Luxembourg fundamental school system

In Luxembourg, the school attendance is compulsory between 4 years old achieved on the 1st of September of the current year and 16 years old.

Fundamental school system

The Luxembourg fundamental education is dispensed for children for the first 9 years of their schooling and is distributed in 4 fundamental cycles of school learning:

  • The cycle 1 for children from 3 to 5 years old, including the “Précoce” which is optional and nursery school education,
  • The cycle 2 for children from 6 to 7 years old, start of primary education,
  • The cycle 3 for children from 8 to 9 years old,
  • The cycle 4 for children from 10 to 11 years old.

Cycle 1 “Précoce”

A child can integrate the early education from 3 years old onwards, in “Précoce”. Up to this age, you can call the numerous structures of childcare in so that they look after you child, or make him looked after at home.

Cycle 1 “Spillschoul”

From 4 years old, the child necessarily integrates school. He then joins either the Luxembourg fundamental education system, or a private school of your choice, international or Luxembourgish.

Cycles 2, 3 and 4 “Ecole fondamentale”

From the age of 6, children join cycle 2 of fundamental school for a period of two years, cycle 2.1 and 2.2. In the continuity, cycles 3 and 4 are also declined over 2 years: cycle 3.1 and 3.2, cycle 4.1 and 4.2. At the end of these 6 years of primary school, the children then join the secondary or high school education.


Luxembourgish fundamental public school


Registration in fundamental school

When you register with your municipality of residence, your child is automatically registered for his schooling.

As soon as he reaches the compulsory school age, you automatically receive a registration for the primary cycle of the fundamental school on which you depend. If you wish to school your child in an establishment outside of your municipality of residence, you have to send a request to the establishment’s municipal administration before May 1st preceding the school year.

If you registered in your municipality after March 1st or if you receive no mail before April 15th preceding the start of the school year, please contact directly your municipality’s service of education.

The school year generally starts on September 15th and ends on July 15th, except weekends.

As a general rule, the children attend school 3 full days, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8 am till 4 pm with a break of 2 hours at lunch, and 2 half days on Tuesday and Thursday.

Transition centre, extracurricular reception centre

During the registration at the municipality, don’t forget to inform you about the reception centre “Maison Relais”. The children schooled in the municipality are welcomed the morning before school there, for the lunch break, in the evening after school as well as during the school holidays.

For other childcare solutions, click here.

3 official languages learnt within the framework of Luxembourg scholarship

In the Luxembourg system, the education is based on the 3 official languages of the country: Luxembourgish, German and French. “Spillschoul” is traditionally based on oral Luxembourgish only. Very recently, it was decided to integrate French right from this stage.

From the entrance in cycle 2 (primary education), the children begin alphabetisation and reading in German. The learning of written and oral French starts from the 2nd year of cycle 2, in the middle of the year.

You will find all the explanations on the Luxembourg school system on the Ministry of Education, Childhood and Youth’s website.

Orientation after fundamental school

Luxembourg secondary education begins at 12 years old with the entrance into secondary school for either vocational or classic training. The registration in high schools depends on available places. Inquire about the school offer of Luxembourg high schools from cycle 4.1 to determine the orientation of your child.

From cycle 4.1, parents/teachers quarterly interviews allow to prepare the child’s orientation (that is to say, 6 in total) towards secondary education, “classic” or “technique” said. A first opinion on this orientation is formulated at the end of cycle 4.1 by the teachers. The end of cycle balance sheet and the intermediate balance sheet are given to the parents during the second exchange in the beginning of the 3rd quarter of cycle 4.2. The maintenance of orientation is made during the 3rd and last maintenance of cycle 4.2.

The decision of orientation is based on the school results of the child during the 2 years of cycle 4 (4.1 and 4.2), the specific evaluations and the opinion of the psychologist if the parents wished to consult him.

French, German and mathematics are 3 decisive main subjects for the entrance to such or such high school.

Do you want your child to follow the school program of your country of origin? Consult our page dedicated to the international schools.

Schooling of foreign pupils recently arrived – Remedial courses

Polyglot intercultural mediators (Albanian, Cape Verdean, Chinese, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian-Croatian, etc.), are available to facilitate the communication between the foreign relatives recently arrived in Luxembourg and the school / the teachers. This service is free.

Welcome classes, as well as linguistic support lessons in German or Luxembourgish are offered to favour the school insertion of the children recently arrived in the fundamental system (primary equivalent).

For any information concerning these pupils under age 12, please contact the service of education of your municipality.

For the children of more than 12 years old, the CASNA (school welcome unit for newcomers) helps the eligible foreign pupils in secondary education and the newcomers in Luxembourg to find their way and to settle in into the Luxembourg secondary school system. The office is within the House of Orientation in Luxembourg.

More information about linguistic support for foreign pupilss


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