Music concert, dance Luxembourg

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Thanks to its multicultural character and its status as a European capital, Luxembourg offers a varied and quality musical offer.

The different concert halls or cafés with live music offer an eclectic and diversified programme to suit all musical tastes and all lovers of contemporary, classical or folk dance.

You can attend many classical concerts, preferably at the Philharmonie (Kirchberg district), pop or rock concerts at den Atelier  (Hollerich district) for a more intimate and rather “music live club” side, or at the Rockhal in Esch-Belval for the shows of international stars of greater dimension.

Many dance and ballet shows are also offered, whether in the city’s theatres or in smaller, private halls. We meet here international troupes, as well as local dancers or dancers from all over the world for intercultural shows.

Don’t forget to register on the different websites of the concert halls or show to know the program in advance and be able to book your tickets on time?

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Moreover, do not neglect the many festivals offered in Luxembourg such as the Festival of Migrations for example. They are often the occasion to discover other musics of the world or unknown artists.

A special musical event will delight music lovers and parties: the Music Festival in June, which in Luxembourg lasts for several days!

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Music schools and dance, choirs

Whether it is to discover music, learn to play a musical instrument or sing in a choir, we have selected some activities for you to awaken to the music or to perfect your musical art. Philharmonie offers young children an introduction to music via a series of concerts. These workshops are constituted depending on the age of the participants.