Are you planning to move to Luxembourg soon? To make sure this expatriation doesn't turn into a nightmare, don't hesitate to call on a relocation agency.

Leaving your home country and moving your whole family to a new country is no easy task. That's why it's important tobe in contact with someone who knows the country and the issues involved in expatriation . Relocation agents are often expatriates in Luxembourg themselves. They were once in the same situation.

Get help from a relocation agency

Finding a home to buy or rent, and dealing with the administrative formalities involved in moving to a new country can be a complicated business. A relocation agency will be able to help you through all these steps to ensure a smooth landing. Particularly when there's a change of language and culture, a local player with years of experience in Luxembourg will be able to give you the best advice.

A soft landing with a relocation agency

Relocation agencies provide a comprehensive service for your relocation to Luxembourg in return for payment. They are your first point of contact to help you find a rental property. They can also help you with all the administrative formalities involved in relocating to the Grand Duchy. 

Relocation agencies will help you settle in Luxembourg. They offer a personalized, professional service. They'll help you find a home, take care of the administrative formalities on arrival, choose a school or crèche for your children, install the telephone in your new home, and connect water, gas and electricity, etc.

Real estate portals in Luxembourg

Specialized websites to learn more about the real estate market

Consulting Luxembourg real estate portals remains one of the best ways of finding out about the Luxembourg real estate market, even from a distance. 

Are you planning to move to Luxembourg? Are you looking for a house or apartment to buy or rent in the Grand Duchy? As soon as you start planning your move to Luxembourg, take a look at the specialized real estate websites. From your current residence, you'll be able to determine your initial search criteria: purchase/rental, house/apartment, number of bedrooms, location, garden... and, of course, your budget.

Create alerts to receive alerts

By creating e-mail alerts and push notifications on real estate portals, you'll be notified in real time of properties matching your search criteria. In just a few clicks, you can then contact agencies or owners directly.

Thanks to real estate portals, you can make an initial selection before visiting the selected properties , and find the property of your dreams to suit your needs and desires.

Which real estate portals to consult in Luxembourg?

Below are the main real estate portals to help you in your search for a home to buy or rent:, No. 1 in real estate in Luxembourg and the Greater Region

The real estate portal is a must for property searchers in Luxembourg.

Whether you're looking for a new or existing home, apartment, house, office, commercial or investment property, land, garage or parking space, atHome remains the leader in the Luxembourg real estate market. The mobile app (available on iOS & Androïd) facilitates your real estate search. Don't hesitate to download it., real estate specialist is also a major player in real estate research in Luxembourg and the Greater Region.

Maps provide information on price ranges and market trends.

Perform your search using the interactive map to see at a glance all the ads that match your criteria. Download the mobile app (iOS & Android) and let it guide you in your home search. You can also follow all the latest real estate news from Luxembourg on the Immotop blog., real estate ads is available on the Internet, as well as in the real estate pages of the daily Luxemburger Wort.

You can compare prices per m2 by city and district. You'll also find all the latest real estate news, to help you find your future home in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg., portal of the Chambre Immobilière du Luxembourg (CIGDL)

Vivi is a real estate advertising and information site set up by the Chambre Immobilière du Grand Duché de Luxembourg (CIGDL). Exclusive ads are also published.

The Chambre immobilière brings together 300 real estate professionals, including estate agencies, condominium managers and developers. By joining the Chambre immobilière, each member undertakes to respect its strict rules and to provide high-quality services.

Still haven't found accommodation for your family? Take a look at our temporary accommodation offers.

In the meantime, take a look at our article on the Luxembourg real estate market to gain a full understanding of the market.

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