Student jobs: who, how, how much and why?

Apply for a summer job Luxembourg

Are you aged between 15 and 27, studying in Luxembourg or abroad? In Luxembourg, you can apply for a summer job for up to 2 months.
What are the advantages of working during the vacations when you're a student? 

Employment conditions for students in Luxembourg

In Luxembourg, it's easy for students and under-18s to find seasonal work, especially in summer. It's a fairly common practice, starting at the age of 15.

Student jobs during school vacations

In Luxembourg, companies regularly offer small summer jobs. Young local residents can also take part in community work, calibrated for them. These summer jobs have flexible working hours and are paid. 

These youth projects generally take place during the spring or summer school vacations. Students can, for example, carry out gardening work in the commune's green spaces. They can also perform other manual tasks or provide services in municipal facilities. They can also take on small office and filing jobs, or help with administrative tasks.

But whatever the job, it's important to remember that these jobs for students are quite well paid!

Youth employment: framework and legislation

Even if young people have the same working conditions as other employees, a student job has a few special features.

First of all, the young person hired must first sign a specific employment contract with his or her employer. This contract defines the duration of the assignment and the conditions under which it will be carried out.

Employers must also register their young employees with the Centre commun de la Sécurité Sociale.

However, these jobs do not entitle young people to paid leave. If, in exceptional circumstances, a young person wishes to take a leave of absence, he or she must obtain the prior agreement of his or her employer. What's more, he or she will not be paid during this absence, whatever the reason.

Controlled wages for student jobs

The minimum wage for young workers is linked to the employee's age.

  • Are you aged between 15 and 17? Your salary is 75% of the Social Minimum Wage.
  • Are you between 17 and 18 years old? The hourly wage rate is based on 80% of the social minimum wage.
  • From the age of 18, your salary is calculated on the basis of full-time unskilled work (40 hours a week).

Exemption from social security contributions, except for accidents

In Luxembourg, unlike other jobs, student jobs are partially exempt from social security contributions.

As the young person is covered for accident risk, accident insurance contributions are applied to the gross salary.

However, no contributions are deducted for sickness or pension insurance. In the event of illness, sick days are not covered. Nor do young people contribute to retirement pensions or long-term care insurance.

Tax exemption on student contracts

More good news for students: their wages are tax-free up to a certain amount per hour!

Please note: a student working for more than 4 months in a school year loses the right to family allowance. This applies if the student's gross monthly salary is equal to or higher than the social minimum wage.

Where to look for a vacation job?

Every year, local authorities call on their young residents to take on administrative tasks or seasonal jobs . Vacation activities such as Spillnomëtteger or gardening are the most common jobs.

To apply for these jobs, contact your local authority in March-April. The first applicants are the first selected.

Temporary employment agencies also list some summer jobs open to young people. Don't hesitate to consult them.

You can also visit the website dedicated to young people in Luxembourg.

Why work when you're a student?

Finance your studies with seasonal jobs

Working during the summer will help you save money. Not everyone is lucky enough to benefit from higher education grants or to have parents who finance their studies. By saving from the age of 15-16, you'll be all the more likely to devote yourself to your higher education afterwards. You'll be able to spend just as much time studying!

Gain financial independence by working while you study

Earning money as a student gives you financial independence and greater autonomy. Student jobs are ideal for this. They allow you to plan your working hours around your studies.

Boost your CV with summer jobs

Salary is not the only reason to work as a student: young people who have worked during their studies find it much easier to find a permanent job when they leave school .

Potential employers will appreciate your familiarity with the world of work. You demonstrate your ability to work in a corporate environment, with its rules and social interactions. You'll demonstrate basic personal skills that will be useful when joining a company.

So many reasons to apply for student jobs! 

Looking for a job? How to find a job quickly in Luxembourg.

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