Finding temporary accommodation

Short-term temporary accommodation in Luxembourg

Are you looking for furnished accommodation in Luxembourg for a few days, weeks or months?
Whether it's for your studies or a professional assignment, here are our tips for finding short-term accommodation. While you're waiting to find more permanent accommodation as part of an expatriation, find out about temporary accommodation solutions: aparthotels, youth hostels, bed and breakfast, student accommodation, etc.

Finding short-term furnished accommodation

Short-term rental and aparthotels

Apart-hotels are a real mix between a simple property rental and a hotel suite. Generally furnished and well-equipped, these residences offer you theprivacy of an apartment. You can stay alone or with others. Apart-hotels also provide basic hotel services (regular change of bed linen and towels, housekeeping, etc.).

Depending on your wishes, you can opt for a multi-bedroom building or a small, intimate apartment. Some even offer a garden or full sports facilities. Luxembourg offers a wide choice of aparthotels, at a wide range of prices.

A wide range of solutions are available in Luxembourg, for different budgets, from a simple internet search "Appart hotels luxembourg".

Temporary homes and all-inclusive short-term rentals

In Luxembourg, "all-inclusive" property rental offers have recently emerged. These fully furnished rooms are offered in fully equipped houses. Some agencies, such as Altea Immobilière with furnished. lu, specialize in this type of all-inclusive rental.

These rentals are a particularly simple, but sometimes costly, solution.

Guest rooms and gites for temporary rentals

B&Bs offer a warmer, more personalized welcome and real contact with the locals.

Some Luxembourg residents who own their own homes offer rooms in their own homes. These rooms are generally furnished and equipped. While prices are attractive, we advise you to find out in advance about any day-to-day constraints.

This type of temporary accommodation is ideal for people wishing to discover the Grand Duchy and its values through their hosts. By choosing a chambre d'hôtes, you'll be able to talk to the owners and familiarize yourself with Luxembourg more quickly. Your integration will be much easier.

Some chambres d'hôtes even offer the possibility of renting out the entire house as a gite.

A number of websites specialize in "Chambres d'hôtes luxembourg". You're sure to find something of interest on the Internet. Newspaper advertisements and word-of-mouth can also help you find this type of accommodation.

Low-cost and long-term accommodation in youth hostels

Youth hostels are an excellent way to stay in Luxembourg without breaking the bank, whether as part of an internship or a summer job. Aimed primarily at young adults, youth hostels are nevertheless open to anyone wishing to stay in a community. Facilities are clean and of a high standard, even if comfort may seem very basic.

Prices are lower than in hotels, and breakfast is sometimes included in the room rate.

You can also choose the number of people you wish to stay with in your room (the price will depend on this), or make group bookings.

More expensive temporary furnished rental

The "classic" furnished rental also remains a practical but expensive option in Luxembourg. Less restrictive than sharing a flat or renting a room from a private individual, furnished rental lets you feel "at home".

In Luxembourg today, monthly rents are particularly high. The average budget for renting a studio apartment is €1,500. A 10 M2 room will cost you more than 600 euros, unless you opt for accommodation outside the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, in France or Belgium for example. In that case, beware of the transport constraints associated with the growing number of cross-border workers.

Outside Luxembourg City and Esch-sur-Alzette, rental prices for temporary accommodation can quickly drop. If you're on a tight budget, don't hesitate to look at the outskirts of these two cities.

Find out about rental prices in Luxembourg.

To help you in your search for a temporary rental, see also the ways to find a rental available in Luxembourg.

Temporary hotel accommodation in Luxemborug

Do you prefer the hotel solution for temporary accommodation in Luxembourg? In addition to the classic hotel portals on the Internet, call on the Luxembourg City Tourist Office. It will help you make your selection and send you a list of hotels by e-mail.

If you wish, the city's Agence de Tourisme can take care of your reservation. Note that the price of a room in Luxembourg-City is often lower at weekends than on weekdays.
For further information:

Are you a student or trainee? Here's how to rent a student residence. 

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